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Find the Seaside Critter Lists in Hello Kitty Island Adventure's Nature Preserve. Unearth hidden gems with this map. Equip tools for a fun-filled quest!

If you’ve spent considerable time chasing Critters in the Hello Kitty Adventure Island game, you need not waste any more time. With this Seaside Critter List Location map, you can easily found the Seaside Critter List. One of the quests called Nature Preserve Revival involves tracking down 5 Critter Lists scattered across the island. Once you’ve discovered all the Critter Lists, your task is to deliver them to the Nature Preserve, which is located near Spooky Swamp. To access this quest, you must have achieved a minimum of level 2 friendship with Keropp NPC.

In order to restore the Nature Preserve, the player must find five distinct Critter Lists: the Bog Critter List, Seaside Critter List, Reef Critter List, Gemstone Critter List, and Volcano Critter List. The first Critter List, the Bog Critter List, is located behind the Nature Preserve (see exact location below). As for the rest of the critter lists, they can be discovered within the Nature Preserve itself. However, obtaining each list will require the use of different tools, such as Flippers, Snorkel, and Pickaxe.

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Seaside Critter List Location in Hello Kitty Adventure Island

The Seaside Critter List can be found near the back left of the Bog Critter Room, within the Nature Preserve, precisely behind the waterfall.

Congratulations on successfully uncovering the Seaside Critter List Location in Hello Kitty Adventure Island! You’ve demonstrated your keen exploration skills and resourcefulness in acquiring this valuable information. Now, armed with your newfound knowledge, you can continue your adventure with confidence, knowing that you are one step closer to restoring the Nature Preserve and preserving the island’s diverse critter population. Good luck on your journey, and may you continue to unravel the mysteries of this exciting and enchanting world! Happy exploring!