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Now, take a look at our guide on Shadow Gambit: Mission Badges in Morror's Reach. Follow our guide step by step and complete the mission!

The topic of our short guide is Shadow Gambit: Mission Badges in Morror’s Reach. Alright, let’s dive into our guide!

Shadow Gambit Mission Badges Morror’s Reach

Red Marley Rising

Minimalist Approach

Don’t use any distractions

Distractions are only active skills of your team, like Time Freeze or Wander Dust. Everything else, like luring guards with tracks in the sand or letting them see bodies on the ground is not considered for this badge and can be used.

I Like A Challenge

Don’t board the Marley via the chain

(Screenshots following)

When you spot the Marley for the first time, at the area with 3 guards where you enter the chain, you can instead go to the right and use Blink to take an alternative route. There are no guards whatsoever, but you can go there and then enter the Marley from the other side again via Blink.

Sequence Break

Get past the Prognasticar without killing them

Right after you enter the area with the Prognosticar, you can run through the water right behind them (it’s neccessary to run so you’re louder). They will then turn around, so you have to crouch right away. Then you have to be quick, because they turn around again and since their viewcone is yellow then, they will immediatly stun you, so be not afraid to use Blink to get out of their viewcone and then run towards the ladder.

Optionally, you can also kill the guard next to him and place the body behind the Prognosticar, which will give you a little more time, but also raise an alarm.

Just Passing Through

Don’t attack anyone on the Marley except the Custodes

The “trick” here is, when you attack a Custode, all guards in a certain radius are going to be catatonic, which is basically the same as being dead in this game. So if you wait until the maximum of possible guards are around the custodes, kill them and then sneak around the ones being left. For the last guard standing right in front of your last objective, use Time Freeze and run to it, because as soon as you trigger the event, the mission is finished

A Ship Needs a Crew

Punishment Interrupted

Turn 5 guards catatonic at once

This is pretty easy, as there are basically 4 guards already in the custodes radius. One of them is running through the Area of Effect, so you only have to kill the custodes in the right moment. For the last one, I recommend using Suleidys Wander Dust on the one guard that stands near the custodes. Not the one staying in front of the table, because he can get stuck there.

Surgical Precision

Do not attack more than 4 guards and do not trigger alarm

Pretty straight forward, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind. I recommend doing this mission with Afia and Suleidy, because the Skills Time FreezeWander Dust and Cover Seeds are your best friends here. The catatonic state of guards doesn’t count into the kills.

I recommend your attacks/kills to be

  • The Custode
  • One of the Acolytes in the tear area that are not affected by the custode
  • The Acolyte on the Tower looking towards Teresa and pinkus
  • The Commisarius standing right in front of Teresa

Land Route

Finish mission without swimming

The only situation where you normally have to swim is right at the start. You can easily avoid this if you take Toya with you, lure the guard on top with Bird’s Voice onto the little dock where the ladder is mounted, then use Blink to kill the guard and move on his position with Afia, then drop the ladder and you’re done.

Solo Navigator

Finish the mission with only Afia in your team

The trick here is to have her upgraded skill Grand Blink unlocked to use it on the first guard, because otherwise you can’t move up there. The rest is normal gameplay.

The Captain’s Treasure

Boarding Party

Board all Inquisition Ships and take down their crew

There are several ships in the area, some of them with guards on them. Step on each of them once and kill every guard on a ship. Since you have every crewmate in your team, skills like Gaëlles Kanol are very helpful here.

For the biggest ship, there is a position where you can shoot your crewmates without any guard noticing the sound, you only have to blind one guard with Teresas Ashen Judgement (Screenshot follows). From there you can quite easily take out the whole ship.

Strength In Numbers

Kill 3 Prognosticars at the same time

There are 5 Prognosticars on the island. I recommend doing this badge together with Clean Sweep (Kill all guards in this mission). Just leave them alive till the end, then kill 3 of them at once using shadow mode and you’re done.

True Ghosts

Finish the mission without raising alarm

Pretty straight forward. Remember, if you raise an alarm, you can unleash a memory (fast reload) and try again.

Great Pretender

Take control of Ignacia with Pinkus

For this, only remember: Ignacia works like a Prognosticar, so you have to use any skill to her first before taking over with Pinkus