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Learn the differences between elements with the new Shindo Life Bloodlines Tier List. Aim to become one of the best players on the server!

Shindo Life game was released on Roblox on January 20, 2020, and quickly gained a large following with crowded servers. In the game, there are hundreds of different bloodlines, each of which holds unique value. With the Shindo Life Bloodlines Tier List, you will learn which elements you need to use to become the most powerful player on the server. Pay close attention to the ranking in this article!

Shindo Life Bloodlines Tier List

The bloodlines of your character in Shindo Life, also known as Shinobi Life 2, a Roblox game by RELL World, are a significant factor in determining your power. Bloodlines grant you access to abilities and modes, requiring you to possess a specific bloodline to use certain abilities and modes. With numerous bloodlines available in the game, it can be challenging to figure out which bloodlines you should aim for. Now, proceed to the Shindo Life Bloodlines Tier List to make informed decisions.





Tier 0

  • Aizden
  • Borumaki-Gaiden
  • Code-Gaiden
  • Getsug
  • Kamaki-Akuma
  • Kamaki-Inferno
  • Raiden-Gold
  • Raiden-Saberu

Tier 1

  • Aizden-Inverse
  • Ashura-Ruby
  • Ashura-Shizen
  • Getsuga
  • Minakaze
  • Minakaze-Azure
  • Minakaze-Ruby
  • Powder

Tier 2

  • Indra-Akuma
  • Indra-Akuma-Purple
  • Raion-Azure
  • Raion-Gaiden
  • Raion-Rengoku
  • Raion-Sengoku
  • Sengoku-Gaiden
  • Tetsuo-Kaijin

Tier 3

  • Borumaki-Shiki
  • Crystal
  • Shindai-Ramen
  • Shindai-Rengoku
  • Shindai-Rengoku-Yan
  • SnakeMan-Bloodline
  • SnakeMan-Platinum-Bloodline
  • Surge-Bloodline

Shindo Life Tips and Tricks

Mastering Character Customization in Shindo Life

  • Navigate the Customization Menu:
    On the main menu, use the large red arrows to scroll through the options until you find “Edit.” Click on it to access the character customization menu.
  • Transform Your Appearance:
    Press the [Character] button to begin customizing your character’s outfit, hair, face, band, and more. Cycle through the options by using the left and right arrows. On the right side, change the color of each object, add accessories, and fine-tune your skin color. Take your time to create a character that resonates with you.

Unraveling the Power of Elements and Bloodlines

  • Understanding Elements and Bloodlines:
    In the character creation menu, you have the chance to spin for randomized Elements and Bloodlines. These play a vital role in determining your skills and abilities in the game.
  • Accessing the Ability Bag:
    Press the [Ability Bag] button to explore the potential outcomes for Elements and Bloodlines. Navigate to the [Elements] and [Bloodline] pages to spin for a chance at rare ones. Initially, you can have two of each, but additional slots can be purchased using Robux.
  • Making the Most of Your Spins:
    Keep an eye on the number of available spins displayed at the top left corner. If you land on an Element or Bloodline that doesn’t excite you, keep spinning until all the spins are used up. Remember, spins are shared between the two categories, so use them wisely.

Embarking on Quests for Growth and Riches

  • Harnessing the Power of Quests:
    Completing quests and missions is essential to gain experience, coins, and unique rewards that will enhance your character’s abilities and level.
  • Accepting a Quest:
    To pick up objective quests from NPCs, look for a green scroll icon above their heads. Interact with the NPC to learn about their dilemma and choose to [Accept] or decline the quest. The accepted quest will appear on the left side of your screen.
  • Tracking and Completing Quests:
    Locate the red target icon that appears on your screen after accepting a quest. Follow it to find the enemies or tasks you must complete. Fulfilling these objectives will automatically complete the quest and reward you.

Harnessing Skills and Leveling Up

  • Accumulating Skill Points:
    As you battle enemies and complete quests, you’ll earn skill points. These points increase your character’s attributes and combat prowess.
  • Spending Skill Points:
    Open the Stats page by pressing M on your keyboard. Hover over each attribute to understand its impact on your character. The star icon labeled [Point] displays the available skill points. Click on an attribute, input the desired number of skill points, and click [Confirm] to enhance your character’s abilities.
  • Unlocking New Abilities:
    Battle enemies and use your abilities to gain experience for your Elements and Bloodline. As you level up, new abilities will become accessible. Open the menu with M and navigate to the Element or Bloodline page to see the different abilities and their required levels. Ensure you meet the specified requirements, such as adequate CHI or RYO, to unlock these powerful skills.

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