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Explore our preliminary Sky Fortress: Odyssey tier list. Rank heroes from best to worst, guiding your character selection!

Our Tier List for Sky Fortress: Odyssey is not very detailed yet. Sky Fortress is a recently released mobile Steampunk RPG game. We provide you with a tier list that ranks the heroes in the game from best to worst. With this list, you can decide which hero or character to choose when starting the game, ensuring you don’t waste your time. This tier list is still in the early access stage. We will be adding more details very soon.

Sky Fortress: Odyssey Tier List

Here is our Sky Fortress Tier List that we prepared by taking all factors into consideration.

Tier 0

Include these characters in your lineup, and you’ll effortlessly navigate through the game’s content!


Behold Corvus, the enigmatic President of the D.A Foundation. Shrouded in mystery, there’s scarce information about him, yet his presence is felt behind every crisis faced by the Beluga.

  • Class: Adventurer, Offensive Hero
  • Weapon: Intervenor
  • Hobbies: Unknown
  • Motto: “The creation of greatness is not without its necessary sacrifices.”
  • Resolve: “I shall tear open the sealed skies with my own hands.”
Corvus character and features in Sky Fortress: Odyssey game.


Greetings from the Military Research Institute’s Director of Defense, the formidable Brynhild. As a key member of the Holy Federation’s most elite legion, Brynhild is a force to be reckoned with. Her unwavering bravery is symbolized by the battle flag she defends, a promise of never yielding in the face of adversity.

  • Class: Soldier, Defensive Hero
  • Weapon: Aurora
  • Hobbies: Culinary pursuits and physical fitness
  • Quote: “War, I once believed, was a necessary medium for dialogue.”
Brynhild character and features in Sky Fortress: Odyssey game.


Sekhmet, the Guardian of the Pyramid and the Saintess of the Safarr Tribe, is a figure of eternal youth, periodically awakening from long slumbers only to lose her memories each time. Her immortality is intertwined with the pyramid and its ancient rituals.

  • Curiosity: “What mysteries lie beyond the pyramid? Perhaps creatures of endearing charm?”
Sekhmet character and features in Sky Fortress: Odyssey game.

Tier 1

While not as potent as T0 characters, these options still deliver a substantial impact on the battlefield.

Qian Sui

Qian Sui: “The world will ultimately be mine to command!”

  • Identity: The awe-inspiring Qian Sui from Emeraldia, a force to be reckoned with even for Tricia.
  • Class: Soldier, Offensive Hero
  • Weapon: Archaic Chalice
  • Hobbies: Wine appreciation, poetry, and moonlit contemplation
  • Quote: “I am Qian Sui, a legend that spans a millennium.”
Qian Sui character and features in Sky Fortress: Odyssey game.


Welcome aboard with Nimo, the charismatic Captain of the Nautilus. For Nimo, protecting the oceans is more than a duty—it’s a calling. Yet, there’s a lingering question: How does life aboard the Nautilus compare to that on the Beluga?

  • Class: Soldier, Defensive Hero
  • Weapon: Helix
  • Hobbies: Deep-sea fishing and celestial observations
  • Philosophy: “In the calm eye of a storm, one finds more tranquility than under a cloudless sky.”
  • Battle Cry: “Succumb to the might of the ocean!”
Nimo character and features in Sky Fortress: Odyssey game.

Tier 2

An average tier, respectable but not exceptional. Utilize them without hesitation, but don’t anticipate groundbreaking numbers if your party predominantly consists of T1 characters.


Ethan embodies courage and a strong sense of justice. His journey for self-improvement is driven by the desire to protect those dear to him. His discovery of clues leading to Elysium among his grandfather’s possessions marks the start of a journey to understand his own lineage.

  • Skills: Remarkably adept at voice mimicry; once convinced Tricia’s family he was a woman, leading to light-hearted ridicule.
  • Interests: Sketching and drawing; useful in mechanical engineering but more of a hobbyist than a professional.
  • Quirk: Often finds himself in ‘Murphy’s Law’ situations, where despite occasional good fortune, he’s more familiar with unexpected mishaps.
Ethan character and features in Sky Fortress: Odyssey game.


Meet Wiyanna, the esteemed High Priestess of the Mokiksar Tribe. Her role as the tribe’s sole spiritual leader is a grave and challenging task.

  • Class: Adventurer, Defensive Hero
  • Weapon: Kuizalku
  • Hobbies: Literary pursuits and serene walks
  • Concern: “I no longer sense the Feathered Serpent’s presence. Has our land been forsaken, or have the gods always been indifferent?”
Wiyanna character and features in Sky Fortress: Odyssey game.


Introducing Newton, the esteemed youngest President of the Scholar Association. A prodigious intellect, her groundbreaking inventions have the potential to alter the course of history itself.

Newton character and features in Sky Fortress: Odyssey game.