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Unlock the Anticlimactic End Badge and Hybrid Glove in Slap Battles effortlessly with our simple guide! Your key to success is just a read away!

Are you striving to achieve the Anticlimactic End Badge in Slap Battles and unlock the powerful Hybrid Glove? Look no further! This guide will walk you through the simple steps to obtain the badge and share a strategy to unlock the Hybrid Glove effortlessly.

Slap Battles: How To Get The Rage Glove

Equip the Default Glove

To start your journey towards the Anticlimactic End Badge, equip the Default Glove.

Eliminate a High-Kill Opponent with the Killstreak Glove

The challenging part is eliminating a player with 50 kills or more using the Killstreak Glove. If you don’t have a friend with this glove, host a private server and invite them for assistance. Alternatively, try joining public servers and patiently wait for an opportunity to land a slap on a Killstreak Glove user.

Rage Glove in Slap Battles

Rage Glove Abilities

Discover the power of the Rage Glove, which introduces a rage meter in Slap Battles. With every successful slap, your rage meter increases by 20%, unlocking the powerful Frenzy ability. This ability makes you faster and enhances your power, but be cautious increased knockback awaits if someone slaps you.

Prolonged Anger Badge and Hybrid Glove Unlock

Master the Rage Glove by accumulating Frenzy with just one slap and filling your rage meter in five. Achieve the Prolonged Anger Badge by maintaining Frenzy mode uninterrupted for a whole minute. This accomplishment unlocks the coveted Hybrid Glove, providing you with a unique and powerful advantage in Slap Battles.

By following these simple steps and mastering the Rage Glove abilities, you’ll not only earn the Anticlimactic End Badge but also unlock the Hybrid Glove for an enhanced gaming experience in Slap Battles. Get ready to slap your way to victory with this comprehensive guide!