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In Snowbreak Containment Zone, team composition is vital for winning. Learn how to build a best team in our article.

One of the most important factors that will help you win the game in Snowbreak Containment Zone is your team composition. If you start the game with a team that is really compatible with each other, your chances of winning are very low. Generally, competitive people always want to build the best team, so if you don’t face them with one of the best team comps, it’s your fault. But don’t worry, by reading this article you will be able to establish the current best squad in the game. We explained the reasons in our article.

Snowbreak Containment Zone Best Team Comps

In the fierce world of Snowbreak Containment Zone, choosing the right team composition is crucial for success. Whether you’re aiming for DPS, crowd control, or support, we’ve got you covered with some top-tier team compositions. Below we have created the strongest team compositions in the game for you.

Marian Swift & Friends – A 3-Operative Team

  • Marian Swift: Marian leads the charge, delivering top-notch DPS with her ADS skill and standard ballistic hit combos. Utilize her neuronic enhancements to boost her skill charges and ballistic damage for optimal performance.
  • Yao Quiet Quitter: Yao offers healing and support, making her a valuable addition. Her Healing Light and frost weapon buffs can keep your team in the fight.
  • Chenxing The Observer: Chenxing adds more damage with her turrets, healing, and weapon diversity. A versatile choice for your squad.
  • Haru The Ace: Haru brings off-field damage and shield-breaking support. Her ATK boost and debuffs make her a valuable asset in the right team composition.

Eidolon/Ada (EU) – The Tactical Trio

  • Yao Winter Solstice: Yao excels at long-distance single-target damage and crowd control. Her skill prevents enemy skills, providing a chain of control for your team.
  • Fritia Hush: Fritia groups up enemies, stuns them, and combos well with Yao Winter Solstice. Her ultimate is a game-changer, especially when upgraded.
  • Fenny Lionheart: Fenny shines against close-range enemies, armored foes, and breakable parts. Her skill allows for swift movement and high threat focus.

A Generic All-Way Team for Raindeca Challenges

  • Yao – Winter Solstice: Yao’s sniping abilities make her perfect for hard content and bossing. Her long-range one-shot kills can turn the tide in your favor.
  • Acacia – Kaguya: Acacia’s support skills reduce damage resistance and provide crowd control. A great combo with your DPS, especially if you’re using Yao.
  • Ji Chengxing: Chengxing serves as a healer and support. Her aggro-drawing skills and buffs can help keep your team on top of the game.

Editor’s Choice Best Team Comp

  1. Yao Winter Solstice: Yao’s design and sniping skills make her a personal favorite, regardless of the meta.
  2. Lyfe Wild Hunt: Her story and fun moveset set her apart. Great for clearing trash mobs and raw power.
  3. Fritia Little Sunshine: Chosen for her cuteness and assault rifle playstyle. Sometimes personal favorites can outshine the meta.

Best Classes for Team Comps

Creating the perfect team composition in Snowbreak Containment Zone is essential for success. In this guide, we’ll explore the best classes and characters to build powerful squads that can tackle any challenge. From kinetic pistol DPS to thermal snipers, we’ll cover a wide range of classes and their strengths.

  1. Haru Absconditus – Kinetic Pistol DPS: Haru excels at eliminating low HP enemies and provides crowd control. Her banner event makes her easy to build, and she synergizes well with free weapons and logistics.
  2. Chenxing Ethereal Cloud – Electric DPS: Chenxing wields assault rifles and deals massive damage with her “Silk Spiritual Slip” skill. She’s excellent at clearing mobs and taking down even the toughest bosses.
  3. Acacia Kaguya – Frost DPS and Crowd Control: Acacia is a limited orange-tier character known for her crowd control abilities. She can slow down enemies, freeze them, and deal damage with her pistol shots.
  4. Yao Winter Solstice – Thermal Sniper: Yao offers unparalleled single-target damage with her thermal sniper skills. She’s a boss-fighting specialist, and her DPS capabilities are hard to match.
  5. Siris The Goldfish – Shotgun Kinetic Support: Siris provides powerful support by using shields and blocking incoming damage. She’s versatile and enhances the survivability of the team.
  6. Enya Big Sis – Thermal Pistol Support: Enya specializes in supporting sniper units like Yao Winter Solstice. She buffs single shots, making Yao’s damage even more impressive.
  7. Fritia Hush – Thermal Assault Rifle Support/DPS: Fritia excels at single-target damage and offers crowd control. Her off-field abilities provide a potent shield for team survival.
  8. Fenny Coronet – Lightning DPS: Fenny’s rapid shotgun fire delivers massive single-target damage and includes slight crowd control with her ultimate skill.
  9. Chenxing The Observer – Assault Rifle Support and Healing: Chenxing is a versatile support class with turrets that assist in crowd control and healing. She buffs the team and offers valuable support.
  10. Acacia Redacted – Chaos DPS and Crowd Control: Similar to her orange-tier variant, Acacia Redacted excels in crowd control and offers impressive damage, this time with chaos damage.
  11. Lyfe Wild Hunt – Frost DPS and Crowd Control: A versatile class, Lyfe excels at freezing enemies with her sub-machine gun. She provides valuable crowd control in co-op matches.