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Conquer the formidable challenge of Neopoltitan in Tower Heroes' Hard Mode. Defeat it solo with a strategic approach, navigating health and ice-cube attacks, all without relying on Stella.

Neopoltitan presents a formidable challenge in Tower Heroes, especially on Hard Mode. With its substantial health and ice-cube launching attacks, defeating Neopoltitan solo requires a well-thought-out strategy. This guide provides a step-by-step approach to overcome this challenge without relying on Stella.

Solo Defeat Neopoltitan in Tower Heroes

Strategy Overview

Neopoltitan’s slow movement allows for strategic planning. Leveraging the effectiveness of Spectre and Balloon Pal, alongside strong ranged units, is crucial. Follow these detailed steps to ensure a successful solo victory.

Early Game Setup (Waves 1-4)

Begin by placing 3 level 1 Farms at the start. Subsequently, position 2 level 1 Wizards by wave four. Ensure that, by this point, you have at least 4 Wizards upgraded to Level 2.

Cat Upgrades and Resource Management (Waves 5-15)

Focus on upgrading your cats during waves 5-15. Acquire 4 upgrade cats before obtaining a Scientist for the fifth upgrade cat, reaching the max level. By wave 15, aim to have 2 max level farms, 2 Level 4 Farms, and 1 Balloon Pal. Cease cat upgrades by wave 17.

Neopoltitan in Tower Heroes

Mid-Game Setup (Waves 15-24)

By wave 15, your setup should include 2 max level farms, 2 Level 4 Farms, and 1 Balloon Pal. Your goal is to have a total of 4 max level Scientists, one max level Balloon Pal, and a max Spectre by wave 24.

Beyond Wave 24

If you progress beyond wave 24, place the remaining max Scientists and Wizards. Reserve at least 10,000 for a Spectre Boost. Activate the Spectre Boost when all your units can hit Neopoltitan. Sell Scientists and Wizards if their attacks are ineffective and capitalize on Balloon Pal’s special ability.

Successfully soloing Neopoltitan in Tower Heroes requires a strategic combination of cat upgrades, unit placements, and timely boosts. By following this guide, you can confidently navigate the challenges of Hard Mode without relying on Stella. Master the art of tower defense and triumph over Neopoltitan with this effective strategy.