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Sologesang, a top TFT player. regularly creates tier list featuring the best comps, items, and strategies for players to develop their own.

Sologesang is one of the best TFT players. Since the first season of Teamfight Tactics, they have been playing and constantly improving, consistently ranking at the top. Sologesang regularly prepares a detailed TFT tier list. This Teamfight Tactics tier list includes the best comps, the best items, and the best strategies in the game. You can take a look at everything from a wide list and develop your own strategies.

Sologesang TFT Tier List: Updated on 27 January, 2024

Sologesang TFT Tier List
via: Solesang Twitch

Sologesang Tier List

Sologesang updated the TFT tier list on January 27. You can take a look at the current table below.

Best Items for Champions in TFT

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You can access the most recent TFT tier list published by Sologesang from the link below. The tier list found in Google Files contains a wide range of content.

Additionally, you can check out the profile of Solesang, who is currently ranked 1st on the Teamfight Tactics EU West server, and access all the information about the compositions and matches they have played from here:

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