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Bypass Epic Games install for Sonic Superstars - Enjoy single-player mode without Epic launcher or account. Online multiplayer disabled.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to bypass the Epic Games installation requirement for Sonic Superstars, a single-player video game. By following these instructions, you can enjoy the game without the need to install the Epic Games launcher or create an Epic Games account. Keep in mind that this method will disable online multiplayer, but it allows you to enjoy the single-player experience hassle-free.

How to Bypass the Epic Games Installation Requirement in Sonic Superstars

Step 1: Access the Game Files

  • Right-click on Sonic Superstars in your game library and select “Manage” and “Browse Local Files.” This will open the game’s installation folder.

Step 2: Delete Unnecessary Files

  • Within the game folder, locate and delete the following files:
    • EpicOnlineServices folder
    • InstallScript.vdf

Step 3: Modify SonicSuperstars_Boot.ini

  • Open the “SonicSuperstars_Boot.ini” file, which is typically found in the game folder.

Step 4: Edit the Configuration File

  • Inside the “SonicSuperstars_Boot.ini,” locate the “NoOperation” setting and change its value to “1.” Save the changes.

Additional Steps: Disable Epic Online Services (EOS)

  • If Epic Games still prompts you for an account login, you need to remove additional files.
    • Navigate to the “SonicSuperstars_Data/Plugins/x86_64” folder within the game directory and delete the EOS dll file.
    • Return to the “SonicSuperstars_Data” folder and go into “StreamingAssets.”
    • Delete the “EOS” folder.

Result: Enjoy the Game

  • You can now launch Sonic Superstars without the need to install the Epic Games launcher or create an Epic Games account. Please note that this will disable online multiplayer, as the game won’t have access to Epic’s matchmaking services.

Message to SEGA

  • If you’d like to voice your opinion to SEGA, the game’s developer, consider expressing your desire to remove the installation requirement and request the addition of Steamworks P2P matchmaking as an alternative. Suggest that an optional Epic Cross Play feature be provided for those who purchased the game on Epic Games.

Notice About Denuvo

  • Despite it not being mentioned in the store description, Sonic Superstars does have Denuvo Anti-Tamper. You can verify its presence by checking the file size and observing potential Denuvo Steam Offline error messages.

By following these steps, you can enjoy Sonic Superstars as a single-player experience without the inconvenience of the Epic Games installation requirement. Please remember that this guide is intended for single-player use, as online multiplayer functionality will be disabled.