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Check out the most powerful Soul Calibur 6 fighters in our newly prepared tier list. You can choose your favorite among characters with different mechanics and effects!

We are here now with the SOUL CALIBUR 6 tier list, featuring the best member of the SOUL CALIBUR series! SOUL CALIBUR 6 enchants players with its brand new game mechanics accompanied by stunning graphics, making it the most magnificent weapon-based fighting game you can find. Its unique story set in the 16th century has garnered immense praise, just like its predecessors. In the online mode, we have prepared the SOUL CALIBUR 6 tier list for you to dominate opponents from every corner of the world. If you’re ready, let’s begin!

Soul Calibur 6 Tier List

With the inclusion of Geralt from CD Projekt Red’s Witcher series as a character in the game, everyone’s interest in SOUL CALIBUR 6 skyrocketed. You don’t need to spend hundreds of hours in the game to figure out which character to use among the diverse roster in online mode. We have prepared everything for you, so by reading the SOUL CALIBUR 6 tier list, you will gain an edge over your opponents!





Tier 0

  • Amy – Meet Amy, the flexible all-rounder. While lacking in range, she’s a close-quarter menace. Her soul charge becomes hazardous with Purple Roses, enhancing her already potent offenses and parries.
  • Cervantes – Cervantes debuted as a baddie in the Soul Calibur series. This guy packs a serious punch, ranking among the game’s heavyweights. Wrapping your head around his skills might take a minute – he’s got a high skill ceiling. Expect mid to close-range combat, and he’s a rushdown expert with solid fundamentals.
  • Nightmare – Nightmare opts for an offense-oriented fighting style, overwhelming enemies with heavy blows rather than relying on stances.
  • Geralt – Geralt, a decent Soul Calibur 6 fighter, possesses a fluid and dynamic fighting style. However, he lacks exceptional traits that set him apart from other fighters.
  • Raphael – Raphael is all about speed and power. With an arsenal of combos, he can adapt to any situation. Expect a focus on thrusting and slashing attacks, with throws that are hard to dodge and cover a lot of ground.

Tier 1

  • Astaroth – Astaroth’s brutal fighting style, complete with a command grab, deals massive damage. However, his Achilles’ heel lies in his slow movement speed.
  • Hilde – Hilde seamlessly switches between her lance and sword. However, she’s vulnerable to mid to long-range attacks due to a lack of floor control.
  • Ivy – Ivy dominates the battlefield with her unique style, blending long and short-range attacks. Watch out for her magical sword. However, her Achilles’ heel lies in easily guarded low attacks.
  • Seong Mi-Na – Seong Mi-Na relies on extensive strikes and weapon swings. She can even use her weapon as a platform, adding a unique touch to her combat style.
  • Setsuka – Setsuka’s lightning-fast and damaging attacks define her style. With a range of countermoves and a dangerous soul charge, she becomes a force to be reckoned with once her abilities are maxed out.
  • Siegfried – Siegfried relies on relatively slow yet hard-hitting attacks. Effective against players with a tentative playstyle, his stances and soul charge lack the same punch.
  • Sophitia – Sophitia leans into the counter-fighting style, mixing aggression with Seraphim Strike and potent throws. While not a heavy hitter, she compensates with speed and solid combos.

Tier 2

  • Xianghua – Xianghua employs rapid, flowing strikes to confound opponents. Her low-risk moves dish out good damage, making her a formidable force.
  • Kilik – Kilik’s forte lies in rod martial arts. Solid range and speed define his style, though he doesn’t boast anything exceptional compared to other fighters.
  • Mitsurugi – Mitsurugi, a robust character, hits hard and deals significant damage. With good range and decent movement, he’s a force to be reckoned with.
  • Zasalamel – Zasalamel brings his unique death scythes to the Soul Series, showcasing high combat skills. Expect decent zoning options and moves that are both brutal and hard to predict – a formidable opponent indeed.
  • Talim – Talim, a combat virtuoso wielding dual elbow blades. Offensive players rejoice – she rewards aggressive play with powerful combos and even summons a tornado to send opponents airborne.
  • Azwel – Azwel’s unique fighting style allows him to wield dual swords, a spear and shield combo, and a giant axe. While his damage output isn’t stellar, he can execute safe, low-hitting shots to compete effectively.
  • Groh – Groh combines staff and sword techniques, spinning his sabers for increased range and teleportation. His weakness lies in a toolkit with fewer powerful attacks.

Tier 3

  • Taki – Taki keeps opponents on their toes with deceiving and unpredictable strikes, catching them off guard with long combos.
  • Voldo – Voldo wields Manus & Ayus, his signature weapons, with lethal efficiency. Mix-up options and decent damage make him a formidable opponent.
  • Haohmaru – Haoh Maru’s fighting style revolves around power-based swordplay. While effective, his attacks may seem somewhat straightforward compared to other fighters.
  • 2B – 2B, the acrobatic warrior, performs mid-air slashes and lightning-fast evasions. Switching between multiple weapons, her movelist heavily relies on aggression shifts that can leave opponents in shambles.
  • Hwang – Hwang’s fighting style mirrors Mitsurugi but includes throws and kicks. Watch out for his ability to inflict considerable guard damage.
  • Maxi – Maxi stands out with his various stances, each with its own quirks. Mastering his playstyle may take some time, as opponents need to adapt to his ever-changing stances.

Best Characters in Soul Calibur 6


In the golden age of piracy, the notorious pirate Cervantes de Leon roamed the treacherous seas of Europe, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. His story begins with the tragic demise of his father, Philip de Leon, a Spanish envoy and privateer who met his end at the hands of an English warship. The devastating loss of his father plunged Cervantes into a life of piracy and vengeance.

Determined to escape the fate that had befallen his father and countless others who had pledged their loyalty to Spain, Cervantes sought refuge in piracy. It was during this time that he caught the attention of the enigmatic “Merchant of Death,” Vercci, who offered him a proposition. Vercci, the one who had provided Cervantes with the artillery for his ship, sought his assistance in tracking down a legendary weapon known as Soul Edge.

Initially, Cervantes dismissed the request, but the allure of power and revenge eventually led him to accept the task. He embarked on a year-long investigation that led him to a mysterious ship, where he discovered a peculiar artifact. Though it wasn’t the elusive Soul Edge, Cervantes saw value in the ship’s possessions and plundered them for his own gain. From that moment on, he vanished from the known world for over two decades.

It was during this self-imposed exile that Cervantes uncovered the true power of Soul Edge, a weapon capable of unleashing unimaginable chaos and destruction. Empowered by its malevolence, he became a fearsome pirate, striking fear into the hearts of all who dared cross his path. However, his reign of terror would not go unchallenged.

A ninja and a warrior, determined to put an end to the sword’s reign of darkness, confronted Cervantes. In a fierce battle, they managed to defeat him and cast him into the fires of hell, reducing his body to ashes. But even death could not hold Cervantes captive for long.

Against all odds, he rose from the ashes, fueled by an insatiable hunger for souls to sustain his existence and increase his strength. With each powerful warrior he defeated, his memories began to resurface. He set his sights on reviving Soul Edge, this time with the intention of bending it to his will.

Cervantes knew that in order to achieve his goal, he needed to collect the fragments of the sword scattered across the world. But there was one soul he yearned for above all others—the daughter whose life he had once spared. Consuming her soul would grant him unparalleled power and satiate his dark desires.

His resurrection had severed the ties to his past, but as Cervantes took lives and absorbed their souls, fragments of his memories returned. The bloodlust and desire for revenge ignited within him, driving him to seek strength and control over Soul Edge once more.

In battle, Cervantes wields a heavy longsword paired with a dagger/gun combination, showcasing his immense strength and skill. His ferocious attacks leave little room for his opponents to counter, striking like a venomous serpent with supernatural speed and force. This ruthless fighting style was honed during his time under the cursed sword’s influence, where pillage and slaughter were his only concerns.

His appearance reflects the influence of the cursed sword. Purple skin and glowing orange markings cover his body, hinting at the corruption of Malfestation. His attire adopts a more traditional pirate style, adorned with a red and black color scheme. A Jolly Roger insignia adorns his belt and boots, a symbol of his piratical legacy. However, his fiery aura and burning visage hint at the dark power within him, mirroring the malevolence of Soul Edge itself.

As Cervantes continues his relentless pursuit of power and vengeance, the seas tremble in anticipation of his return. His soul burns with an unquenchable thirst, forever seeking to dominate the very essence of Soul Edge, and with it, the fate of all who stand against him.


In the shadows of a war-torn era in Japan, the Manji Clan stood as an enigmatic force of ninjas, renowned for their unorthodox techniques and enigmatic neutrality amidst the chaos. Their power and defiance, however, drew the ire of the nation’s chief warlord, who commanded the annihilation of the entire clan. Soldiers descended upon their hidden village without mercy, slaughtering men, women, and children. Amidst the bloodshed and despair, Yoshimitsu emerged as the lone survivor.

Yoshimitsu fought valiantly, using his exceptional skills to fend off the onslaught of soldiers for as long as he could. But even his prowess couldn’t withstand the overwhelming force against him. In the midst of the battle, his right hand was severed, but he managed to escape without leaving a trace.

In the aftermath, an agent working for the warlord received word of Yoshimitsu’s survival. Intrigued, he embarked on a mission to track him down, only to fall into a trap. The agent came face to face with Yoshimitsu, his right hand now replaced with a mechanical prosthetic and his visage transformed into that of a demon. Yoshimitsu interrogated the terrified agent about the legendary cursed sword known as Soul Edge. Learning of its power, he resolved to acquire it and exact revenge for his fallen clan members.

Following the trail of rumors and information, Yoshimitsu embarked on a journey that took him across several countries. Along the way, despite his malevolent motive, he found himself deviating from his path of vengeance to aid a Buddhist monk in the Ming Empire and rescue a small community in the Middle East from the clutches of a dangerous cult. These acts of selflessness led him to question the path he had chosen. Was revenge truly his ultimate desire, or was there something more profound he sought?

As he continued his odyssey, Yoshimitsu couldn’t escape the repugnant nature and the trail of blood left by the man he pursued. The realization forced him to confront his own reflection. Did he risk becoming the very embodiment of evil he sought to destroy? Casting aside these doubts for the moment, he pressed on toward his destination—the Ostrheinsburg Castle, where Nightmare, the wielder of Soul Edge, awaited.

However, when Yoshimitsu arrived, he discovered that Nightmare had already been defeated. Instead, he encountered Sophitia, a young warrior. Refusing to aid him in his quest for Soul Edge, she challenged him to combat. Yoshimitsu emerged victorious, but Sophitia sensed something deeper within him—an inner turmoil of confusion and sadness rather than pure anger.

Her understanding words pierced through the haze of vengeance that clouded Yoshimitsu’s heart. Before he could respond, he was overcome by the malevolent energy that had seeped into his sword, causing him to lose consciousness. Within the depths of his mind, Yoshimitsu engaged in a fierce battle against the sword’s wicked spirit. Through sheer determination, he emerged victorious, bestowing his own name upon the blade.

Upon awakening, Yoshimitsu apologized to Sophitia, acknowledging that he had strayed from the righteous path. From that moment onward, he vowed to protect the weak and vanquish evil, embracing the path of benevolence and justice in honor of his fallen clan members and for the sake of others.

Yoshimitsu possesses a kind and gentle soul beneath his intimidating appearance. He exudes a strong sense of justice and adheres to the code of honor and ancient traditions of the samurai and ninja. Selfless to a fault, he places the well-being of others above his own and seeks the approval of his deceased comrades.

In battle, Yoshimitsu is a formidable and versatile fighter. His extensive moveset grants him countless options and allows players to showcase their creativity. However, mastering his techniques requires dedication and experience. While he excels in close-quarters combat, utilizing powerful counter-attacks and mix-ups, he struggles against opponents who excel in zoning and control.

Yoshimitsu’s attire reflects his eccentricity and the blend of tradition and demon-like aesthetics. He wears elaborate samurai armor adorned with dragon-themed pauldrons and demonic claws. His head is covered by a mask reminiscent of a traditional Hannya mask, beneath which his face is concealed by a mysterious green glow. Long red hair cascades from the mask, creating an air of mystique. Always by his side is Sashimito, a Japanese war banner, serving as a symbol of his heritage and unwavering determination.


In the outskirts of Rouen, a young girl named Amy Sorel, known as the Winter Rose, experienced a childhood devoid of happiness and innocence. Her world was one of violence, calculation, and the constant fight for survival. Ponies and rainbows were distant fantasies, far removed from her reality.

One fateful day, as Amy made her way back to her desolate “home,” a nobleman came hurtling out of nowhere, colliding with her. Hot on his heels were soldiers, chasing him relentlessly. In a moment of defiance against the soldiers who had brought her so much trouble, Amy made a decision to help the mysterious nobleman.

The nobleman’s name was Raphael, and his presence would change Amy’s life forever. He took her under his wing and introduced her to a new world—one that was vastly different from the one she had known. To keep pace with Raphael and become a valued ally, Amy had to learn the art of swordplay, etiquette, and expand her knowledge. Her rapier, Albion, became a symbol of her newfound hope and determination.

In terms of appearance, Amy is a petite and elegant young woman. She dons a stunning plum and black gothic lolita dress that perfectly matches her fiery red hair and piercing green eyes.

Amy’s turbulent childhood has left an indelible mark on her personality. She has become cold and cynical, caring only for Raphael, the man who gave her a glimmer of hope. Her loyalty to him knows no bounds, and she is willing to go to great lengths to ensure his happiness and well-being.

In battle, Amy presents a challenge for players. She is not suited for those who prefer brute force and overwhelming strength to defeat their opponents. Instead, she requires a patient and strategic approach. Her rapier does not provide long-range capabilities, but she compensates with agility and mobility. Amy excels at punishing her opponents for their mistakes, making her an ideal choice for players who relish patiently waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

Amy Sorel, the Winter Rose, represents both the darkness and the hope that intertwine within her. With her skillful swordplay and unwavering loyalty, she seeks to carve her path in a world that once seemed devoid of light, determined to protect and stand by the side of the nobleman who offered her a chance at a brighter future.


Raphael, the cold and ruthless head of the Sorel family, ruled with an iron fist, relying on his superb fencing skills and deep understanding of medical science. Despite his youth, he successfully navigated through numerous plots and political strife, elevating the Sorel family to a position of power and influence. However, everything unraveled during the events of the Evil Seed.

One of the nobles that Raphael supported succumbed to madness and attempted to assassinate the king. Seizing the opportunity, his enemies framed Raphael for the heinous act. Betrayed by those he trusted, his house in Paris was attacked, forcing him to flee to his birthplace, Rouen, to regroup and plan his counterattack.

Upon arriving in Rouen, Raphael received yet another bitter betrayal. His own nephew, Nicola, had turned against him, setting up an ambush. Though Raphael managed to defeat the soldiers and escape, he was at the end of his rope. Cornered and pursued, he stumbled upon a young redheaded girl in an alleyway. In a twist of fate, this encounter would prove to be his salvation.

The guards arrived, questioning the girl about the whereabouts of a strange noble. Raphael braced himself for another betrayal, but to his surprise, the girl lied, misleading the pursuers. Touched by her act of kindness, Raphael felt emotions he had long forgotten, tears welling up in his eyes. Grateful, he asked for her name, and she introduced herself as Amy.

Stripped of his status and wealth, Raphael found refuge with Amy and took on the role of a doctor. Curiosity piqued, he asked about Amy’s family, only to learn that she had been alone for as long as she could remember. Reflecting on her circumstances, Amy remarked that at least she couldn’t be betrayed if she was all alone. Raphael couldn’t help but empathize with her, as they both grew up in a cruel world where trust was scarce. This poignant conversation was abruptly interrupted when bandits attempted to extort protection money from Amy. She commanded Raphael to hide, but witnessing her being assaulted was more than he could bear. He swiftly dispatched the bandits, attending to Amy’s wounds with care. It was in that moment that Raphael vowed to provide her, his savior, with a brighter future.

Together, they journeyed to Spain, where Raphael sought to hone his swordsmanship under the tutelage of a Spanish master. His primary objective was to protect Amy at all costs. While he hoped that Amy would train as well, he realized that her temperament wouldn’t allow it. They lived a nomadic existence, wandering through Spain, constantly improving their skills. But the threat of enemies always loomed over them.

Faced with constant danger, Raphael decided that living this way would ultimately do more harm than good. He took the risk of returning to France, seeking sanctuary. However, their respite was short-lived as they were attacked by assassins from the Bird of Passage. Through Amy’s quick thinking and Raphael’s masterful swordsmanship, they managed to escape once again.

Determined to secure financial stability and a place to call home, Raphael disguised himself as a servant of the wealthy Lord Dumas. Through careful manipulation, he gained Dumas’ trust and affection, even promising Raphael his wealth upon his passing. However, Dumas insisted on sending Amy away to an orphanage, a proposition Raphael could never accept. In a calculated move, Raphael poisoned Dumas, ensuring his inheritance and securing their future. Finally, they had everything they needed—a home of their own, wealth, peace, and safety. However, Raphael’s ambitions were not satiated. With his eyes set on Soul Edge, he sought to secure an even brighter future for Amy.

Raphael’s personality, initially cold and calculating, underwent a transformation after meeting Amy. She became someone he could rely on, someone he cherished more than anything else. Though remnants of callousness and cruelty remained in his heart, he would stop at nothing to ensure a better future for his adoptive daughter.

In battle, Raphael is a menacing duelist, utilizing his mastery of fencing to devastating effect. He excels at delivering rapid and precise vertical attacks, with a preparation stance that provides immense versatility. This allows him to unleash a variety of attacks, nullify frame disadvantages, or gain additional offensive opportunities. With formidable counter-hit tools at his disposal, he can deliver punishing blows and swiftly neutralize opponents who make mistakes.

However, Raphael’s reliance on vertical attacks leaves him susceptible to sidestepping. While he does possess some effective horizontal attacks to counteract this vulnerability, their deployment requires a deep understanding of his opponents’ tendencies. Additionally, executing his instant preparation stance requires precise timing, making it challenging for players to fully unlock Raphael’s potential.

Raphael’s appearance is striking, with pale skin, intense blue eyes, and short blonde hair. He wears a masquerade mask resembling a pair of glasses, a white poet shirt, a brown leather vest, a white and blue jacket adorned with golden accents, black leather gloves, a red cape bearing the black Sorel family crest, and blue and red pants. Completing his ensemble are fencer thigh boots, embodying his mastery of the sword and the elegance of his style.


Born and raised to be a killer, Tira was a member of the Bird of Passage, a European group of assassins known for their unparalleled cruelty. However, when the Evil Seed event struck, their leader fell into madness, and the group disbanded, leaving Tira alone and adrift. She was taken in by a kind family, but her unstable personality caused her to fly into a rage, resulting in the brutal murder of her adoptive family.

This tragedy shattered Tira’s mind, splitting her personality in two. The euphoric half became known as Jolly, reveling in sadistic torture and setting up elaborate traps to savor every moment of her victims’ suffering. In contrast, the dark and brooding side took on the name Gloomy, seeking straightforward slaughter and always searching for new killing grounds. The two personalities constantly clashed, their differences causing discord until a common enemy emerged.

Tira’s trail of blood attracted the attention of the Bird of Passage, and one of their agents approached her with a request. Filled with anger, Tira defeated the agent, proclaiming her sole devotion to murder. However, the call for help intrigued Gloomy, sparking a flicker of interest. Interrogating the agent, they learned of Nightmare, the warrior harvesting souls and leaving chaos in his wake.

Haunted by the carnage wrought by Nightmare, Tira was inspired to pursue him, seeking either a kindred soul or someone to aspire to. Defeating another agent, she discovered the location of Nightmare’s castle and wasted no time in making her way there. In a surprising turn of events, she encountered Zasalamel, who offered to share information about Nightmare if Tira proved herself worthy. She emerged victorious in their battle, and Zasalamel revealed that Nightmare was but a puppet under the influence of Soul Edge. This cursed sword corrupted the minds of its wielders, forcing them into an endless cycle of bloodshed. Jolly and Gloomy were ignited with a newfound passion, embarking on a new path to seek out and acquire the Soul Edge.

Tira’s personality is a reflection of her split nature, alternating between two distinct and bloodthirsty states. As Jolly, she is a cheerful maniac, deriving pleasure from the suffering of her victims and meticulously planning each intricate murder. In contrast, as Gloomy, she is more taciturn and direct, seeking out battlefields to satisfy her unquenchable thirst for bloodshed. Though their methods differ, both personalities share an unyielding bloodlust, uniting them in their dark desires.

In battle, Tira is an eccentric character with a versatile toolkit and complex gameplay. Her unique state mechanic allows her to switch between the Jolly and Gloomy states, with the ultimate Gloomy Coda state attainable after a certain number of state changes. Each state offers distinct moves and advantages, such as improved movement and strings in Jolly, and increased damage and whiff punishment in Gloomy. This variety in playstyle enables Tira players to adapt to any situation and express themselves on the battlefield.

However, Tira’s strengths are balanced by weaknesses tied to her states. Her random chance of switching between Jolly and Gloomy can sometimes lead to suboptimal situations, causing her to miss out on potential damage or other advantages. Her low attacks lack threatening power, and the health drain from attacks in her Gloomy state can be a double-edged sword. Furthermore, her range is somewhat limited, making it challenging to contend with characters that excel in zoning and keep-out maneuvers.

Tira’s appearance matches her enigmatic and deadly nature. She is a young girl with black and teal short hair styled in a crown braid that ends in upward ponytails. Adorning her face and body are streaks of purple body paint. She wears a short black rugged cape with a green feather collar, black and green sleeves, golden gauntlets, a green and purple torn crop-top, a rugged mini-skirt, torn black tights, and black boots with a distinctive feather top. The cape and boots feature prominent skeletal motifs, with designs resembling a spinal cord and a bird skull, reflecting her association with the Bird of Passage.


Nightmare, once a human named Siegfried, has been consumed by the malevolent power of Soul Edge, transforming into a diabolical creature driven by a relentless desire for bloodshed. Siegfried’s descent into darkness began when he joined a bandit group, unknowingly killing his own father during a raid against deserting knights. Unable to accept his own actions, he deluded himself into believing that his father’s death was the work of an unknown murderer, setting him on a path of revenge.

In his quest for vengeance, Siegfried discovered the cursed sword Soul Edge, which he claimed as his own. The malevolent energies of Soul Edge resonated with his desire for retribution, resulting in the birth of Nightmare. Nightmare, a monstrous being, wields Soul Edge with his enormous hand, wreaking havoc upon the city of Ostrheinsburg and spreading terror wherever he goes. However, Nightmare’s reign was eventually challenged by Kilik, who managed to shatter his armor and break the physical form of Soul Edge.

Although Siegfried was freed from the clutches of Nightmare, the evil blade’s influence remains a constant threat. Siegfried fights to resist the overwhelming power of Soul Edge by harnessing the opposing force of Soul Calibur. However, his struggles lead him to become trapped in the Astral Chaos realm, where his body is utilized by Inferno, the ruler of the Astral Chaos. Inferno takes on the guise of Nightmare, continuing to sow chaos and destruction. As Siegfried fights against this malevolent force, the power of Soul Edge grows stronger, and the torment of his past deeds threatens to drive him to the brink of madness.

Although little is known about Nightmare’s personality due to his enslavement to Soul Edge, deep within, Siegfried strives to break free from the blade’s influence. Nightmare is driven by a twisted desire to spill blood in an attempt to catch up to his father’s killer, even harboring a delusional hope of resurrecting him. While there is a part of Nightmare/Siegfried that acknowledges his role as his father’s killer, he refuses to fully accept the truth and instead continues his blood-soaked search for an imaginary murderer.

Driven solely by his insatiable bloodlust, Nightmare cares little for anyone or anything beyond shedding more blood and overwhelming all who oppose him. As a slave to the malevolence of Soul Edge, it appears that there is no redemption or escape for Nightmare.

In battle, Nightmare is a formidable character, excelling at long-range combat. His massive weapon grants him excellent reach, allowing him to keep opponents at a distance. His “Night Terror Charge” ability further enhances his attacks, providing additional damage. With his superior range, Nightmare can punish opponents even from afar. However, he must be cautious when engaged in close-quarters combat, as his slower attacks can leave him vulnerable to having his turn stolen. It is crucial to maintain awareness of this vulnerability while playing Nightmare.

Nightmare’s appearance is menacing, clad in a suit of armor that conceals his identity. Only his red eyes are visible, a sign of his complete subjugation to Soul Edge. He wears a worn cape, and his right arm is a grotesque appendage with three claw-like fingers, a physical manifestation of his monstrous transformation. Breaking Nightmare’s helmet reveals Siegfried’s face, his blond hair visible, but also bearing a scar above his eye—a reminder of the trials he has endured.


Cassandra Alexandra, born in Athens, Ottoman Empire, grew up in a family that revolved around their bakery. With her sister Sophitia’s sudden disappearance, Cassandra’s life took an unexpected turn. Sophitia left behind a note, setting Cassandra on a journey to uncover the truth. Their mother fell ill from the distress, leaving Cassandra and her brother Lucius to run the bakery.

Aware of the dangerous mission Sophitia had undertaken in the past to destroy the cursed sword Soul Edge, Cassandra pieced together the rumors of corruption and blight spreading. She confronted Sophitia’s fiancé Rothion, who reluctantly revealed the truth. Motivated by her sister’s mission and the need to cleanse the lands from evil, Cassandra decided to take up arms and follow in Sophitia’s footsteps.

Even when Sophitia returned unharmed, Cassandra knew that their story was far from over. She believed she had a crucial role to play in the ongoing tale of souls and swords.

Cassandra possesses a tomboyish nature, in stark contrast to her more refined sister. She is straightforward, brash, and unafraid to express her emotions. Her kind-heartedness matches that of Sophitia, and she is always ready to face any challenge to protect her loved ones.

In combat, Cassandra embodies the rushdown playstyle, making her one of the prime examples of this archetype in SOULCALIBUR VI. Her entire arsenal is designed to maximize damage, with numerous moves that provide advantageous frames. Additionally, her Divine Force special meter mode grants her even more powerful moves with favorable frames. Cassandra’s speed ensures that opponents struggle to escape her relentless pressure. Furthermore, her grappling skills enhance her offensive capabilities. She is an excellent choice for players who enjoy rushdown characters, and her beginner-friendly nature makes her accessible to players of all skill levels.

Cassandra’s appearance closely resembles her older sister, Sophitia, but with notable differences that reflect her tomboyish nature. She sports shorter, golden blonde hair tied with a white ribbon. Her attire consists of an orange dress that offers little protection, showcasing her defined muscles. Instead of thigh-high boots, Cassandra opts for leggings and comfortable low travel boots, emphasizing her active and agile demeanor.


We have been working on the SOUL CALIBUR 6 tier list for a long time. We received assistance from players who have played the game for at least a thousand hours and have made significant progress. Utilizing all their accumulated knowledge, we have prepared the SOUL CALIBUR 6 tier list. The game continues to receive updates with new characters. After each update, you can visit our website to access the most up-to-date tier list!