Soul Knight Prequel: All NPC Weapon Guide

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Now, you can check out the Soul Knight Prequel: All NPC Weapon Guide to learn about all NPC weapons and their features!

Welcome to the thrilling world of Soul Knight Prequel, where a host of new NPC weapons awaits to elevate your gaming experience. In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of these legendary weapons, providing you with the essential details to make the most out of your encounters.

Soul Knight Prequel: All NPC Weapon Guide

Obtaining NPC Weapons

NPC weapons are not handed out like candy; you’ve got to earn them. To do so, complete NPC quests, earn those coveted NPC cards, and head over to Fariette to craft your weapon of choice. Now, let’s explore the impressive array of 8 NPC weapons available in the game.

Rogue’s Twinblade

  • Weapon Type: Legendary Dual Blades
  • Attack Power: 64
  • Special Ability: Backlash
  • Spirit of the Rogue: After dashing, enjoy a short-lived crit boost. Equipping the full set enhances crit damage significantly.

Knight’s Sword

  • Weapon Type: Legendary Sword & Shield
  • Attack Power: 129
  • Block Chance: 8
  • Special Ability: Lion Crest
  • Spirit of the Knight: Guaranteed hits at the expense of critical hits. Set bonuses offer increased non-crit damage.

Paladin’s Longspear

  • Weapon Type: Legendary Spear & Shield
  • Attack Power: 162
  • Block Chance: 15
  • Special Ability: Buff Amplification
  • Spirit of the Paladin: Gain invulnerability after an attack. Set bonuses reduce cooldown and extend block duration.

Mage’s Arcanum

  • Weapon Type: Legendary Focus
  • Magic Power: 97
  • Special Ability: Epicenter
  • Spirit of the Mage: Normal attacks recast the last skill used at regular intervals. Set bonuses reduce recast cooldown.

Clergical Scepter

  • Weapon Type: Legendary Staff
  • Magic Power: 129
  • Special Ability: Divine Guard
  • Spirit of the Cleric: Deal extra Light Damage with a chance for increased efficiency based on set pieces.

Berserker’s Knuckles

  • Weapon Type: Legendary Fist Weapon
  • Attack Power: 129
  • Special Ability: Brutality
  • Spirit of the Berserker: Enrage effect on crit attacks. Set bonuses enhance damage, attack speed, and movement speed.

Werewolf’s Cudgel

  • Weapon Type: Legendary Greatsword
  • Attack Power: 194
  • Special Ability: Valiant Strike
  • Spirit of the Werewolf: Defeating enemies restores HP. Set bonuses increase life restoration based on strength.

Elven Ancient Bow

  • Weapon Type: Legendary Bow
  • Attack Power: 129
  • Special Ability: Heavy Ordinance
  • Spirit of the Elf: Shoot two additional projectiles after a set number of attacks. Set bonuses stack up projectile count.