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Discover our fresh Souls Mobile Game tier list: ranking characters from best to worst, factoring in all aspects. We follow the meta and updates.

We’ve published our new Souls Mobile Game tier list. In this list, we’ve ranked the best characters in the game from best to worst. While creating this ranking, we considered all the factors. We’re keeping up with Souls Mobile Game’s current meta, its latest updates, and the most recent developments. Additionally, we’re reviewing tier lists created by the Souls Mobile Game community and looking at comments to make the best ranking. Tierlista editors will keep this list constantly updated. Let’s take a look at the best character rankings!

Souls Mobile Game Tier List

Based on the latest patch, our Souls Mobile Game Tier List is as follows:





Tier Ranking Criteria

  • T0: This is the highest tier in a tier list, reserved for the most powerful or effective options in the game. Characters or strategies in this tier are considered to be essential picks for competitive play and are often banned in tournaments.
  • T1: This tier is just below T0-tier and includes characters or strategies that are still very strong and effective, but not quite as dominant as those in the T0-tier.
  • T2: This tier includes characters or strategies that are considered to be average or balanced in terms of their strength and effectiveness. They may have some strengths and weaknesses, but they are not as dominant as those in the higher tiers.
  • T3: This is the lowest tier in a tier list, reserved for the weakest or least effective options in the game. Characters or strategies in this tier are often considered to be inferior to other options and may be rarely used in competitive play.

It’s important to note that the exact definitions and criteria for each tier can vary depending on the game and the community creating the tier list. Additionally, a character or strategy’s placement in a tier list is not always an accurate reflection of its overall strength or effectiveness, as factors such as player skill and game balance can also play a significant role.

Souls Best Team

  • Ulion (Front, Light, Dealer)
  • Zagrako (Front, Darkness, Tanker)
  • Bahzam (Front or Middle, Darkness, Dealer)
  • Nuel (Middle, Light, Supporter)
  • Solina (Back, Light, Healer)

Our top pick is the Light and Darkness synergy team. These heroes offer unique skills that can both buff and debuff enemies. They boast the highest power and basic stats among all heroes, making them formidable. While they’re a bit challenging to obtain, their worth is undeniable.

Souls Best Mixed Team

  • Kaion (Front, Horde, Dealer)
  • Taros (Front, Light, Tanker)
  • Carmen (Front or Middle, Undead, Dealer)
  • Zenon (Middle, Undead, Supporter)
  • Aruru (Back, Horde, Healer)

For a balanced approach, consider this Mixed Team consisting of Horde, Light, and Undead heroes. Kaion, Taros, and Carmen bring offensive power and crowd-control abilities, while Zenon’s support skills are invaluable in boss battles. Aruru, a reliable healer, completes this lineup, providing a 15% ATK and 15% HP synergy bonus.

Souls Best Human Team

  • Milia (Front, Dealer)
  • Richelle (Front, Tanker)
  • Olga (Front or Middle, Supporter)
  • Calix (Middle, Supporter)
  • Odelia (Back, Healer)

For a rock-solid team, go with this Human squad. Milia and Richelle offer both offense and defense, while Olga and Calix provide vital support. Odelia’s healing prowess is a game-changer in extended battles. With this full Human team, you’ll enjoy a 20% ATK and 20% HP synergy bonus.

Souls Best Horde Team

  • Kaion (Front, Dealer)
  • Lagou (Front, Tanker)
  • Sol (Front, Dealer)
  • Paru (Middle, Supporter)
  • Aruru (Middle or Back, Healer)

Horde enthusiasts, this is your dream team. Kaion and Sol are devastating dealers, backed by Lagou’s tanking skills and Paru’s crowd control. Aruru, a top-notch healer, ensures your team stays in fighting shape. It’s a perfect synergy for Horde lovers.

Souls Best Undead Team

  • Harfa (Front, Tanker)
  • Carmen (Front, Dealer)
  • Fleta (Middle or Front, Dealer)
  • Zenon (Middle, Supporter)
  • Void (Middle or Back, Healer)

Undead heroes excel in buff and debuff abilities, and this team showcases their strengths. Harfa takes hits for the team while Carmen and Fleta unleash impressive DPS. Zenon’s support is crucial, and Void’s healing is priceless. It’s a well-rounded Undead team.

Souls Best Elven Team

  • Babu (Front, Tanker)
  • Tania (Front, Dealer)
  • Abala (Front, Tanker)
  • Lulu (Middle, Supporter)
  • Aolmond (Middle or Back, Healer)

Elven heroes might not be the strongest damage dealers, but they shine as healers. While we don’t recommend a full Elf synergy, if you favor this race, these heroes are top choices. They’ll keep your team healthy and resilient.

These teams cover a range of playstyles, so choose the one that suits your preferences and conquer the world of Souls!

Tier lists always provide great insights about the current meta. We hope you’ve enjoyed our Souls Mobile Game tier list. We’d love your contributions too. You can share the tier lists you create for the game you play. We can publish them under your name and give credit to your desired links (e.g., Twitch, Twitter). Looking forward to seeing you in our next guide where we rank the best characters!