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Soulworker Event – Guide – Rewards

  • (New player) “7-Day Mission”:
  • Missions can be completed on the first access after account creation.
  • (Returning player) “Return Dash 7-Day Mission”:
  • You can receive return missions if you haven’t accessed the game for more than 30 days.
  • Missions ONLY last 20 days.
  • Mission reset time is 16:00 (GMT). Can get the final reward if you complete all missions.

Gift Box

[New User PKG]

  • x1 Merchants’ Union VIP Membership Card
  • x1 Uninon Bank V.I.P Card
  • x3 SD Brooch Transitter : Low-Grade
  • x5 Combat Manual [1H]
  • x600 Gruton Coin
  • x1 [Limited] [Costume PKG] Nostalgic Kiddy

[Returnee PKG]

  • x10 Anti-Destruction Device
  • x10 Resurrector
  • x1 Skill Tree Reset
  • x5 Parable’s A.R Transmitter
  • x5 Combat Manual [1H]
  • x600 Gruton Coin


Total: 42 Challenges

Final Rewards

7-Day Mission Clear Reward PKG

  • x5 Attack Tag Transmitter (Rare)
  • x5 Defense Tag Transmitter (Rare)
  • x5 Energy Converter
  • x10 Parable’s A.R Transmitter x10
  • x2 MEGA Brooch Set (Possession) Select Option
  • x3 GIGA Brooch Set (Possession) Select Option

Return Dash Clear Reward PKG

  • x8 Energy Converter
  • x5 GIGA Brooch Set (Possession) Select Option
  • x1 Parable’s A.R Card Select Option [★4] I

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