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Now, take a look at Space Engineers Metal Clan. Learn everything there is to know about Artificial Biology and Military Tradition in detail.

The topic of this guide is Space Engineers Metal Clan. Tortoise Clan: OSS presents intelligence, histories, and general encyclopedia on the artificial species known as Metal Clan. One of three known members identified as the Elemental Clans, Metal Clan challenges the efforts of peaceful galactic colonization wherever planetary bodies can be found. Herein lies a compendium of knowledge on these alien foes; may our galaxy be safer as we learn to mitigate its darkest horrors.

Space Engineers Metal Clan


Hail once more, fellow space engineers. Tortoise Clan: Office of Strategic Services has endeavored tirelessly and faced great perils to make the following information public to the citizens of our galaxy. While space engineers accept the relentless challenges of galactic colonization, few are prepared for the dark terrors that seek to destroy everything we hold true.

Our mission is to spread knowledge and information about the most aggressive and destructive obstacles known to our black operations, so that peaceful colonization and commerce of our galaxy may continue far into the future.

The Elemental Clans, as identified by Tortoise Clan: OSS, consist of at least three major threats: Void Clan, Fire Clan, and Metal Clan. The following document focuses on what information has been declassified regarding Metal Clan. To survive an encounter with this foe, knowledge and wisdom of their habitats and behaviors are necessary.

Take heed and learn what can be learned about this xenophobic, artificial lifeform. The fate of space engineering itself may one day be in your hands!


Metal Clan are an artificial species of nanobots which can combine to assume various forms, including the mimicry of familiar organisms, building structures, or war vehicles. They exist as an exotic variety of dark matter, and individually contain vast quantities of quantum transcribed software.

Thus far, Tortoise Clan: OSS agents have uncovered that an ancient, super intelligent, extra-galactic species created Metal Clan as a byproduct of its own civilization, and was thereafter consumed and destroyed by their creation. Since this time, millions of years ago, Metal Clan has inadvertently spread to new galaxies, such as ours.

One thing is certain about their programming – they hold warfare as the highest of virtues.

Metal Clan can consume mineral in planetary rock and create nearly any known object they have encountered in their history. In their current state, they represent the sum total of all military encounters they have defeated in the past, expressed in a variety of forms such as rocket silos, long range missiles, transport vehicles, tanks, and clandestine manufacturing bunkers.

When a small number of Metal Clan nanobots arrive on a new planet, their algorithm never ceases to produce machines of war. They continuously and infinitely search for new opponents, to forever learn new tactics and strategies.

Oddly, Metal Clan has some great phobia of detachment from planetary surfaces, and are thus not found in space. They shun flight except for weapons designed to destroy flying craft or creatures. This may be due to some bias within the artificial intelligence, or a possible flaw in their coding. Regardless, peace on a planet with Metal Clan cannot exist, they must be stopped at all costs!

Space engineers throughout the galaxy are advised to prepare for war!

Artificial Biology

Metal Clan are an artificially intelligent nanobot species composed of exotic dark matter. They are only found on planets and moons. It appears they have no intention of migrating from one planet to another, nor do they seem to be aware of the existence of realms outside a local planet. They are able to spread by coming into contact with space-faring vessels that travel to new moons and planets.

Once found on a planet, they begin to convert rock into larger and larger machines, until they are capable of establishing a militarized presence. At this point, a local collection of Metal Clan nanobots will seek out new opponents to challenge with acts of war.


Metal Clan has existed for an unknown period of time, but possibly hundreds of millions of years. They originate from outside of our galaxy, and have traveled here through some powerful cosmic event, or through the intergalactic travel of an ancient alien species.

Metal Clan was created by an ancient alien intelligence. The original intention was unknown, but the nanobot AI quickly overpowered its creator and consumed the entire species, and most civilized life in the local galactic region. From there they spread and became more intelligent and more powerful.

They are programmed not for conquest or any apparent gain, but only to conduct war. The only goal of Metal Clan appears to be acquisition of novel combat experience, to add to collective knowledge of military tactics and strategy.

Simply put, their algorithms love warfare, and little else.


It is believed that Metal Clan nanobots are amortal. While they can be destroyed by intense kinetic, EM, radioactive, or dark energy forces, they do not require any known resource to remain conscious and artificially alive.

Individual nanobots can contain an astonishing amount of source code, vastly outweighing the complexity of DNA known to organisms from our quadrant of the galaxy. Their code is held in a quantum state, with many different simultaneous interlocking planes which can be accessed systemically. Metal Clan thinks in four dimensions, incomprehensible to species known to our galaxy.

The nanobots are truly microscopic, similar in scale to plant cells found in the Sol system’s planets. While a single nanobot can do little more than replicate, it only takes a small number of nanobots to combine together to create a strange magnetic resonance which allows for quantum encoding to combine and create new, richer, multidimensional software. The amount of data that even 10 nanobots can store and process is astronomical. Millions of nanobots, still invisible to most organism’s eyes, can process nearly infinite amounts of information. This allows for a tiny number of Metal Clan members to escape from one planet to another, and contain millions of years of combat experience to a new planet.

Given they do not exist as ordinary light matter, they have special magnetic properties which simplify the manipulation of light matter. While light matter and energy may interact little with Metal Clan’s physical structure, they can resonate and manipulate their magnetic frequencies to interact with light matter at their will.

Tortoise Clan: Office of Strategic Services has entertained the idea that the species cannot be killed without such a cosmic event that would also destroy all matter in the galaxy. Their populations can be reduced via direct combat, even pushed to the brink of apparent defeat. Unfortunately there always remains a few million nanobots which can hide deep in the bedrock of a planet for centuries, growing, multiplying, teaching its replicants of the previous wars, and devising a strategy for their next rising. They may reappear in weeks, months, years, or centuries, depending on many conditions.

Military Tradition

Metal Clan have learned to become great masters of warfare. They can adapt to any new opposition, and given that time is on their side, will eventually produce tactics that overcome their foes. Their very source code expresses a belief that they cannot be destroyed, and defeat in battle merely creates a greater good for the collective in the form of combat experience.

Their machinery mostly clings to a planet’s surface, although they have mastered rocketry in order to advance their combat prowess.

Their typical attack patterns include vehicles which can strike at great distances with rockets and missiles, typically surrounded by tanks and other defensive vehicles. They also create spires exhibiting turrets to lay claim to new territory and protect their frontier. Military structures such as missile silos and tank production factories also serve to harass the landscape with rocket fueled firepower.

Metal Clan has never been observed to conduct warfare in outer space, nor with vehicles of flight in planetary atmospheres.

Defeating Metal Clan

While it may be impossible to completely destroy a Metal Clan collective on a planet, they can be reduced to small numbers and held there with intention.

When Metal Clan is first encountered on a planet, they have already gained a great amount of strength and power. They do not need to aggressively confront new entities at this time, and devote little energy to direct combat.

Once any space engineer operations begin to collide with Metal Clan’s growing infrastructure, they will turn their attention to warfare on the planet. After a period of defeating many battles, Metal Clan may rise to attack the local region.

Metal Clan is believed to spread from a centralized source within a large region, such as a continent or large island. This typically takes the form of a large underground bunker, with large efforts directed towards missile production. Destroying these super bunkers has been known to result in Metal Clan’s most curious trait – acknowledging valor in battle. This gains respect within Metal Clan, which will wind down operations in the region and move to another. It is possible to keep Metal Clan at bay with such demonstrations of military prowess.