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Now, take a look at the Space Engineers: Scaevola Guide. In our article, we've explained Scaevola Smart Systems in every detail. Everything you're looking for is right here!

In this article, we’ve covered Space Engineers: Scaevola Guide. Let’s dive right in and learn all the details about Scaevola!

Space Engineers: Scaevola Guide

Tyro Ziegler was born into a relatively wealthy family. His father, Konstantin Ziegler, owned and directed ZMT – Ziegler Motorwerke Troppau, a company specializing in the development and manufacturing of various types of rovers.

Raised to inherit the family business, Tyro had some freedom in choosing the purpose of his creations. However, his pacifist father, focused solely on business, was displeased when Tyro presented an atmospheric reconnaissance aircraft. Seeing no future in military equipment, Mr. Ziegler was not on board with his son’s direction.

Despite working on various projects, Tyro secretly developed his own designs, driven by his passion for flying, efficiency, and simplicity. Eventually, his father discovered Tyro’s divergence and gave him an ultimatum: follow orders and manage a branch or strike out on his own without family support.

Opting for the latter, Tyro rebranded himself as Tyro Scaevola, inspired by the famous Roman house of Scaevola. He founded Scaevola Vessel Design (SVD), attempting to secure contracts but facing rejection due to a lack of experience. In a few months, SVD went bankrupt.

Recognizing the need for experience, Tyro joined a mining expedition to an asteroid field far from home. This marked the beginning of a new chapter for Tyro Scaevola.

Tyro Scaevola – New Home

Twelve hundred miners and various support workers, along with their families, boarded vessels designed to serve as a base. They established Ardena, named after the famous nautical explorer Jonathan Ardena. However, their exploration faced unexpected challenges from “The Collective,” united pirate clans in deep space.

Pirates targeted the defenseless mining ships, damaging the base. Despite Ardena’s strong defense systems, they could only keep the pirates at a distance. With limited resources, the Ardenians, lacking combat experience, began building homemade fighters for survival.

Frequent and brutal fights ensued, with both sides struggling for dominance. While the pirates could replenish their losses, Ardenians paid a bloody price for every failure. The Defense Forces of Ardena (DFA) was established, and Tyro became one of the most successful designers, contributing his SC-25 to the “war for the future.”

Approximately eighteen months later, The Collective collapsed due to infighting. Though Ardenians survived, the cost was immense. The decision was made to return home, leaving Ardena as a base of ghosts. Tyro, escorting refugees in his latest fighter model called Verra, vowed never to be defeated again.

ScaVeM to Scaevola Vessel Design

Upon returning, Tyro founded Scaevola Vessel Manufactury (ScaVeM) but faced challenges with older designs. New small grid designs, including the MUVI and Verra fighter, brought success. SVD evolved, and Tyro focused on capital ships with mixed results.

Renamed to Scaevola Vessel Design, the company found success with small grid designs like the SC-103. However, attempts at capital ships like the Aristea line faced technical issues and low interest.

Small grid designs like the remote-controlled Nima and Juno fighters thrived. Tyro experimented with a universal fighter-bomber design, creating the extravagant Stagir and reliable Luchnik variants.

Age of Successes for SVD

Competitive capital ship designs finally gained success. The Dacan class and Zloun class frigate replaced earlier unsuccessful models. Tyro explored future small grid models like the SC-55 and SC-381.

SVD in Ravien Industrial Corporate

The SC-381, featuring guided missiles, attracted attention. SVD, now Scaevola Smart Systems, entered a partnership with Ravien Industrial Corporate. The company underwent reorganization, designing AI devices and providing design work for RIC branches.