Spirit Vasto Rage Meta in Peroxide

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Now, check out our guide on Spirit Vasto Rage Meta in Peroxide. Learn about the top-notch build, strategy, skillset, and become unbeatable.

In the ever-evolving world of Peroxide, a groundbreaking shift has emerged, offering players a fresh perspective on character builds. This guide delves into the Spirit Vasto Rage meta, a potential game-changer post the recent nerfs and buffs.

Spirit Vasto Rage Meta in Peroxide

Traditionally, Strength has been the go-to build, providing a versatile array of skills. However, with the game’s dynamics in flux, now is the perfect time to explore new possibilities. Enter the Spirit Vasto Rage build, a bold departure from the conventional, promising a unique and potent playstyle.

Building the Meta

The essence of the Spirit Vasto Rage lies in channeling all points into Spirit. For an optimal setup, allocate 350 points to Spirit, complemented by 220 in Vitality, and 100 each in Reiatsu and Agility. This configuration strikes a balance, allowing you to absorb hits while dealing a formidable 44 damage per M1 strike.

Combat Strategy

Embrace a back-to-basics fighting style with the Spirit Vasto Rage meta. Capitalize on the Legendary ability Soukotsu, utilizing it frequently to maximize damage output. Engage in a rhythmic dance of landing M1 hits, blocking incoming attacks, and striking back with precision.

Challenges and Considerations

While the Spirit Vasto Rage build introduces a refreshing change, it’s not without its challenges. Skills heavily reliant on Strength may pose a threat, particularly when confronting skilled Strength-based, ranged builds. As we navigate this evolving landscape, adaptation is key.

Recommended Skillset

To thrive in the Spirit Vasto Rage meta, consider a skillset tailored to this unique build. While many skills still favor Strength, a strategic combination that aligns with the Spirit-centric approach can enhance your effectiveness. Experiment, adapt, and find the synergy that suits your playstyle.