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Now, take a look at our Squirrel Stapler Achievement Guide. Earn all the achievements quickly!

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Squirrel Stapler Achievement Guide

The Stapler Becomes the Stapled (Die)

All you need to do is die. You’ll probably get this normally but if you don’t, from day 3 onwards there will be large predators that investigate loud noises (guns and sprinting). Shoot your gun a few times and you will attract them upon which they’ll come at you and explode, taking over half your health away. Do not heal and you should die.

God is Here (Finish the Game)

Finish the game, self explanatory. You’ll get this as a part of the normal progression.

Art Will Destroy the Artist (Read About the Artist)

Everyday there will be a note in a house in the centre of the map (where the question mark is) telling the story about an artist who drew a painting of a woman. You only need to read the one on the final day for this achievement to unlock, but I recommend reading it every day just to enjoy the story

Everything is Quiet (Read the Reports)

These reports can be found in the top left corner of the map, where the question mark is. Similar to the previous one you only need to read the one on the final day but you should read all of them for the story.

Ttfc! (Unlock GIANT SQUIRRELS mode)

To unlock this you need to find the geocache location each day. On the map you can see sections marked with small red squares. These squares are the locations of the caches, with the number of squares corresponding to the day of the week you can find it at (the section with 1 square is where it will be on day 1, 2 squares is where it is on day 2, etc). The mode (and achievement) will unlock once you’ve found all 5

Whee! (Find an energy drink)

Walk behind your house, there’ll be an energy drink right there. Walk over it to gain its effect (double speed) and the achievement should pop

Oh… (Read about the de-boning abilities of squirrels)

There are notes scattered around the map giving random squirrel facts. Over the course of the game the notes become more unhinged. On day 4 you’ll find a note talking about how fast squirrels can debone a human male, the location of which is the yellow square near the middle of this image below. Walk over it to read and unlock the achievement

Shady (commit sins at The Shady Shack)

There is a shack at the location below (yellow square on the top middle portion) called the shady shack with an arrow icon similar to the one at the house. Walk over the arrow to commit sins and unlock the achievement