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Ranked Star Ocean 2 characters from strongest to weakest. Choose your starting character wisely to save time. Let's proceed with our list..

In this list, we have ranked the Star Ocean 2 characters from the strongest to the weakest for you. If you don’t want to waste time, be careful when choosing the character you will start the game with. Let’s move on to our list.

Star Ocean 2 Character Tier List

Our current Star Ocean 2 tier list.





Tier 0


Welch is typically associated with the recurring Item Creation feature. In “Till the End of Time,” she serves as a non-player character, introducing players to the Craftsman’s Guild and elucidating the role of Inventors in the creative process. In “The Last Hope,” she takes charge of fulfilling Item Creation requests from the party within the SRF-003 Calnus. In both “Integrity and Faithlessness” and “The Divine Force,” Welch remains a non-playable character, offering a series of quests for players.

In remakes such as “First Departure” and “Second Evolution,” as well as in “Anamnesis,” Welch becomes a playable character. In this spin-off, she manifests in several variants, including her incarnation from “Integrity and Faithlessness,” “Weepy Welch,” “Dream Welch,” and her Twin Eclipse and “Summer” iterations.


In “The Second Story” and “Second Evolution,” Precis emerges as a close-range-oriented character, wielding mechanical arms strapped to her backpack and supported by transforming robots. While her stats are below average compared to other fighters, her agility (AGL) stands out. Recruiting Precis makes it impossible to recruit Bowman Jeane. If intending to use Precis, it is recommended to also recruit Ashton.

Precis is featured as a playable character in “Star Ocean: Anamnesis,” with six variants: “Precis,” “Holiday Precis,” “Bride Precis,” “Operator Precis,” “Franken-Precis,” and “Sweet Precis.”

Tier 1


A traumatic childhood event motivated Dias to train as a warrior, and his swordsmanship is now renowned throughout Expel. He carries an air of a cool, lone-wolf warrior, distancing himself from others. Dias, with a callous and proudly arrogant demeanor, developed a unique swordfighting style by blending the Edarl sword style with Karate. As Rena’s childhood friend, they share a brother-sister relationship.

Dias, disliking bandits and robbers due to the murders of his family, finds joy in simple pleasures like food and sleep. His favorite instrument is the Cembalo, and he has a preference for Shish Kebab as his favorite food.


Claude, noted for his frizzy blond hair and altruistic nature, tends to be brash and impetuous, often causing a ruckus. Born to renowned parents, he struggles with a life molded by others. Despite being a Federation officer, he longs to be seen as his own man. Claude respects his father but desires independence, occasionally displaying insecurity and jealousy, particularly toward Dias Flac.

Claude’s favorite instrument is the Silver Trumpet, and he enjoys stargazing, as revealed in a PA in Marze. His palate appreciates all kinds of food, with a particular taste for Steak. In terms of combat, he combines Edarl Sword Style with acrobatic martial arts inherited from his mother, Ilia.


Aristocratic Opera enjoys shopping and adventure, even battling in a regal dress. Proficient with projectile weapons like guns and firearms, she is skilled in operating and repairing vehicles. While disliking compromising situations and macho men, she is drawn to those who are cool, intelligent, and sexy.

Opera’s favorite instrument is the Piano, and her preferred foods are Apple Cider (in “The Second Story”) and Lime Cooler (in “Second Evolution”).


Ernest, an adventurer and archaeologist, sustains himself by excavating ruins and chasing historical facts. Despite Opera’s feelings for him, exploring ancient ruins takes precedence. Ernest’s favorite instrument is the Cembalo, and he enjoys Hassaku Tea (in “The Second Story”) and Bloody Driver (in “Second Evolution”).

Tier 2


Chisato, a journalist dedicated to her job, possesses an obsession with collecting the newest information. Trained in Jingu-style martial arts, she fearlessly enters dangerous areas for the sake of uncovering the truth. Despite her careless tendencies, she believes reporting the truth is her calling.

Chisato’s favorite instrument is the Organ, and her preferred food is the Fruit Sandwich.


Bowman, with a laid-back and mild-mannered personality, is a “cool uncle” type. Adoring his wife, he appreciates the beauty of passing females. Athletic and skilled in martial arts, Compounding, and sports, Bowman dislikes fatal diseases. His favorite food is Radish Miso Soup, and he enjoys playing the Harmonica, shared with Precis.


Ashton, an honest and modest mercenary, excels in sewing and Symbological Fencing. Despite his generally unlucky life, he is lovable and prefers a “friend zone” relationship with women. Communicating with a two-headed dragon, Ashton dislikes lotteries, fortune-telling, and being possessed further.

Ashton’s favorite instrument is the Piano, and he enjoys Hamburger Steak.

Tier 3


Celine, shrewd and adventurous, is immersed in her work as a treasure hunter. She appreciates wealth, fashion, and big, brawny guys she can depend on. Disliking effeminate men, she enjoys beautiful jewels, fashionable clothing, and expensive cosmetics.

Celine’s favorite instrument is the Violin, and her preferred food is Baby Rabbit Risotto.


A child prodigy in magic, Leon’s skills make him conceited. Seeking approval from his parents, he shows a softer side after joining Claude and Rena’s party. Leon’s favorite instrument is the Violin, and he enjoys Carrot Juice. He dislikes cold weather.


As the caretaker of a wildlife refuge, Noel is an affectionate young man with a constant smile. Concerned about his appearance, he becomes fiery when it comes to animals and the environment.

Noel’s favorite food is Big Tuna/Fine Tuna Sashimi, and his preferred instrument is the Illusive Shamisen.


Rena, a dreamer with a vivid imagination, believes in the “Hero of Light” prophecy. Focused and capable in times of crisis, she excels in home cooking, jujitsu, and unique healing symbology. Rena loves the Sacred Forest and cute objects, with a preference for men who are fun and make her feel safe.

Rena’s favorite instrument is the Lyre, and her preferred food is Shortcake.

Tier Ranking System

  • T0: At the pinnacle of the tier list, this tier is exclusively for the most formidable and effective options in the game. Characters or strategies in this tier are crucial picks for competitive play and are frequently subjected to tournament bans.
  • T1: Directly below T0, this tier includes characters or strategies that remain potent and effective, though not quite reaching the dominance of the T0 tier.
  • T2: Positioned in the middle, this tier features characters or strategies deemed average or balanced in terms of their strength and effectiveness. While they may exhibit strengths and weaknesses, they don’t exert the same level of dominance as higher tiers.
  • T3: At the bottom of the tier list, this tier is reserved for the weakest or least effective options in the game. Characters or strategies in this tier are often considered inferior to other choices and may see rare use in competitive play.