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Now, take a look at our Starfield Important Information guide to learn what every player absolutely needs to know!

Now, we’re going to give you some important information about Starfield. We believe every player should start the game with this knowledge. Let’s move on to the guide!

Starfield Important Information

Ultra mega blaster important

If you’re too lazy to read the rest, take note of AT LEAST the following:

  • Be a sleepy bastard:
    Make a habit of resting in beds before going on missions. There are significant XP bonuses associated with doing so.
  • Skill-walled mechanics:
    If you think you should be able to do something on the game that you can’t quite do yet, try looking up the skill tree. Stuff like using the booster on your pack are locked behind skills. Except…
  • No In-Game Area Maps:
    …for the map. There are no in-game area maps, so don’t bother.
  • Careful Skill Point Allocation:
    This is NOT a yee-yee-levely game. You level up SLOWLY. Thus, skill points are precious. Study the skill tree and spend your points with skills you actually want. Skills like as Piloting, Ship Design, Security, Weightlifting, and mods are of utmost importance. Oh, there’s no respeccing in Starfield. So be mindful.
  • Stealth Mission + Eliminating Robots = no no:
    Here’s a valuable tip: Refrain from destroying robots during, uhh, stealth missions. Don’t try to understand, just take note. If at some points there are robots and stealth involved, just be careful. Thank me later.

Useful Tips

Here goes the bulk of the guide. I guarantee you’ll wanna read until the end.

  • Mid-Fight Health Recovery:
    Get a load of this… You can refill your health bar in the midst of a battle (sorta). Crouch, go undetected, find a cozy spot and let the healing begin.
  • The Trade Authority can Launder Stolen Stuff:
    You probably were scanned upon arriving a planet already, right? Well, that’s because you can’t carry contraband about. The Trade Authority, though, can help you launder your stolen items. Simply sell them the stolen stuff, then use the buyback option without leaving the vendor.
  • Stealthy Space Travel for Contraband:
    Speaking of which… If you’re carrying contraband in space, there are specific space stations where you can dock without having your cargo scanned. Two of those are The Den in the Wolf system and The Key in the Kryx System.
  • Chems Usage:
    You’re one of those dimwits who hold onto buff items “JUST IN CASE”, right? Well, ditch that idea. Chug chems as soon as they’re useful, such on combat, persuasion, and sneaking. You’ll come across plenty of them, so there’s no need to hoard them all for a hypothetical big final boss.
  • No Need to Hoard Every Note:
    There are notes that are quest-locked to your inventory, sure, but you don’t have to carry every note you find throughout the game until the end. Dump everything you can on your ship.
  • Level-Locked Ship Parts:
    Keep in mind that many ship components are locked behind level requirements. These include critical components like Reactors, weapons, shields, engines, and grav drives. You won’t access them until you reach specific levels.
  • Cargo Hold Clutter:
    Be aware that every time you make modifications to your ship’s main living quarters in the ship builder, you’ll accumulate excess items in your ship’s cargo hold.
  • Vendor Stock and Credit Regeneration:
    Vendors refresh their inventory and credits every 50 hours in Universal Time (UT). Be mindful of the Universal Time to avoid wasting your in-game time.
  • Rotate Followers:
    Followers have quests. Quests are done and triggered only when they’re around. So, rotate your followers every few hours to advance their individual questlines. Avoid sticking with a single one for extended periods.
  • Companion Ammo and Grenades:
    You only need to provide your companion with one unit of ammo, and they’ll be capable of using the corresponding weapon freely. This rule also applies to grenades.
  • Frequent Saving:
    Make it a habit to save your progress regularly, particularly during stealth missions. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Cuttable Emergency Walls:
    This may sound obvious, but emergency cuttable walls are indeed cuttable. You can cut things with something called cutter. Let that sink in.
  • Fast Travel = No Random Events:
    Refrain from fast traveling constantly. Whenever possible, take the time to enter your ship, launch, select your quest destination in space, and initiate travel by pressing X (or F if you want to pay respect), as this is what can trigger random events.
  • Always purchase Medpacks, Digipicks, and Ammo:
    Whenever you encounter a vendor, make sure to buy available medpacks, digipicks, and ammunition for your favorite gun. In the later stages of the game, high-fire-rate guns with large clips become prevalent, but they consume ammo rapidly.
  • Harvest Geysers:
    You have the option to harvest geysers in the game. Mind-blowing, right?
  • Thoroughly Scan Gas Giants:
    Take the time to scan every gas giant in every system you explore. For example, if a system contains three gas giants, you can earn approximately 200-250 XP in just about a minute by flying around and scanning them.
  • Maximize Planet Survey Rewards:
    Speaking of which, getting a 100% survey completion on a planet comes with a bonus for any extractors located there.
  • Optimize Loot from Mini-Bosses:
    Get this… Whenever you defeat a mini-boss you’ll get random rare equipment. Now, imagine if you could re-roll this lottery? Well, save just before defeating the bad guy, loot, and reload your game until you find something nice. This may count as a cheese or even a cheat, but to each their own.
  • Survive While Overweight:
    Running or sprinting while carrying excess weight won’t lead to your demise. Your health will drop to about 5%, but it won’t go lower.

Personal Takes

These are debatable, and may or not fit your personal playstyle. You’re welcome to disagree or suggest counterpoints in the comments.

  1. Don’t bother looting Food and Misc Items:
    Just avoid collecting Food and Misc items, as they tend to clutter your inventory, leave you encumbered, all without any significant benefits. Sure, they have credit value and minor advantages, but the time spent managing them doesn’t outweigh the rewards. It’ll just provide you with a boring inventory-management gameplay. You’ll earn plenty of credits by completing quests.
  2. Optional Outposts:
    Technically, you can finish the game without constructing an outpost. While they are not worthless and can provide some nice experience and credits, you can successfully go through all the faction quests and the main storyline without ever needing to build one. So, if it’s not your thing, don’t worry about it.
  3. Mining Efficiency:
    If you’re not farming for a specific resource, mining can be time-consuming. It’s way, way, way better just spending some cash and purchasing resources instead. It’s just faster and cost-effective. Also, the primary use for resources are the Outposts. If you’re not bothering with Outposts, you won’t need that many resources, buying from vendors should be more than enough.
  4. Consider Skipping New Game Plus (NG+):
    Don’t leave stuff for a New Game Plus. A lot of people agree that the NG+ is not the best here. Instead, savor the game in its original form, complete all the side quests, and fully immerse yourself in the main storyline on your first go.


These are also personal choices, but less debatable.

  • Prioritize Ryujin Industries Faction Quest:
    As soon as you hear about Ryujin Industries, go all in. There are some unique rewards involved.
  • Complete the Mantis Quest Early On:
    Not as necessary as the Ryujin, but consider tackling the Mantis quest early in the game. Not because you’ll have great rewards or anything per se, but because they’re not as useful at the endgame as they can be early on.
  • Delay SysDef Quests Until You Have a Strong Combat Ship:
    Calm yer’ bits and hold off on tackling the SysDef quest where you must choose between fighting SysDef or the pirates until you possess a decent combat ship.