Starfish(Lumitoile) Locations in Genshin Impact

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Discover Lumitoile, Starfish locations in Genshin Impact's Liffey Region. Ascend Fontainian characters to new heights with this guide!

In the enchanting world of Genshin Impact, Lumitoile(Starfish) serves as a crucial Ascension material for Fontainian characters like Neuvillette. These radiant starfish can be found in the northern reaches of the Liffey Region in Fontaine, both above ground and beneath the shimmering waves. To help you ascend your favorite characters, this guide will provide you with a ultimate overview of where to find Starfish (Lumitoile), how to use it, and even some bonus tips to maximize your collection.

Starfish (Lumitoile) in Genshin Impact

Lumitoiles are scattered throughout the Liffey Region in Fontaine, with prime locations including Mont Esus East and the coastal areas around the New Fontaine Research Institute. To embark on your Lumitoile-hunting journey, be sure to activate Waypoints within these regions. Additionally, if you’re fortunate enough to have Lyney in your party, his passive ability will help you detect nearby Fontaine Local Specialties, making the task even more straightforward.

Starfish Locations in Mont Esus East Area

Many Lumitoiles are easily accessible along the coast, but some may require you to take a dip. Freminet can be your trusty companion, as he reduces Stamina consumption while swimming. If you’ve already acquired Neuvillette, his presence in your party will allow you to glide through the water with increased speed, expediting your collection efforts.

Starfish Location in Genshin Impact
Starfish Locations in Genshin Impact

Starfish Locations Central Laboratory Ruins

There are a few Lumitoiles in the eastern part of the map, near water bodies. This is a brief detour, and you won’t encounter any underwater stars in this area.

Lumitoile Locations in Genshin Impact
Lumitoile Locations in Genshin Impact

Lumitoile Availability

Keep in mind that there are slightly over 70 Lumitoiles across the entire map, while a character may require over 150 to reach their maximum Ascension level. Unless you’re willing to wait, your best option is to visit other players’ worlds to expedite your star-collecting endeavors.

Where to Buy Lumitoile

Currently, there are no known shops within Genshin Impact that sell Lumitoile. However, you can obtain a small number of Lumitoiles for free.

How to Get Free Lumitoile(Starfish) from Ottnit

Make your way to the Fortress of Meropide’s infirmary and seek out the Melusine named Ottnit. Engage in dialogue with her, and as a token of her appreciation, she will gift you with four Lumitoile.

Lumitoile (Starfish) Respawn Time

Lumitoiles reset exactly 48 hours after collection. To witness their magical reappearance, either relog the game or teleport from the farthest Waypoint and revisit the location.

Check out Other Players Worlds

If you’ve exhausted Lumitoiles in your world, consider reaching out to other Travelers in Co-op mode. Collaborating with fellow adventurers can lead to Lumitoile discoveries in new, uncharted territories.

How to Use Lumitoile

The primary purpose of Lumitoile is to ascend Neuvillette to his next ascension level. To unlock his maximum potential, you must gather a total of 168 of these luminescent starfishes. Invest your Lumitoiles wisely to strengthen your Fontainian characters for epic adventures in Teyvat.

With this ultimate Starfish guide, you now possess the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate the world of Genshin Impact and gather Lumitoiles efficiently. Whether you choose to explore Fontaine’s enchanting landscapes or seek assistance from other players, your journey to ascend your Fontainian characters to their full potential is within reach. Happy adventuring, Traveler!