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Now, take a look at the Subnautica: Survival Manual to quickly grab the essential information under our headings: Death-Proof Exploration, Upgrades And Materials, Making The Perfect Base, and Complete Subnautica Map!

In this guide, we’ve covered the “Subnautica: Survival Manual.” Get ready to acquire interesting information you may not have seen before!

Subnautica: Survival Manual

First Steps to Survival

  • Don’t stray too far from the capsule. there are two main reasons not to stray too far from the area where you start. The first and most obvious is that you have no resources to survive, literally, the trip. You will run out of food, water, oxygen… and you will not be able to defend yourself from what is waiting for you. The second reason is that you will soon find areas with high radiation that you should not enter until you have a protective suit.
  • Use the resources and machines in the capsule. before leaving the capsule, collect the food and water inside and notice that there is a special machine, the Fabricator, which allows you to craft (make) objects.
  • Build a couple of tools. you need to make two basic things to survive outside the capsule: the Knife, the Oxygen Tank and the Fins. You also need to build the Scanner, to be able to get recipes to make new items, and the Habitat Builder to be able to create a shelter later on.
  • You need a vehicle to be able to move fast underwater, for the time being build the Slider with Titanium, Copper Wire, Battery and Lubricant. It is not a vehicle per se, but it will help you move a little faster than just the fins.
  • Get food. we don’t need Captain Obvious to know that fish are the most frequent food source. Later on, if you can, try to get fruit from the trees on the surface. In addition to quenching your thirst, they also serve to quench your thirst.
  • Get water. Ironic that on a mainly aquatic planet you’re going to have a hard time getting drinking water. Later on you will be able to build a water treatment plant that will give you almost unlimited access to water, but at the beginning you will have to fish for Aerosacks, fish that give you both food and water.

Death-Proof Exploration

  • Go exploring with food and water reserves. ALWAYS.
  • Some “Cargo” boxes include an opening in which plans are included. Look carefully before passing them by.
  • The compass is a much more useful item than you think. You will appreciate it as soon as you start using it.
  • The game’s story is not only that, it is a guide to discover new areas and shipwrecks.
  • PDAs will give you clues about possible points of interest on the map. Take a look at them when you don’t know what to do.
  • Be careful whenever you enter a new area. You don’t know which animal may attack you, so until proven otherwise, they are all dangerous.
  • Always carry a beacon with you. If you find something important you will want to remember where it is.
  • Do not try to discover the limits of the map. If you see a void where there is only darkness, what lies beyond will soon find you.
  • When you get the Seamoth, try to improve its depth to the maximum. This will allow you to exploit the vast majority of the scenery.
  • Vehicles are not indestructible. In fact the attack of some monsters can leave them at almost 0 life. Always carry a repairman with you and do not risk too much.

Upgrades And Materials

  • Carry your scanner with you at all times and scan everything you can. What you think is junk could well be a new upgrade waiting to be discovered.
  • The key is in the data boxes. Look for new pieces of crashed ship whenever you are at a loss for what to do.
  • Create an additional cabinet or locker next to the fabricator. Whenever you intend to create something, keep the materials you already have in that locker and, when you get the ones you are missing, you will only have to go there to get the ones you need for the creation.
  • The Aurora contains some of the most important blueprints in the game, so when you feel ready for it, try to explore inside.
  • There are hidden bases all over the map. Either underwater or on land. Look for them to find some of the best blueprints in the game.
  • Add a storage module to the Seamoth as soon as possible. It will be very useful when you go in search of materials.
  • No material will be left over, so make sure you have plenty of cabinets to store them in.
  • Character upgrades are more useful than you think. Whenever you have one at hand, focus on getting it before moving on to the next step.

Making The Perfect Base

  • Chairs are not just a mere decorative object. You can navigate through the game’s menus without your needs dropping while seated.
  • The energy of your base is charged in order of creation. That is, if you created a solar panel and then a reactor, the second one will only work when the first one stops working.
  • If you are in your base and you have no energy, you will also have no light or oxygen, so you will not be able to do anything, not even breathe.
  • Pay attention to the stability of the structure. Building non-stop will only lead to collapse and flooding, so be sure to reinforce the walls.
  • If the base is still flooded, the only thing you will have to do is to reinforce the base until its resistance is positive and fix the cracks with the repairer.
  • Don’t be afraid to dismantle your base to create a new one in an area more conducive to finding materials. The Cyclops will be a great help in making the move.
  • Fish shouldn’t be your main food source forever. Find what you need to be able to create an urban garden and feed yourself with fruit.
  • The search and creation of the material scanner should be your main objective during the first hours of the game.
  • The watermaker will be one of the most useful creations you will receive, so build it as soon as you get it.

Complete Subnautica Map