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Obtain the Void Emblem in Teamfight Tactics through Urf Legend augments or Placidium Library portal, enhancing units for a powerful Void build.

One of the most curious things for TFT players these days is how to obtain the Void Emblem?

How to get void emblem in TFT

How to get void emblem in TFT

In TFT Set 9, there are various emblems available, but unfortunately, a Void Emblem cannot be directly created by combining a spatula with any item component. To obtain a Void Emblem, you’ll have to rely on other methods like Legends, augments, and portals.

Among the Legends, the Urf Legend is your best option. It offers powerful augments such as Branching Out, Ancient Archives I, and Ancient Archives II, which grant emblems and Tomes of Traits. These might yield the desired Void Emblems. However, the Void Heart and Void Soul augments are even more beneficial, as they provide a direct Void Emblem along with extra loot.

Regarding portals, the most useful one is the Placidium Library. If you encounter this portal at the beginning of your game, it can greatly assist you in your hunt for Baron Nashor. The Placidium Library allows you to place the Scroll of Knowledge on one of your Voids and grants you the traits of that unit. This makes it easy to plan for a strong Void build in your game.

For utilizing the Void emblem effectively, it’s recommended to apply it to Challengers, as they can help buff your Kai’Sa while also contributing to the spawning of Baron Nashor. This strategic combination can be a game-changer in your battles.