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How to make Sonar Potions in Terraria: Combine ingredients for a buff revealing hooked fish while fishing!

Welcome to our short how-to guide on Terraria Sonar Potion, one of today’s featured guides. In this brief guide, you’ll discover the purpose of the Sonar Potion in the Terraria game, the benefits it provides, how to craft it, and its recipes.

Sonar Potion in Terraria

The Sonar Potion functions as a buff elixir that bestows the Sonar buff upon consumption. When engaged in fishing while benefiting from the potion’s effects, the name of the anticipated catch will manifest above the lure upon being bitten. This effect persists for a duration of 8 minutes but can be concluded at will through actions such as right-clicking the icon (tModLoader version – tModLoader 1), opting for cancellation via the equipment menu after selecting the icon (Console version – Old-gen console version), double-tapping the buff icon (Mobile version – Windows Phone – Old Chinese version), or revoking the buff directly from the buffs screen (Nintendo 3DS version).

This elixir serves as a particularly advantageous asset, enabling the player to avoid squandering bait on undesired fish, as the line can remain in the water until another fish seizes the bait. This attribute proves beneficial for angler quests and crate fishing alike. Furthermore, it ensures that even if undesirable items are reeled in, they won’t be classified as trash items.

How to make Sonar Potion in Terraria?

To craft Sonar Potion in Terraria, you will require 1x Bottled Water, 1x Waterleaf, and 1x Coral. These ingredients can be combined in either a Placed Bottle or an Alchemy Table. This elixir bestows a temporary buff that facilitates the detection of hooked fish for a span of eight minutes during fishing.

Potions are consumable items that can be categorized into four primary types: Buff Potions, Recovery Potions, Food/Drink Potions, and Flasks. Buff Potions grant a momentary enhancement upon consumption. Recovery potions replenish mana, health, or a combination of both. Food/Drink potions offer three buffs related to nourishment when ingested. Flasks confer brief melee and whip-specific enhancements upon consumption. Additionally, there are some other potions in Terraria that do not fall within these established categories!

Sonar Potion Crafting Recipe

Below is the crafting recipe for the Sonar Potion, along with the locations where you can obtain the required ingredients to concoct this beneficial elixir!

Sonar Potion Crafting Recipe for Terraria game
IngredientsHow to Find Ingredients?
1x Bottled WaterRecovery potion crafted with empty bottle + water or sink
1x WaterleafGrows on Sand and Pearlsand Blocks
1x CoralGrows on Sand Blocks underwater in Ocean Biomes
Sonar Potion Recipe

What is the point of Sonar Potion in Terraria?

  • Unveils the species of fish caught on your fishing rod for a duration of 8 minutes.

How do you detect hook fish in Terraria?

  • Utilizing the Sonar Potion, you can detect fish that have taken the bait on your fishing rod. The name of the caught fish is showcased above the fishing bobber.

Can you buy potions in Terraria?

  • Potions are frequently discovered in naturally occurring chests and containers, can be acquired as drops from enemies, bought from NPCs, or created through crafting. The majority of potions can be crafted using a Placed Bottle or an Alchemy Table, while flasks require an Imbuing Station for crafting.

In conclusion, crafting a Sonar Potion in Terraria can greatly enhance your fishing experience. By combining 1x Bottled Water, 1x Waterleaf, and 1x Coral at a Placed Bottle or Alchemy Table, you can create this elixir. With its temporary buff that reveals hooked fish for eight minutes while fishing, the Sonar Potion proves to be a valuable tool for avid anglers in the world of Terraria.