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Explore the enigmatic Terumi Vessel in Peroxide, a Dev Spec with potent abilities. Though presently unattainable, this guide unveils its distinctive skills and hints at possible future availability.

Discover the Terumi Vessel, an elusive Dev Spec in Peroxide that showcases formidable abilities. While currently unobtainable, this guide provides insights into its unique skills and potential future accessibility.

Terumi Vessel Guide in Peroxide

How To Get Terumi Vessel

As of now, the Terumi Vessel is not obtainable by players. Keep an eye on updates, as developers may consider making it accessible within the game in the future.

Terumi Vessel Abilities Showcase

Ability 1: Hole of Fury

Unleash a close-range ability creating a hole, followed by rapid attacks. With lightning-fast strikes, opponents will find it challenging to evade the onslaught.

Ability 2: Launching Beam

Generate a massive beam that propels opponents skyward. This ability delivers damage twice – during the knock-up and the final attack. Use it strategically to end combos or swiftly escape your adversaries.

Ability 3: Zephyr Strikes

Execute a rapid Z-shaped upward assault, culminating in launching airborne opponents back to the ground. The final attack stuns opponents briefly while dealing significant damage.

Ability 4: Devastating Beam

Harness the power of a colossal beam, charging up before unleashing high damage upon your foes. Experience a unique transformation after the animation concludes.

The Terumi Vessel Spec remains exclusive to developers, currently unattainable for players. Stay tuned for potential updates that may grant access to this powerful Dev Spec in Peroxide.