The Binding of Isaac Rebirth : Dead God Roadmap for 100% Completion

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Now, take a look at The Binding of Isaac Rebirth: Dead God Roadmap for 100% Completion. Learn step by step what you need to do and what you need to know!

In this guide, we’ve explained The Binding of Isaac Rebirth: Dead God Roadmap for 100% Completion. So, let’s dive right in and make progress!

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth : Dead God Roadmap for 100% Completion

Prologue: Miscellaneous Unlocks

Daily Runs

These achievements do not require to be done on consecutive days – it is possible to skip days and still earn the achievements. Start with these as soon as possible.

  • Cracked Crown – Get a 5-win streak
  • Horf! pill – Participate in 31 daily runs
  • Broken Modem – Complete 7 daily runs

Donation Machine

The donation machine can be found in most shops, rarely replaced by a restock machine.
Focus on maximizing this as soon as possible so you can withdraw coins using bombs later. Donating coins will unlock items and shop upgrades:

  • 10 coins – Blue Map
  • 20 coins – Shop upgrade lvl. 1
  • 50 coins – There’s Options
  • 100 coins – Shop upgrade lvl. 2
  • 150 coins – Black Candle
  • 200 coins – Shop upgrade lvl. 3
  • 400 coins – Red Candle
  • 600 coins – Shop upgrade lvl 4. (max)
  • 900 coins – Blue Candle
  • 999 coins – Stop Watch

Victory Laps

After defeating The Lamb in the Dark Room the option to start a Victory Lap appears. If you complete a victory lap on the Dark Room you can start another one. Starting a Victory Lap removes some items and from the third run, you will spawn as The Lost.

  • Gulp! pill – Complete a Victory lap
  • Butter! – Complete a second Victory Lap, and start a third
  • RERUN – Complete a third Victory Lap, and start a fourth

Miscellaneous unlocks

Keep an eye on these unlocks during your runs.

  • Halo – Defeat Mom, Mom’s Heart or It Lives! with The Bible
  • Sacred Heart – Reset 6 times in a row (Hold R)
  • The Parasite – Obtain 2 of the following items in one run: Bob’s Rotten Head, Cricket’s Head, Dead Cat, or Tammy’s Head
  • Small Rock – Destroy 100 tinted rocks
  • Counterfeit Coin – Play the Shell Game 100 times
  • Blood Bag – Use the Blood Donation Machine 30 times
  • Ace of Diamonds – Defeat The Lamb within 20 minutes
  • Ace of Spades – Defeat The Lamb without picking up a single heart, bomb or coin for the entire run
  • Ace of Clubs – Get a 3 win-streak
  • Super Tinted Rocks – Get a 3 win-streak with separate characters
  • Vurp! pill – Obtain 50 items in a single run
  • Moving Box – Take Pandora’s Box to the Dark Room and use it there
  • Technology Zero – Obtain 2 of the following items in one run: Robo-Baby, Robo-Baby 2.0, Tech.5, Technology, Technology 2 or Tech X
  • Schoolbag – Enter the shop on every floor (until Depths 2)
  • Marbles – Use 5 Gulp! pills in a single run
  • Mr ME! – Open 20 Golden Chests
  • Planetariums – Obtain 2 of the following items in one run: Crystal Ball, Deck of Cards, Magic 8 Ball, Zodiac, Tarot Cloth, Card Reading, Echo Chamber or any zodiac or planetarium items
  • Brimstone Bombs – After defeating Hornfel’s minecart kill him before he escapes
  • Member Card – Spend 40 coins in a single shop

Chapter 1: Story Bosses & Unlocking Characters

Before doing anything else unlock Azazel, this is the character that will carry you through the first unlocks. I recommend playing Azazel until you unlock The Polaroid and the Negative

During your runs to Mom’s Heart try to earn an Angel or Devil room, this makes it possible to fight Isaac or Satan respectively – thus earning progress towards The Polaroid and The Negative, this can also be done by using We Need to Go Deeper! (Satan).

Try to focus on unlocking characters and miscellaneous items (see Prologue: Miscellaneous unlocks) during runs towards unlocking The Polaroid and The Negative.

  • It Lives! – Defeat Mom’s Heart 11 times
  • The Polaroid – Defeat Isaac 5 times
  • The Negative – Defeat Satan 5 times

Boss Rush

Boss Rush is accessible if Isaac defeats Mom on the Depths II within 20 minutes, after 20 minutes the gateway to the boss rush will close and can only be opened by using Mama Mega

Mega Satan

To go to Mega Satan two key pieces by blowing up Angel statues found in Angel Rooms are required. The angels – Gabriel and Uriel, are both unlocked by beating the Dark Room or Chest once.

Other options to open the Golden Gate consist of using: Dad’s Key, Get out of Jail Free Card, Mr. ME!, Sharp Key, Soul of Cain, or Cracked Orb in the Chest/ Dark Room starting room.


Hush is an optional boss that unlocks after defeating Mom’s Heart 3 times. Similar to boss rush a gateway room will spawn, this time after Mom’s Heart/ It Lives! and with a time limit of 30 minutes. After defeating Hush it is possible to continue to the Cathedral, Sheol, or Void.

Delirium and The Void

After defeating Hush for the first time a new floor – The Void, will be unlocked. It has a percentage to appear after certain bosses:

  • 5% – After beating Mom (if Isaac has >10dmg or 20+ items)
  • 10% – After beating Mom’s Heart/ It Lives!
  • 15% – After beating Isaac or Satan
  • 20% – After beating ??? or The Lamb
  • 50% – After beating Mega Satan
  • 100% – After beating Hush

If Isaac chooses to not enter a Void portal it will be closed and not have a guaranteed appearance on the following floors, thus needing to be opened by chance again.

Chapter 2: Challenges

There are a total of 45 challenges to complete. Completing a challenge will unlock an item or consumable. The following challenges unlock good rewards that should be unlocked as soon as possible:

  • 2. High Brow – Rune of Jera
  • 6. Solar System – Rune of Perthro
  • 8. Cats Got Your Tongue – Rune of Algiz
  • 9. Demo Man – Chaos Card
  • 12. When Life Gives You Lemons – Card Against Humanity
  • 14. It’s in the Cards – SMB Super Fan
  • 17. Waka Waka – Death’s Touch
  • 18. The Host – Tech.5
  • 19. The Family Man – Epic Fetus
  • 22. SPEED! – Get out of Jail Free Card
  • 23. Blue Bomber – Gold bombs
  • 31. Backasswards – Lazarus starts with Anemic
  • 32. Aprils Fool – Magdalene starts with a Full Health pill
  • 33. Pokey Mans – Charged Key
  • 34. Ultra Hard – Samson starts with Child’s Heart
  • 37. Bloody Mary – Sigil of Baphomet
  • 39. Isaac’s Awakening – Spirit Sword
  • 43. Cantripped! – VIII – Justice?

A lot of the later challenges won’t be unlocked until a lot further in the game, keep an eye on which challenges you unlock. To achieve Dead God it is necessary to complete all challenges eventually.

Chapter 3: Greed, Greedier & The Keeper

Playing Greed Mode unlocks a couple of very good items, Try to maximize the Greed Donation Machine at the end of a Greed(ier) Mode run as soon as possible.
Playing the same character over and over increases the chance of the Greed Donation Machine jamming.

  • 2 coins – Lucky Pennies
  • 14 coins – Hanging nickel shopkeepers
  • 33 coins – Wooden Nickel
  • 68 coins – Cain starts with Paperclip
  • 111 coins – Everything is Terrible 2!!! (Increases difficulty)
  • 234 coins – Sitting nickel shopkeepers
  • 439 coins – Eve starts with Razor Blade
  • 500 coins – Greedier! mode, from now on play Greedier! instead of Greed mode
  • 666 coins – Store Key
  • 879 coins – The Lost starts with Holy Mantle (this is recommended for The Lost)
  • 1.000 coins – The Keeper

Chapter 4: Character unlocks


Defeat Isaac as ??? to unlock the D6 as a starting item

  • Moms Knife – Defeat Satan as Isaac
  • Missing Poster – Defeat The Lamb as Isaac
  • D Infinity – Defeat Delirium as Isaac


  • Eucharist – Defeat Delirium as Magdalene


  • Cain’s Other Eye – Complete Boss Rush as Cain
  • Guppy’s Eye – Defeat Mother as Cain


  • Curved Horn – Defeat The Lamb as Judas
  • Betrayal – Defeat Hush as Judas
  • Eye of Belial – Defeat Ultra Greedier as Judas


  • D6 (Isaac now starts with D6) – Defeat Isaac as ???
  • Forget Me Now – Defeat Satan as ???
  • Eternal D6 – Defeat Mother as ???


  • Eve’s Mascara – Complete Boss Rush as Eve


  • Lusty Blood – Defeat Ultra Greed as Samson
  • Bloody Gust – Defeat Mother as Samson


  • The Nail – Complete Boss Rush as Azazel
  • Satanic Bible – Defeat Isaac as Azazel
  • Abaddon – Defeat ??? as Azazel
  • Maw of the Void – Defeat Hush as Azazel
  • Devils Crown – Defeat Mother as Azazel


  • Pandora’s Box – Defeat The Lamb as Lazarus
  • Store Credit – Defeat ??? as Lazarus
  • Compound Fracture – Defeat Delirium as Lazarus
  • Missing No. – Complete Boss Rush as Lazarus TRY TO AVOID!


  • Blank Card – Defeat Isaac as Eden
  • Eden’s Blessing – Defeat Hush as Eden
  • Eden’s Soul – Defeat Delirium as Eden
  • ‘M – Defeat Mother as Eden

The Lost

Wait until you have unlocked “The Lost starts with Holy Mantle”

  • The D100 – Complete Boss Rush as The Lost
  • The Mind – Defeat Satan as The Lost
  • Holy Card – Defeat Delirium as The Lost
  • Godhead – Earn 12 Completion Marks on Hard Mode as the Lost


  • Succubus – Defeat The Lamb as Lilith
  • Duality – Defeat Ultra Greedier as Lilith
  • Incubus – Defeat Hush as Lilith
  • C Section – Defeat The Beast as Lilith


Focus on the three unlocks that unlock starting items.

  • The Keeper starts with Store Key – Defeat Satan as The Keeper
  • The Keeper starts with Wooden Nickel – Defeat Isaac as The Keeper
  • The Keeper starts with 1 extra health container – Defeat Hush as The keeper
  • Deep Pockets – Defeat ??? as The Keeper
  • Keeper’s Sack – Defeat Mother as The Keeper


  • Smelter – Defeat It Lives! as Appolyon
  • Void – Defeat Delirium as Appolyon

The Forgotten

  • Divorce Papers – Complete Boss Rush as The Forgotten
  • Brittle Bones – Defeat The Lamb as The Forgotten


  • Book of Virtues – Defeat Isaac as Bethany
  • Star of Bethlehem – Defeat Delirium as Bethany
  • Revelation – Defeat Mother as Bethany

Jacob and Esau

  • Rock Bottom – Complete Boss Rush as Jacob and Esau
  • The Stairway – Defeat Isaac as Jacob and Esau
  • Damocles – Defeat The Lamb as Jacob and Esau
  • Birthright – Defeat ??? as Jacob and Esau
  • Vanishing Twin – Defeat Hush as Jacob and Esau
  • Damocles – Defeat Mega Satan as Jacob and Esau

Chapter 5: Mother, The Beast and Tainted Characters

Alternate Floors and Mother

After defeating Hush 3 times a secret exit will open on subsequent runs. The alternate floors are:

  • Downpour/ Dross – Requires 1 key to enter, alternate floor to Basement/ Cellar
  • Mines/ Ashpit – Requires 2 bombs to enter, alternate floor to Caves/ Catacombs
  • Mausoleum/ Gehenna – Requires 2 hearts to enter, alternate floor to Depths/ Necropolis
  • Corpse – Requires both Knife Pieces to enter, alternate floor to Womb

To enter the Corpse and find Mother both Knife Pieces are required.

  • Knife Piece 1 can be found on Downpour/ Dross II, Isaac must walk into the white flame and transform into The Lost, allowing him to enter the mirror found on the floor. In the mirror dimension Knife Piece 1 can be found in the treasure room.
  • Knife Piece 2 can be found on Mines/ Ashpit II. Pressing the three yellow buttons scattered around te floor makes the minecart found in the tall minecart room ridable, following the path will bring Isaac to the last knife piece.

The completed key must be flung towards the closed off door after defeating Mom on Mausoleum/ Gehenna II, granting acces to the Corpse where Isaac will find Mother on Corpse II.

The Ascent, Home, and Dogma & The Beast

After defeating Mother a strange door will appear on subsequent runs and the ascent will be unlocked. On Depths/ Necropolis II a door will appear, to open the door it has to consume The Polaroid or The Negative. On the same floor a skull with an X mark will drop a 0 – The Fool card. We use this to have a guaranteed exit the Mom fight after obtaining either The Polaroid or The Negative – it is possible to do Boss Rush and use the card after. Entering the strange door brings Isaac to the Mausoleum/ Gehenna II, where Dad’s Note will await in the Boss Room.

Picking up Dad’s Note will start The Ascent. When The Ascent is complete Isaac will finally be Home again, sleeping in Mom’s bed and walking towards the living room will start the final boss fight of The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.

Unlocking Tainted Characters

Although Dogma & The Beast are the final bosses in the game we are far from done. Each playable character has a tainted counterpart. The process of unlocking tainted characters follows the path Home so should be efficiently combined with defeating Dogma & The Beast.

Tainted Characters will be unlocked by opening the hidden closet (dark room) in Home floor with each non-tainted character in the left hallway just before Mom’s bedroom – a red outline should appear, in the closet the tainted counterpart for your current character will be found.

The closet can be opened by using a Red Key, Cracked Key or Soul of Cain. Leaving a trinket in a Boss or Treasure Room before picking up Dad’s Note (pre-ascent), the trinket will be transformed into a cracked key during The Ascent, guaranteeing it is possible to open the closet.

Chapter 6: Tainted Character unlocks

Tainted Isaac

  • The Stars? – Defeat Ultra Greedier as Tainted Isaac
  • Soul of Isaac – Defeat Hush and Boss Rush as Tainted Isaac
  • Mega Chest – Defeat Mega Satan as Tainted Isaac
  • Spindown Dice – Defeat Delirium as Tainted Isaac
  • Glitched Crown – Defeat The Beast as Tainted Isaac

Tainted Magdalene

  • The Lovers? – Defeat Ultra Greedier as Tainted Magdalene

Tainted Cain

  • Soul of Cain – Defeat Hush and Boss Rush as Tainted Cain
  • Gold Pill – Defeat Mega Satan as Tainted Cain

Tainted Judas

  • Number Magnet – Defeat Mother as Tainted Judas
  • Sanguine Bond – Defeat The Beast as Tainted Judas

Tainted ???

  • Charming Poop – Defeat Mega Satan as Tainted ???
  • The Swarm – Defeat The Beast as Tainted ???

Tainted Eve

  • Soul of Eve – Defeat Hush and Boss Rush as Tainted Eve
  • Horse Pill – Defeat Mega Satan as Tainted EVE

Tainted Samson

  • Temporary Tattoo – Defeat Isaac, ???, Satan and The Lamb as Tainted Samson
  • Crane Game – Defeat Mega Satan as Tainted Samson
  • Larynx – Defeat The Beast as Tainted Samson

Tainted Azazel

  • Wicked Crown – Defeat Isaac, ???, Satan and The Lamb as Tainted Azazel
  • Soul of Azazel – Defeat Hush and Boss Rush as Tainted Azazel

Tainted Lazarus

  • Judgement? – Defeat Ultra Greedier as Tainted Lazarus
  • Flip – Defeat Delirium as Tainted Lazarus

Tainted Eden

  • The World? – Defeat Ultra Greedier as Tainted Eden
  • Soul of Eden – Defeat Hush and Boss Rush as Tainted Eden
  • Wild Card – Defeat Mega Satan as Tainted Eden
  • Corrupted Data – Defeat Delirium as Tainted Eden. TRY TO AVOID!

Tainted Lost

  • Kid’s Drawing – Defeat Isaac, ???, Satan and The Lamb as Tainted Lost
  • The Fool? – Defeat Ultra Greedier as Tainted Lost
  • Soul of the Lost – Defeat Hush and Boss Rush as Tainted Lost
  • Sacred Orb – Defeat The Beast as Tainted Lost

Tainted Lilith

  • Soul of Lilith – Defeat Hush and Boss Rush as Tainted Lilith
  • Fool’s Gold – Defeat Mega Satan as Tainted Lilith
  • Twisted Pair – Defeat The Beast as Tainted Lilith

Tainted Keeper

  • The Hanged Man? – Defeat Ultra Greedier as Tainted Keeper
  • Soul of the Keeper – Defeat Hush and Boss Rush as Tainted Keeper
  • Golden Penny – Defeat Mega Satan as Tainted Keeper

Tainted Apollyon

  • The Tower? – Defeat Ultra Greedier as Tainted Apollyon
  • Soul of Apollyon – Defeat Hush and Boss Rush as Tainted Apollyon
  • Echo Chamber – Defeat The Beast as Tainted Apollyon

Tainted Forgotten

  • Polished Bone – Defeat Isaac, ???, Satan and The Lamb as Tainted Forgotten
  • Golden Battery – Defeat Mega Satan as Tainted Forgotten

Tainted Bethany

  • The Hierophant? – Defeat Ultra Greedier as Tainted Bethany
  • Confessional – Defeat Mega Satan as Tainted Bethany
  • Lemegeton – Defeat Delirium as Tainted Bethany
  • Vengeful Spirit – Defeat The Beast as Tainted Bethany

Tainted Jacob

  • The Sun and the Moon – Defeat Ultra Greedier as Tainted Jacob
  • Golden Trinkets – Defeat Mega Satan as Tainted Jacob
  • Esau Jr. – Defeat The Beast as Tainted Jacob