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Now, you can learn all the details by taking a look at 'The Bloodline Mining Handbook: A Comprehensive Ore and Crafting Guide!

The subject of this article is ‘The Bloodline Mining Handbook: A Comprehensive Ore and Crafting Guide.’ Let’s dive into our guide!

The Bloodline Mining Handbook: A Comprehensive Ore and Crafting Guide

The Bloodline Mining Guide

Welcome to our The Bloodline Mining Guide. Below, we have summarized some important places that can help with your mining journey! Each section will be divided into a specific area that will pass over the points located there. There are instructions and explanations on how to reach each point!


If you simply want to know what the best spots to mine are and don’t care for the specifics, I’ll be using a grading system to rate spots on several aspects:
ore quantity / ore density / location’s distance from spawn

The rating system is as follows:
S > A > B > C

Places to Avoid as a Miner

Unfortunately, all zones were not created equally, when it comes to ore content, at least. While some areas are a miner’s dream, some have no ore at all. Or (ore) at least, nothing of note. So, if your sole purpose in life is to hit rocks, there are some zones to avoid as a rock-lovin miner.

Naturally, you won’t find much in the way of ores while walking around cities and towns, so it is probably best to avoid trying to mine there.

With that being said, of course go visit and explore these zones. The exclusion of ore is not a concern seeing as it’s so available elsewhere, and these zones make up for it in other ways.

They are as follows:

  • Hills of Delvenvaugh
  • Necropolis of Dornhurst
  • Moonhorn Cliffs
  • Wolfdover Timberland
  • Whitebrook Haven
  • Mines of Mondolir (and they called it a mine, A MINE)
  • Tomb of the Betrayer

Types of Ore in The Bloodline

Normal Nodes

There are several types of ore, ranging from normal copper to the mystical hetrum. Most can be found by exploring the world, scouring rock faces and delving caves.
The primary way to obtain ore is by mining it from small deposits called “nodes”. Although, you may randomly find ore as loot in chests and crates.
Some ores require a higher level than others, so you might need to sharpen your pickaxe and learn a bit more before attempting to tackle more difficult prospects.

Stone: level 1

  • Products: stone

Coal: level 1

  • Products: coal, blaststone, stone

Copper: level 2

  • Products: copper, ethereal archstone, stone

Iron: level 4

  • Products: iron, ethereal archstone, stone

Silver: level 5

  • Products: silver

Gold: level 8

  • Products: gold

Hetrum: level 8

  • Products: hetrum

Special Nodes

Unlike traditional ores, these special nodes can only be found during rare calendar events, instead of randomly scattered around the zones.
Make sure to keep your eyes on the calendar to see if any of these events are coming up!

Moonstone Meteor: level 4

  • Products: stone
  • Event: Moonstone Meteor

Astral Meteor: level 8

  • Products: astral ore
  • Event: Meteor shower

Crafting in The Bloodline


Before most ores can be used, they have to be smelted into ingots first. I hope you’ve been mining every coal deposit you’ve seen, cause you will need a heavy cart of it. Smelters can be found within the Harbinger’s Stronghold, as well as a few major cities, notably Elderglen, Velosia & Arema.

Metal bars such as copper and iron can be used in weapon creation using the weaponsmithing skill at a blacksmith’s anvil. If you already have yourself a nice blade or two, they can also used to create gadgets at an engineering table!

Meanwhile, precious ores such as gold and silver can be refined into ingots and sold for a nice profit!

Smelter and anvil at the harbinger’s stronghold

Engineer’s table in Elderglen

Mining Byproducts

Mining isn’t all about metal. Sometimes you may come across items that are usable elsewhere in the game, such as these:

Blaststone: engineering

Ethereal Archstone: village construction, selling

Stone: village construction

Unused Resources

Unfortunately, as with most early access games, unused items exist and The Bloodline is no exception. With that being said though, the developer is exceptional in giving constant updates so I have no doubt that the following items will have uses soon:

  • Astral ore
  • Atacamite ore & ingot
  • Green Slime ingot
  • Bone meal ingot
  • Silver ingot
  • Gold ingot
  • Hetrum ore
  • Troedian ore

Parford Lake

The peaceful Parford Lake is likely the first place a new player might visit. Alongside several quests that take place here, you can find all the normal resources like fish, trees, herbs, and of course ore.

Now unfortunately, the ore here isn’t that great. Other than one spot under the monastery, the ore is quite spread out and rather thin. With that being said, it wouldn’t hurt to know where it appears should you wish to mine here.

Most, if not all, of the ore is located on the western side of the area, so don’t bother wandering around the east if you are only looking for ore.

Parford Lake Ravines – C

After entering the area, if you follow the road, you will come to a road that follows around the lake. Taking the left route will lead you to two different mining spots. The first one is this set of ravines. Within, you’ll find a few rocks spread out at the bottom of the ravines. They are usually guarded by goblins and bandits, so mining here can be quite dangerous for newer players.

Parford Lake Hillside – C

If you choose to pass by the ravines and continue along the lake’s shore, you’ll come across several large stones spaced between the lake and a long hill. There are a few more ores scattered about here, usually guarded by more goblins and the occasional hill troll. The ore here can be very spread out, and with the monsters it can also be quite difficult to mine.

Parford Monastery Cave – B

Now this is where the real gold is (literally, sometimes). On the north side of the island is a small cave that connects to the underground section of the monastery. The cave is very small, so the ore is incredibly close together, making it easy to mine. Although, the cave/island is a bit of a walk from the area’s entrance, but I think it makes up for it. Plus, the cave connects to the catacombs, which offer a ton of coffins to loot.

Glennheim Hills

Next on our stop for gold n glory is Glennheim Hills. Depending on which way you go, this very well may be one of the earlier places you visit.

The area of comprised of sprawling hills and cliffs, offering quite a lot of ore for adventurers who haven’t been skipping leg day. There are quite a number of enemies, though, in a couple spots, so you might have to fight your way to the goods. But what ore is better than ore stained in the blood of your enemies?

Now there is a copper mine located here, but as of writing this guide, it is not accessible.

Glennheim Hills Cliffs – A

The hills of Glennheim… hills… offer a lot of ore if you’re willing to run around. Just beware the occasional cheeky gang of green bois or bandits, and you’ll come out rich.

Abandoned Mines – A

If you want somewhere to mine without running around too much, following the road straight from the area’s entrance will lead you to an abandoned mine. Just walk under the large stone archway, fight or run past the goblins, and hug the wall to the left, and you’ll find the mine.
I’d recommend prioritizing this place over scouring the cliffs. It can be a bit of a walk from the entrance, but I feel like it makes up for it in how close together the rocks are here.

Elderglen Woods

Good ole Elderglen Woods. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be visiting this place quite a bit. Its got quite a bit to offer, from sprawling fields of herbs and mushrooms, to pleasant rivers and lake for some quiet fishing.

As for the ore, it’s very nice here.

Steps of Esros – S

The Steps of Esros is a scenic mountain path that you’ll visit as a part of the main storyline. Despite the pack of goblins in your way, there is a TON of ore on the steppes here, making this an excellent place to mine in bulk.

Steps of Esros Cave – C

You’ll visit this cave as a part of the main story, so you should come across it eventually. There’s not much ore inside, but it’s better than nothing.

The Blessing Tree – C

Along the eastern edge of the zone is a large tree set on a short hill. On the southern side of the hill is a, square building with a small area of ore just past. It’s not the best, but it’s there, I suppose.

Poppy Fields Boulder – B

Now this is the place! For being a random boulder in the middle of the zone, its got a ton of ore on it, and all close together! It can be hard to miss, so it might be helpful to make your way to the lake, then head north.

Turtleshell Lake – C

Speaking of the lake, the Turtleshell Lake along the southern side of the area offers a bit of ore to a wandering fisherman. Just climb up on the cliffs that surround the waterfall and swing away! There isn’t much here, but it’s not bad.

Molten Crag

One of my favorite zones! Who doesn’t love a hell-spawn, ash-covered, decimated, once-pristine lush, landscape? Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of places to mine here (yet?), but what it does offer, is one of the only places to find higher-level ore.

Molten Crag Caves – A

Walking straight from the area’s entrance will lead you to a series of magma pools. If you stop at the third pool and follow the ridge to the left, you will find a cave along the hillside. Inside you’ll find an abundance of ore, which the chance of some higher-level ones like gold or even hetrum!

Three Sisters Forest

One of the coolest zones, in my opinion, is the Three Sisters Forest. I’m not quite sure what it is, maybe it’s the tiered, foggy hill surrounded by thick forests.

Regardless, the entire zone is a gold mine (literally, sometimes).

Scattered Boulders – A

Right out the entrance are several large boulders, each with a couple of mining spots. It’s not much, but it is certainly an indicator of what’s to come.

Three Sisters Forest Cliffs – S

Just look at all that shiny ore, just waiting to be plucked from the earth! The cliff sides are absolutely littered with ore, which should give your pickaxe maintenance skills a test!

Shrouded Caves – C

On the left side of the main road are two small caves that lead into the mountain. While you can enter them, I’d heavily advise against it. A void-like darkness fills the cave, shrouding what crumbs of ore are inside.

Wolfden Priory

Another pleasant zone to take an evening stroll through, if you brought your bear repellent and raincoat, that is. There aren’t many places to mine here, but the one place you can is pretty neat.

Fallen Star – B

Fallen Star? More like fallen extinction-level meteor. I feel like this thing would’ve wiped out most of the country. Regardless, if you can fight through a couple wannabe bandits, there’s a bit of ore scattered around the outside, and inside isn’t too shabby.

Khenmoore Flatlands

What a nice place! There’s dwarven ruins, normal ruins, wet ruins, and oh look, tall ruins! Jokes aside, this is a pretty cool place with some nice ascetics for miners with an appreciation for nature (which you all should).

Flats Boulder – A

This rather flat Khenmoore Flats boulder has a good bit of ore on it for being so close to the entrance. Just follow the left side of the area on the lower level and you’ll come across this twinkly rock! Just mind the stray goblins.

Abandoned Dwarven Mining Outpost – S

Now this one is quite the chonker. On the outside, it simply looks like an old dwarven fort, but under it lies one of the largest caves in the game. Taking an elevator in the main building will take you down to the caves, where a ton of ore waits for you! I just hope you’re good with that grapple hook.

The Old Druids Holy Grounds – C

Towards the middle-right of the zone is a series of small hills, connected with definitely-safe rope bridges. The hills themselves have a bit of ore on em that can be a bit tricky to reach, but worth it.

The Old Druids Holy Grounds Cave – B

Underneath one of the stone overhangs is the entrance to a cave. A good amount of ore can be found inside, illuminated by glowing mushrooms! This is one of the only places I have found that spawns hetrum!

Brittlebean Hold

Watch out for the bandits that have taken this hold hostage! Hopefully they’re too busy tying up innocent civilians to stop you from mining all the ore they’re missing.

There certainly is ore here, but it can be rather scarce and spread out. If you want to mine here though, taking out bandits between the spots could net you a bit of experience.

Above-ground Mine – B

Immediately to the right of the entrance is this small boulder with a cute little ramp attached. There’s a bit of ore here and a few mushrooms. Wouldn’t hurt, I suppose.

Brittlebean Hill – C

After passing the main courtyard with the large tree, there is this small alcove to the left with a couple rocks and ore to mine as well as more mushrooms!

Bandit Encampment – C

Inside of the wooden palisade bandit camp, there are several medium-sized boulders scattered about close to the walls. Alongside more mushrooms are a few ore nodes to mine. Not much, but I suppose there are bandits too!

Bandit Encampment Mine – C

To the right of the large stone gate that leads to the actual hold, is another little open-air mine. I haven’t found much here, as usual for this area, but there’s a couple of rocks if you’re that desperate.