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Now, take a look at The Front: Farming Guide. Learn tips, tricks, and more about farming that you haven't seen before!

The Front: Farming Guide is the topic of our article. Let’s move forward to the guide right away and learn the most important things about farming!

The Front: Farming Guide

Crop Plots (easy part)

To farm in this game, you need crop plots:

  • Small crop plots which can hold 9 plants in a 3 by 3 configuration.
  • Large crop plots which can hold 36 plants in a 6 by 6 configuration.
  • Huge crop plots which can hold 81 plants in a 9 by 9 configuration.

They need to be build on foundations, small one can fit on a single foundation, the Large one will fit on a 2 by 2 foundation with no room to spare, and the huge one will fit easily on 4 (2 by 2) 2 by 2 foundation.


There are 8 different seeds you can plant, you can find the seeds at different farms throughout the map.

  • Chili pepper F2 (Waypoint -1074 -2876) Other farms exist on the map
  • Corn C9 (Waypoint -2890 961) Eating it may provide seeds
  • Dandelion (plant mucus) I5 (Waypoint 233 -1282) Other farms exist on the map. You can get seeds from random plants in the wild
  • Fern Everywhere
  • Poppy J12 (Waypoint 974 2304)
  • Sugar Cane J9 (Waypoint 608 555)
  • Tomato M11 (Waypoint 2125 1851) Eating it may provide seeds
  • Watermelon G11 (Waypoint -497 2233) I was not able to get seeds
  • Wheat K3 (Waypoint 1287 -2177)


Putting them together.

Grab the seeds on your inventory bar, and plant them in your crop plots.

There are 3 stages of growth for the plants, seedling, breeding and mature.

(I have a yellow steel sickle with 230% collection rate and an additional 15% with the efficient harvesting). No bonus from on our own crops with this tool. Cocktail beverage does not improve the quantity of the plants in your crop plot. The harvester (vehicle) doesn’t collect resources out of your crop plot.

If you harvest your plant with a sickle during the breeding period, you will get your seed back. That is on normal settings, so if you are on official servers, good luck.

If you can modify your server settings, you can increase the crop production rate at 2. In that case, you will get 2 seeds per harvest during the breeding period.

During the breeding period you will notice the production going up, so far at this version, it doesn’t do anything special.

Your crop plots have 4 stats in order to grow a plant, each plants have their values. If you take good care of your plants, they will grow faster.

Plants Needs – Water

How to water your crop:

You will need power, your intake pump needs power. I am not sure about the dew collector, I tried one and I never got any water from it, so I went to the intake pump. There is 2 kind of water, sea water and river water. I drank both and never died, but I wouldn’t recommend sea water as the game play may change.

  • Intake pump (powered)
  • Water tool pack
  • Pressure pump (powered) Optional, depends on how high your crop plots are related to the intake pump and how far.
  • Valve
  • Sprinkler

As long as your crop plot are in range of the sprinkler, you are fine, even if the plant “doesn’t” get water. You might need to restart your game (solo) or server, in order for the crop plots to get water. The game isn’t perfect.

Plants Needs – Sunlight

Natural light is fine.

You can use fluorescent light (powered). Although it gives a value of 100, it cannot be adjusted to the plant value requirement. But still works.

Plants Needs – Temperature

You may need heater or air conditioner depending what biome you live in. And each plant has it’s temperature preference. If the temperature doesn’t go the way you want it to go, add more heaters or air conditioners.

If you live in a snow biome, you will need multiple heaters.

If you live in temperate biome, you will need air conditioners. It also act as a heater.

If you live in a desert biome, you will need air conditioners. It also act as a heater.

Plants Needs – Fertilizer

You have the basic fertilizer (Value of 250) and the refined fertilizer (Value of 750). It doesn’t matter which one you use, it just adds up the quantities to the crop plot.

Plant preference

Under construction, stay tuned…

If you keep the arrow in the green values required by plants, it will grow faster, it will not give more crops.

For example, if you dump all your fertilizer in your crop plot because your chests are full, the crop plot will take the full value of all the stacks of fertilizers in your crops plot. So lets say you have a stack of basic feritilizer ( value of 250 times 200 = 50 000 fertilizer) + a stack of refined fertilizer ( Value of 750 times 200 = 150 000 fertilizer) you will have a total of 200 000 fertilizer in your crop plot. The value fertilizer required by wheat is between 2 500 and 32 000. The equivalent of 10 basic fertilizer or 42 refined fertilizer.

These numbers were gather using a huge crop plot, some numbers might change depending on the size of the crop plot you are using.

PlantMoisture (ml)Illumination (lux)Temperature (°C)Fertility (ppm)
Chili pepper500 – 400030 – 803 – 134,000 – 64,000
Corn1,900 – 15,00025 – 7030 – 401,000 – 14,000
Dandelion850 – 7,00020 – 5816 – 242,000 – 30,000
Fern750 – 7,00020 – 5316 – 212,000 – 30,000
Poppy700 – 6,00020 – 6016 – 243,000 – 32,000
Sugar cane1,000 – 8,00020 – 5316 – 212,000 – 30,000
Tomato1,000 – 8,00020 – 5518 – 253,000 – 32,000
Wheat750 – 7,00020 – 5313 – 202,500 – 32,000