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Learn to beat Dr. Ridley Herman in The Last Faith. Let's continue with our guide.

In this article, we will tell you how to defeat Dr. Ridley Herman in The Last Faith. Let’s proceed with our article.

How to beat Dr. R. Hermann

Phase 1: Mastering Melee Combat

The initial phase of the battle focuses on recognizing Dr. R. Hermann’s melee attacks and effectively countering them. He primarily engages in close-quarters combat, with cleaving attacks that demand precise evasion. Expect follow-up attacks after each melee strike and capitalize on the moments when he recovers slowly. Learn to identify his various combos and time your attacks strategically between sequences.

In addition to melee, Dr. R. Hermann employs two special attacks: a ranged assault with his veiny arm and a screen-wide tendrils attack. Dodge the ranged attack by crouching under it and anticipate the screen-wide attack by listening for his scream. Position yourself in a section of the arena where the first set of veins disappeared to evade the second wave.

The Last Faith: How to beat Dr. R. Hermann

Phase 2: Navigating the Ranged Assault

Phase 2 sees Dr. R. Hermann transition to a full-on ranged assault. He submerges into the ground, following you while leaving a blood pool on the surface. Avoid the blood pool, as it inflicts significant damage and heals the boss. When he re-emerges, seize the opportunity during his stationary moments to unleash your strongest attacks.

Be cautious during the second type of re-emerge, where he launches himself into the air, spitting blood bolts. Dodge these bolts to avoid heavy damage. Dr. R. Hermann may repeat this sequence, so stay nimble. The final attack in Phase 2 involves bouncing blood orbs that can be deadly if not handled carefully. Position yourself between bounces, making slight movements to avoid taking substantial damage.

Conquering Dr. R. Hermann

By mastering the intricacies of both phases and adapting to Dr. R. Hermann’s diverse attacks, you can emerge victorious in The Last Faith. Repeat the process, learning from each encounter, until his health bar reaches zero for the final time. Good luck, and may your journey through The Last Faith be triumphant!