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The Legend of Nayuta Boundless Trails Walkthrough Achievements



Prologue Checklist:


  1. Lunch Prep Agent
  2. Sword Practice


  1. Mishy Hiding Spot #1 (11.11%)
  2. Museum
  3. Cabbage White Beetle
  4. Longhorn Beetle


  • Jerky Lunch Box

After the opening cutscene, Cygna will prompt you to join him outside. However, there are optional activities that you can engage in to unlock additional dialogue and scenes:

  • Chat with Eartha.
  • Examine your and her bedrooms.
  • Utilize the rooftop telescope.

Once you’ve explored these options, step outside and check the mailbox to find two mandatory sidequests: “Lunch Prep Agent” and “Sword Practice.”

Access the quest list in the menu, where you’ll notice three different icons that will become more significant as the game progresses.

This will also unlock your first achievement:

#01: “Start of a Handyman” and you’ll learn how to access the achievement list.

With nowhere else to go but left, head over to the main area of the town. Here, you can visit the following locations:


  • Moonlight Pavilion Inn (for some dialogue)
  • Main Area/Residents (for more dialogue)


  • Sunset General Store (Items, Armor, and Accessories)
  • Meteor Blacksmith (Armor and Weapons)

Although you might not have enough mira for upgrades at this point, it’s advisable not to upgrade right now.

In the central intersection, you’ll witness a short cutscene where Nayuta spots Dorado, the local knight and the provider of our “Lunch Prep Agent” quest. Before talking to Dorado, it’s recommended to head north.

Descend the wooden stairs and head east to find a small gravesite. Interact with the far-right grave for a brief scene, and you’ll be introduced to our money-making, I mean, our dog companion! (More on that later!)

This unlocks the possibility of adopting the dog and also unlocks the Doghouse item at the Sunset General Store (although your mira might not cover it yet).

Now, return to the main area and talk to Dorado, our local knight. You can discuss quests by using the Square or Second Option button on your controls. The first option allows you to talk to them, and the second discusses quests.

It seems that our knightly friend has a preference for Eartha’s lunch over the Moonlight Pavilion Inn, and he hands you the Ingredients Bundle to deliver to Eartha. (He isn’t very subtle, is he?)

Return home, chat with Eartha about the quest, and discover that this isn’t just a one-off situation with our love-stricken knight.

You’ll receive Eartha’s Boxed Lunch, 3 Firm Meat, and learn how to have her make a lunch box. Request a Jerky lunch box for a tutorial and get a Portable Cooking Set, allowing you to replicate Eartha’s recipes.

Note: Even if you have the ingredients for something else, DO NOT make it, especially if it requires Jerky Lunch. At this point in the game, you should only have enough ingredients for that specific lunch box. However, if you’re playing a new game plus or CAN make something else, making the wrong item will lock you out of leaving the room if you don’t have enough ingredients for the Jerky Lunch Box. This will softlock your game, and you’ll have to reload!

With the lunch box prepared, return to Dorado to learn about how he’s totally not crushing on Eartha, complete the quest, and you’ll receive 50 mira!

Next, we’ll meet Master Orvus west of the main area of Remnant Island. On the way, you’ll find a familiar friend behind the left side of the westernmost house (Elder’s House) sitting on the back wall.

Mishy is part of Achievement #47, and you’ll earn it by finding his every hiding spot! If only Tio were here to help us out…

Now that you’ve spotted Mishy, proceed to the West beach area and speak to Master Orvus.

You’ll receive a Wooden Sword. Equip it from the menu, speak to him about the quest, and start the combat tutorial.

After defeating a few practice posts, you’ll face a group of actual enemies. If you want to review status effects or combat, you can talk to Master Orvus again and choose “Hear Tactics Instructions.” However, the game is very straightforward and usually reminds you about mechanics, so it’s not necessary.

Complete these mandatory sidequests, then head back to Nayuta’s house. After a cutscene, you’ll have the option to enter the ruins or prepare. Opt for “Wait a sec” for additional islander interactions or visit the Meteor Workshop for armor. Armor isn’t crucial at this point, so consider saving your mira. When you’re ready, venture into the ruins with Cygna.