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Now, take a look at our guide and learn all the exits in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. After you've learned all the details, you can achieve success!

In this comprehensive guide of ours, you’ll learn about every level in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game. If you’re ready, let’s dive into the guide now!

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre All Exits

The Exits – Road Exit & Generator

Road Exit & Generator

Your first crucial task is to locate the generator, which is the key to your escape from the property. Road exits are situated along the main roads at the property’s edge. These exits are safeguarded by an electrified cattle grid, connected to a generator or an alternative power source. To pinpoint the generator’s location, follow the cables that lead from the exit, tracing their path to the device. Additionally, you can employ your sense of hearing to discern its operation; the generator is typically situated in the exterior area of the map.

Once you’ve successfully located the generator, your next move is to disable it. Turning off the generator is essential as it deactivates the electrified cattle grid, creating an unobstructed path to the exit route. However, be vigilant, as the Family possesses the capability to reactivate the generator after a brief cooldown. To maximize your chances of escape, move swiftly when the cattle grid is free of electrical charge.

With the electrified cattle grid deactivated, you now have a clear route to the road exit. Victims have the freedom to choose their escape direction along the road. It’s imperative to monitor your stamina and make a run for it to evade the impending danger of the Family’s pursuit. Your survival hinges on swift and decisive action as you sprint away from the property, aiming to escape the impending massacre.

The Exits – Fusebox Exit & Fuse Box

Fusebox Exit & Fuse Box

Embarking on your escape journey, your initial task involves locating the fuse. This vital element holds the key to opening the fuse box exit, a substantial metal door always situated within the Family’s basement. To facilitate identification, this door features illuminating lights above it, serving as a marker for the correct exit point.

After securing the fuse, your next step entails transporting it to the fuse box. Positioned above ground in various locations on the map, the fuse box awaits your attention. However, before progress can be made, you must use a tool to crack open the fuse box.

With the fuse box opened, you’re now poised to commence the repair process. The challenge involves relocating the fuses to their respective slots. Here’s where the complexity lies: each colored fuse pair must align to meet the specified AMP value. This intricate puzzle-solving endeavor will result in power restoration, which triggers a temporary opening of the basement exit.

The basement exit door, controlled by the fuse box, grants only a fleeting opportunity for escape. As it opens, a timer begins ticking, indicating that the door’s window of operation is limited. Swift action is imperative, as the door will overload and close once again. Should you miss this brief chance, you possess the ability to reopen the door by engaging with the fuse box. Nonetheless, exercise caution, for excessive attempts may alert the Family to your escape plan. Strategize wisely!

The Exits – Rear Exit & Car Battery

Rear Exit & Car Battery

Your first task in the escape plan is to locate the battery that powers the electrified cattle grid at the rear gate exit. These exits are typically situated towards the rear of the property, sometimes concealed from plain view, but identifiable by their substantial gate posts. The cattle grid is rigged to a power source, often a car battery from a nearby vehicle or an alternative energy supply. To find the battery’s location, follow the cable that connects the cattle grid, tracing it back to the car it’s linked to.

Once you’ve successfully traced the cable to the vehicle powering the electrified cattle grid, your next move is to disconnect it. This action is pivotal, as it disrupts the flow of electricity and disables the grid. With the grid rendered inactive, you can proceed to unlock the gate using an appropriate tool. However, exercise caution, as noise makers are often strategically positioned close to these gates. Additionally, remember that using this exit leaves you vulnerable and exposed, as a vigilant Family member could potentially catch you.

As you successfully disable the electrified cattle grid and unlock the gate, the path to escape opens before you. Ensure that your stamina is at its peak and, without delay, sprint away from the gate, fleeing the impending danger of the Family. Be vigilant and alert to your surroundings, as the Family retains the ability to reconnect the battery, reactivating the electrified cattle grid and blocking your exit. Speed and attentiveness are your allies in your race to escape the inevitable massacre.

The Exits – Pressure Valve Exit

Pressure Valve Exit

In your quest to escape, your first task is to locate the valve handle. This critical component is essential for opening the valve escape exit, a substantial metal gate connected to a pressure valve pump. No matter where you find yourself on the map, rest assured that this gate is always positioned outdoors.

With the valve handle secured, your next step is to identify the pressure valve pipe and connect the valve handle to it. The valve handle is cunningly hidden somewhere within the map, making your journey to escape all the more challenging. As you attach the valve handle and initiate the opening process, pressure within the system will gradually increase.

Once sufficient pressure has built up, the valve exit gate will swing open, granting all victims a path to freedom. However, be cautious as the family can intervene by interacting with the pressure valve pipe, halting the opening process. If this unfortunate setback occurs, the gate’s progress will reset, compelling you to start the process anew. When the gate finally opens, you must act quickly as it remains accessible for only a brief period. Should you miss this window, don’t despair, as the gate can be reopened by repeating the procedure.

The Family – Leatherface

Brief Overview

Leatherface, known as the Family’s butcher, stands out as the most merciless member of the group. While he takes on various roles within the household, there’s one role in which he truly excels, and it’s not hard to discern what that entails. His Maim Ability is straightforward: he wields the infamous tool of dismemberment—the chainsaw. Despite his somewhat limited agility, he compensates with sheer brute force, capable of sawing and battering his way through locked doors and barriers as he relentlessly pursues his Victims. With a robust Endurance and an unparalleled level of Savagery, Leatherface emerges as an imposing presence, one that prospective Victims would be wise to evade.


  • Employ the chainsaw to dismantle barricades, doors, and barriers. By doing so, you’ll eliminate the victims’ chances of using these as stealth and movement options, ultimately aiding the entire family’s cause.
  • Bear in mind that the potency of your strikes is intricately linked to the Rev feature. Prolonged revving of the chainsaw results in more potent attacks.
  • To execute a devastating power attack, you must fully Rev the chainsaw until you observe smoke, just prior to it overheating. At this critical juncture, press the attack button to unleash a potentially lethal blow, possibly resulting in a one-hit kill.


  • Savagery – 40
  • Blood Harvesting – 13
  • Endurance – 35

The Family – Sissy