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You've stepped into The Universim world and need a few ideas to organize your city. Well, here's the perfect guide that'll help you out!

After checking out The Universim: City Building Guide, you’ll have some fantastic ideas for setting up your city. We’ll let you know the mistakes to avoid, what you should do, city layout tips, and more! Let’s build the most beautiful city in The Universim.

The Universim: City Building Guide

Placing the Epicenter

Alright, let’s talk about placing that epicenter – the heartbeat of your civilization. Avoid chucking it onto precious resources like stones or anything else you’d rather not obliterate. Before unleashing the epicenter, mull over a few things:

  1. Mountains and Water: Stick it close to water and mountains for an easy supply of water, stone, and iron. I’m all for a hefty ocean – easier to fill up from one big water source than juggling multiple ponds.
  2. Defensible Territory: Think about defense. Open spaces are nice, but they’re like a welcome mat for wolves. If you’re surrounded by mountains or water with just one entrance, you’ll save resources on watchtowers. A sweet spot? A spacious peninsula, but ensure there’s room and access to mountains.
  3. Access to Oil and Gas: Deserts are the gold mines for gas and oil. Keep an eye out for a desert nearby once your folks are rocking past the medieval age.
  4. Trees and Rocks: Last but not least, make sure your epicenter is buddies with rocks and, to a lesser extent, trees. Fine-tune that spot for maximum resource awesomeness.

Pre-Medieval Era Tips

  • General Tips: Don’t slap structures down until the resources for the previous one are on-site. Nuggets get distracted, and your buildings end up playing the waiting game. Also, don’t go crazy building at the start; tech up, address nugget needs, and fend off wolves.
  • Quests: Knock out those quests early on; they’re easy wins for handy benefits.
  • Cupidon’s Help: Boost your population early on with Cupidon’s matchmaking skills.
  • Telekinesis Tricks: Grab a mammoth for easy food, and use telekinesis for speedy building progress.
  • Bolt of Joy: Spread the joy early on for a very happy village. Keep building parks for that happiness high.
  • CP Management: Save up enough CP to change seasons if needed. Plant trees or refill water if you’re CP-rich.

Research Sets

  • Set 1: Cover the basics for nugget needs and wolf defense.
  • Set 2: Dive into material refinement and get those quarries ready.
  • Set 3a-e: Juggle these based on your needs. Footwear, endurance, and watchtowers are solid picks.

Year-by-Year Building

  1. Year 1: Archive, Well, Reservoir, Eatery, Engineer’s Hut. Prioritize wells to keep those workers hydrated.
  2. Year 2: More Water Mills, Wells, Reservoirs, plus a Hospital, Garrison, Cemetery, and Town Hall. Hold off on assigning anyone to the Town Hall until your population hits around 25.
  3. Year 3: Get those refineries rolling – Stone Refinery, Wood Refinery, Parks, Engineer’s Hut, Iron Mine, Quarries, and School.
  4. Year 4+: Garrison, Engineer’s Hut, Warehouse. Focus on protection, resources, and happiness.

Medieval/Industrial/Modern Era Tips

  • Research Strategy: Prioritize research that unlocks new resources/products. Don’t rush expansion; balance it with infrastructure to keep your nuggets happy.
  • Upgrades and Tech: Be cautious when unlocking upgrades; ensure a good stock of higher-tier resources first.
  • Factory Planning: Plan your factories and mines ahead to avoid overbuilding. You don’t need a factory frenzy; 2-4 of each until late game should do.
  • Defense: Wolves causing chaos? Consider more garrisons early on instead of farms or fisheries.
  • Happiness Matters: Keep those parks coming to maintain very happy nuggets. Shut down industries if you’re drowning in resources.