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Now, take a look at our Tomb Raider on the Steam Deck Fix guide. Get rid of your Steam Deck issues!

In this guide, we explained how to fix Tomb Raider on the Steam Deck. Come on, move forward right away, don’t waste time!

Tomb Raider on the Steam Deck Fix

First Step

So the first step to fix this is to check the proton version you’re running the game on.

To do that select the gear icon on the right corner of the Tomb Raider game page, then go to Properties, and Compatibility.

By default the game launches in the native Linux version, you might not encoutner any issue with this version, but if you do, here’s the next step.

Now check the box that says: Force the use of a specific Steam Play compatibility tool.

And select Proton version 7.0-6.

It should start installling it for you, if you don’t have it already.

Last Step

Now for our last step, in the same screen you’re right now, go to the Betas section.

On the Beta Participation box, select the version named: build743.0 – TR Build 1.01.743.0.

Now you can launch the game and enjoy it without any more weird crashes.