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This article explores Tower Defense X game modes, detailing enemy characteristics according to each mode. Let's proceed with our discussion.

In this article, we will discuss the game modes of the newly released Tower Defense X and explain the characteristics of your enemies based on these modes. Let’s move on to our article.

Tower Defense X Enemies

Easy Mode

Easy Mode is a mode with 25 Waves, it is designed for Newer Players, being the only mode where having only Ranger and Missile Trooper is viable, However the rewards are quite small so it’s better to play Intermediate Mode, that is if you know what you are doing.

Easy Mode enemies are all typical enemies that make sense to appear in the general tower defense genre. They mostly share the same zombie-like features that many other games go for.

Intermediate Mode

Intermediate Mode is a mode with 35 Waves. It is designed for all players, because of its decent challenge and good rewards.

Intermediate Mode The Enemies in Intermediate Mode are ranked up versions of Easy Mode’s enemies. As the waves progress, the enemies become more and more High-Tech.

Elite Mode

Elite Mode is a mode with Unknown Waves. It is designed to be an extreme challenge for the average player, while being a good middle ground in difficulty for hardcore players.

Elite Mode Enemies are Unknown

Expert Mode

Expert Mode is a mode with Unknown Waves. It is designed to be a fun challenge for hardcore players.

Expert Mode Enemies are Unknown

Enemy List

Easy Mode Enemies

Fast Zombie10FastNone4
Heavy Zombie27NoneNone5
Armoured Zombie100NoneNone9
Armoured Heavy Zombie450UnknownNone13
Mutated Zombie250QuickSplit (Mutated Offspring)17
Mutated Offspring95FastNoneSummoned By Mutated Zombie
Hazmat Zombie750Unknown70% Shield Rebound (Armored)19
Radioactive Zombie1650Unknown20% Shield Rebound (Armored)Final Wave (25)
Plague Doctor40,000UnknownSummoner Multi-Phase, Self Heal, Stun, DebuffFinal Wave (25)
Resurrected Slow Ranger150SlowSummoned By Plague Doctor
Resurrected Ranger650FastSummoned By Plague Doctor
Resurrected Armoured Ranger950FastSummoned By Plague Doctor
Knight1346SlowSummoned By Plague Doctor

Intermediate Mode Enemies

Zombie+13AverageWave 1
Fast Zombie+15FastWave 3
Heavy Zombie+35SlowWave 5
Revived Boss 1295SlowWave 8
Multiplier 120AverageDuplicates nearby enemies on deathWave 12
Grenadier155QuickSummons Zombie+, Fast Zombie+ and Heavy Zombie+Wave 13
Super Heavy Zombie850Below AverageBulletproofWave 15
Nuclear Zombie225FastNuclear effect makes nearby Zombies fasterWave 18
Revived Titan1,675SlowBulletproofWave 19
Monster5,000AverageRegenerates health slowlyWave 23
Charger Boss2,750Very FastWave 25
Smasher13,500AverageStuns nearby towersWave 27
Shocker325Above AverageStuns nearby towers on deathWave 27
Elite Grenadier825AverageSpawns Charger boss and Revived TitanWave 29
Predator50,000SlowBlasts a nearby towerWave 30
Jammer550FastDisables nearby towers from using abilitiesWave 32
Infiltrator850Very FastExplosion ImmuneWave 33
Revived Abomination8,566Very FastWave 33
Eradicator180,000Below AverageWave 35

Elite Mode Enemies

Revived Plague DoctorUnknownUnknownUnknownWave ??

Expert Mode Enemies

Eradicator MKII250,000Below AverageExplosion ImmuneWave 45