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Explore our best-tier Tower Defense X list with 19 diverse TDX towers online!

Our top-tier Tower Defense X Tier List consisting of 19 towers is online! From the formidable Rail Gunner to the precision-focused Laser Marksman, strategic geniuses can deploy a wide variety of turrets including Ranger, Toxicnator, Cyro Blaster, Barracks, DJ, Missile Trooper, Battleship, Patrol Boat, Shotgun, Juggernaut, Farm, Sniper, John and more. , Mine Layer, Helicopter, Operator and Barracks.

Tower Defense X Tier List





Tier 0

  • Jet – Jet is currently the most powerful tower in the game. I has Air, Ranged and Splash features.
  • Attack Helicopter – The Attack Helo is an Air tower in TDX. It has a rocket pods and machine guns allowing it to hit multiple targets at once with its rockets and a consistent stream of damage to a main target with its machine guns.
  • War Machine – The War Machine tower is a Summoner tower that summons a variety of Mechs to stomp and shoot Enemies. The War Machine is seen to have two legs, guns and a missile launcher. The War Machine walks forward from base to zombies spawn and shoots by moving its base as the legs are walking.
  • Behemoth – The Behemoth is a Summoner tower that summons a variety of Tanks to ram and shoot Enemies.So we don’t know Behemoth like other summoner units but it can be like mecha base from TDS just better off course still we don’t know much health will it get and its stock varient but it will have about 4k HP if john wants to make this like a beast tower, this tower is not currently usable or even designed as of yet.
  • Armored Factory – The Armored Factory is a Summoner tower that summons militaristic vehicle units to ram and shoot Enemies.

Tier 1

  • Barracks – The Barracks is a Summoner tower that spawns a variety of different units.
  • Toxicnator – The Toxicnator is a Tower that most likely serves the purpose of debuffing Enemies. It may also deal Poison damage, judging by its name and model.
  • Warship – The warship is a high-end tower meant to be obtained late-game.
  • Juggernaut – The Juggernaut is a humanoid tower that utilizes a heavy-duty minigun to decimate enemy hordes. Top Path allows this tower to gain massive range, while bottom path allows this tower to gain more DPS, but with much shorter range, or have massive range but less DPS. This tower allows for many different strategies and currently is one of the strongest towers in the game. This tower consists of wearing a green military jacket, a Kevlar duty heavy bulletproof vest and black shoes.
  • Laser Gunner – The Laser Gunner is a high damage dealing, mid to late game ranged tower. Laser Gunner is a mid to late game tower that costs $825 cash. It deals 5.71 single target DPS at Level 0. It also has the ability to ignore armor resistance at Level 0.
  • John – The John Tower is a land tower based on the Youtuber/Creator of TDX, GDILIVES, better known as John Roblox. It has no upgrades for hidden detection. It costs 4500 Gold to obtain this tower.

Tier 2

  • EDJ – The DJ is a support tower that can buff towers and debuff zombies in its range(Top Path) and give cash to all players by playing music.
  • Farm – This Farm uses a C-130 to drop in crates, The player receives Cash from these crates.
  • Missile Trooper – The Missile Trooper is strong against armored Enemies while still holding it’s own against groups due to his high single shot damage explosive weaponry.
  • Sniper – The Sniper is a long ranged tower that deals high per shot damage.

Tier 3

  • Cryoblaster – The Cryoblaster is a debuff tower that can slow down enemies through it’s cryogenic weapons. The Cyroblaster is seen to be wearing a blue jacket, black gloves, winter pants, and a black facemask to protect from the cold.
  • Operator – A burst type tower, like the Ranger tower, also has the ability to summon a Humvee. Remember when filling in the TowerInfo to include the 5-2/2-5 stats and NOT the 5-0/0-5 stats.
  • Shotgunner – The Shotgunner is a humanoid tower that utilizes a shotgun to kill enemy hordes. Unlike other towers, the Shotgunner shoots multiple bullets at a time. It uses a variety of shotguns such as the M1014, AA-12 and DB12.
  • Ranger – The Ranger is the sole Starter tower in the game. It fires in bursts, meaning it fires bullets with rapid succession and then undergoes a cooldown before initiating another burst.

Tier List Ranking Criteria

  1. T0: The top tier, featuring the most powerful and essential towers for competitive play. Often banned in tournaments due to their dominance.
  2. T1: Just below T0, comprising strong and effective towers that are not as dominant but still impactful.
  3. T2: The average or balanced tier, with towers that have strengths and weaknesses but are not as dominant as higher tiers.
  4. T3: The lowest tier, housing the weakest options with limited effectiveness. Rarely used in competitive play due to their inferiority.