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Take a look at the Tower Heroes Overcooked Quest Guide for Carol's Wishlist now. Just follow the steps, and you'll complete the quest easily!

Tower Heroes enthusiasts! Christmas vibes are hitting hard in Roblox, and it’s time to conquer the Overcooked quest on Carol’s Wishlist. No need to fret, we’ve got your back with a step-by-step guide to sail through this festive challenge.

Tower Heroes Overcooked Quest Guide for Carol’s Wishlist

Map Selection

First things first, pick your battlefield. Head to the Bustling Bakery, and consider bringing along the trusty Byte or El Goblino for some extra muscle.

Difficulty Dilemma

Choose your level of pain. Easy mode is recommended, unless you’re a glutton for punishment. Let’s keep it festive and enjoyable, shall we?

Gingerbread Gathering

Now, the real fun begins. Hunt down those elusive gingerbread cookies scattered across the map. Look for the shakes – that’s your cue. Deploy your Dumpster Child next to a cookie, watch it vanish, and voila, the quest is afoot!

Here’s the cookie compass:

  • Two cookies cozy up beside the gingerbread house, closer to the oven.
  • One loner near the gingerbread house on the far side from the oven.
  • Another cookie chillin’ on the plate next to the oven.
  • A whopping six cookies on the tray.
  • Seven more cookies hanging out at the map’s forefront.

Unleash Overcooked

Survive till wave 25 to summon your culinary nemesis, Overcooked. Get ready for the showdown!

Tower Tactics

Strategize your tower placements wisely. They lose HP over time, so be on your toes. Sell towers before they crumble to zero HP to get some mana. Use that mana to replace towers, upgrade as needed, and keep the cycle rolling.

Teamwork Triumph

In the spirit of the season, coordinate with your fellow players. Sync up on step five – tower management is a team sport. With collective effort, you’ll banish Overcooked and check off that wishlist item.

And there you have it! One quest down, paving the way for a joyous Christmas in Tower Heroes. Whether it’s your first triumph or the final victory lap of the 16 challenges, revel in the celebrations! May your holidays be filled with gaming glory and festive cheer!