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Travellers Rest: Employee Traits


Managing your own tavern is not a big deal when starting out at first, since you are not yet quite known to the people that you would call customers. Thus, a few tables and chairs is enough to start out, make some drinks and food, then wait for the people to step in and see what your tavern has to offer.

If they like the place, your reputation rises, and the more your reputation rises the more stuff you unlock. But as you increase your rep, you also slowly increase your tavern, add a few more tables and chairs, thus also increasing your customer traffic.

You’ll then find out that opening your tavern every single day is not feasible, since YOU are the only one capable of gathering every single thing that you need to make drinks, cook food, and create furniture, decorations, workstations and so on.

When you get a bit of gold saved up, maybe it’s time to hire some extra pair of hands.

Hiring Employees

Staff for Hire is unlocked by reaching Reputation 6, so it’ll be a little while until you can actually get some help running your tavern.

You can hire staff by going outside your tavern and approaching the Board in front of it.

Click it then Select ‘Hire Staff’ at the left side.

There are four types of employees to hire: Bartender, Waiter, Bouncer and Housekeeper.

The Bartender

The Bartender is in charge of handing out food and drinks to customers that sit on your chairs in the tavern.

That’s it.

They also take two breaks per day, just like the rest of your staff, so be around to anticipate for that, because depending on what traits he gets, he might take longer to come back to work, resulting in reputation lost due to customers not getting their orders on time.

The Waiter

The Waiter does three tasks depending on priority.

Whenever a customer orders a drink but can’t be bothered to walk towards the bartender, they instead call out their order, and the bartender gets the drink and places in on the white counter.

The Waiter then carries any drink placed on that counter to the tables that ordered them, with a carrying capacity of 5, but might get lower due to a bad trait.

They also clean tables and mop the floor when they get dirty(assuming priority is 50/50).

The Bouncer

The Bouncer is in charge of keeping not only your customers from being too rowdy, but they also make sure that your other employees are kept in line.

When a customer gets angry over something, the Bouncer walks up to them and persuades them to keep it down.

Most of the time, the customer will graciously concede and drink/eat in peace.

But some of the time, the customer won’t be perturbed by your Bouncer and walk around and make his frustrations known, talking to your other customers and bringing your taverns reputation down.

The Bouncer then does what he does best and smacks the unruly customer with his walking stick, making him see the error of his ways, and leaves without a fuss.

The Bouncer can also persuade your employees who are taking a break to come back to work.

Bear in mind that the Bouncer can also take a break, so pray that no one will take advantage of that.

The Housekeeper

The Housekeeper is in charge of renting out any rooms that you have, taking care of their needs, and sometimes helps around the tavern.