Undertale How to Obtain Temmie Armor

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Now, take a look at our Undertale How to Obtain Temmie Armor guide. Follow the step-by-step guide to get the Temmie Armor quickly.

In our guide, we explained Undertale How to Obtain Temmie Armor. Now, all you need to do to get the Temmie Armor is start reading!

Undertale How to Obtain Temmie Armor

Finding Temmie Village

To acquire the Temmie Armor, you need to follow a pacifist route. If you’ve been engaging in combat, the item required to unlock the armor won’t appear. Now, to locate Temmie Village, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the puzzle area where you need to connect a series of bridges using mushrooms.

Collecting Sufficient Gold

The Temmie Armor is quite expensive, typically costing around 2,000 gold, including the “Tem Pay 4 Colleg” item necessary to unlock it. Here’s a strategy to accumulate enough gold:

  1. Walk around the area outside Temmie Village and defeat every Temmie you encounter. If you’ve been only fighting Temmies, consider taking on other monsters as well for extra gold.
  2. To defeat a Temmie, select “Act” and then choose “Flex.” Temmie will instantly surrender. You’ll also encounter Aaron in the Waterfall region, who will appear and say, “I have to disagree.” Dodge his attacks and then flex in front of him as well.

Reducing the Price

Once you’ve acquired the “Tem Pay 4 Colleg” item, you can purchase the Temmie Armor, but the price can vary depending on how many times you’ve died. Here’s how to lower the price:

  1. If you haven’t killed Undyne yet, you’re in luck. Set your spawn point at her location and intentionally die around 10-15 times. This will make the Temmie Armor more affordable. The lowest price is 750 gold, so don’t worry if it doesn’t go lower after 25 deaths.


Now, for the grinding part:

  1. In the area outside Temmie Village, move back and forth while defeating any enemies that cross your path. If you encounter a Temmie, follow the instructions mentioned earlier for defeating them and earning gold.

Enjoying Your Freedom

After putting in the effort, you’ll finally have the Temmie Armor. It provides a significant boost with 20 defense and healing during battles. Keep in mind that using this armor might make combat in the game considerably easier, potentially altering your overall gaming experience.

I hope this revised guide helps you in your quest for the Temmie Armor. Good luck!