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Now, check out how to Unlock Auras in Fortnite Festival. Follow the steps in the article, and easily unlock the Auras!

In this article, we covered how to Unlock Auras in Fortnite Festival. You can easily obtain the aura by following our guide step by step!

How To Unlock Auras in Fortnite Festival

Unlocking Auras in Fortnite Festival is your ticket to adding a dash of style to your character in the game’s music-centric experience. Here’s a straightforward guide on how to unlock these dazzling Auras:

  1. Earn Festival Points:
    • Engage in the Main Stage and complete Fortnite Festival quests to earn Festival Points.
    • Be prepared for a bit of a challenge, as earning Festival Points can take time due to the limited points awarded by quests.
  2. Festival Pass Option:
    • Alternatively, consider the Festival Pass, a separate season pass available for 1,800 V-Bucks.
    • Season One of the Festival Pass includes two Auras: Stellar Burst and Bouncing Bars.
  3. Visit the Festival Pass:
    • If you opt for the Festival Pass, navigate to the Festival Pass section in Fortnite.
  4. Purchase the Festival Pass:
    • Spend 1,800 V-Bucks to purchase the Festival Pass and unlock the Auras within Season One.
  5. Equip Auras in the Locker:
    • After unlocking Auras, head to the locker in Fortnite.
    • Find the Auras section and equip your desired Aura, whether it’s the Stellar Burst or the Bouncing Bars.
  6. Shine on the Main Stage:
    • With your chosen Aura equipped, join the Main Stage or Jam Stage game modes.
    • Watch as your character lights up with the selected Aura, standing out and looking incredible as you groove through the songs.

Remember, Auras add a layer of customization to your character, enhancing the visual spectacle of Fortnite Festival. So, earn those Festival Points or consider the Festival Pass to unlock these radiant Auras and become the star of the Main Stage!