Unlocking the Dark Endings in Need More Cold

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Take a look at our guide on unlocking the dark endings in Need More Cold now. Follow the steps, and unlock the Dark Endings.

Welcome to the guide where we’ll explore the steps to unlock both the Dark and Unexpected Dark endings in the intriguing game, “Need More Cold.” In this unique game, players take on the role of a sick child attempting to convince their mother that they are well enough to go to school. The journey to these dark endings involves some chilling decisions and unexpected twists. Let’s dive into the steps for each ending.

Unlocking the Dark Endings in Need More Cold

Getting The Dark Ending:

  1. Liquid Nitrogen Setup:
    • Progress through the game until you reach the point where you need to put liquid nitrogen in the pool.
    • Head to the garage and pick up the blue canister.
  2. Pool Preparation:
    • Carefully make your way to the pool outside the house and fill it up with liquid nitrogen.
    • Resist the urge to return to Mom immediately.
  3. Adding a Dark Twist:
    • Go back to the garage and grab the rope from the shelf, a recent addition to the game.
    • With the rope in hand, return to Mom and choose to tie her up, turning your objective into a mystery.
  4. Confrontation at the Pool:
    • Carry Mom to the pool, where you’ll encounter a prompt that reads “??”. Press E to continue.
    • A brief and tragic cutscene unfolds, leading to a choice between Throwing or Saving. Choose to Throw.
  5. The Consequences:
    • Witness as your character throws Mom into the pool.
    • Instantly, the police arrive on the scene and arrest you, with the game deeming you “sick in the mind” for your choices.

The Unexpected Dark Ending:

  1. Follow the Dark Ending Steps:
    • Proceed through all the steps outlined in the Dark Ending section.
  2. Alter the Final Decision:
    • Instead of choosing to Throw Mom into the pool, opt for the Save option.
  3. Shocking Revelation:
    • Your character puts Mom down, triggering another cutscene.
    • In a surprising twist, Mom reveals she was your father all along.
  4. Twisted Turn of Events:
    • Witness as your father kicks you into the pool.
    • The game describes the situation as “unfortunate.”