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If you want to learn the airdrop command in Unturned game, you're in the right place. With this code, you can call an airdrop all by yourself.

In this short topic, we will show you how to call an airdrop in Unturned game using a specific command. Let’s get started.

Airdrop Command in Unturned

With this command, you can trigger an airdrop to spawn at your exact location on the server.


Can Airdrops spawn on Singleplayer in Unturned

Yes, Airdrops spawn on single player and will drop items from Uncommon to Legendary consisting of Ammo and Guns. As of their high teir goodies, airdrop aren’t exactly common. YOu are able to edit their frequency in the advanced options for your desired map. If cheats is enabled use “@airdrop” to manually span an airdrop. Currently their is no way to select the location in which it will spawn, but if you have chests just use “@teleport [location]” just be sure to remove the quites and brackets before posting the command. Happy Hunting!

I’d like to add that the default frequency of the airdrops is a couple of hours (real time). It might take a while for one to show up in a fresh game.