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Are you ready to embrace the competition? Climbing to the top with the Valorant Agent Tier List is no longer as challenging as it seems.

Welcome to the Valorant Agent Tier List, where we review the various agent rosters and assess their strength in the battle for victory. At the prestigious Y0 we find the best product: the agile duelist Jett, whose deadly precision strikes fear into his enemies; Sage, the compassionate healer and supportive force that keeps her team in play; and the master of zone control, the Viper unleashes toxic domination on the battlefield. We have shared this short information and more with you in our article and list below.

Valorant Agent Tier List

Hello shooter game fans! Today, we present to you the Valorant Agent Tier List, ranking the agents in Riot Games’ beloved game Valorant. We prepared this list based on the latest patch, as you know, with each patch, the game’s balance shifts, and the positions of the agents in the list may change. Here is our up-to-date list according to the latest patch, enjoy!





Tier List Overview Criteria

  • T0: This is the highest tier in a tier list, reserved for the most powerful or effective options in the game. Characters or strategies in this tier are considered to be essential picks for competitive play and are often banned in tournaments.
  • T1: This tier is just below T0-tier and includes characters or strategies that are still very strong and effective, but not quite as dominant as those in the T0-tier.
  • T2: This tier includes characters or strategies that are considered to be average or balanced in terms of their strength and effectiveness. They may have some strengths and weaknesses, but they are not as dominant as those in the higher tiers.
  • T3: This is the lowest tier in a tier list, reserved for the weakest or least effective options in the game. Characters or strategies in this tier are often considered to be inferior to other options and may be rarely used in competitive play.

It’s important to note that the exact definitions and criteria for each tier can vary depending on the game and the community creating the tier list. Additionally, a character or strategy’s placement in a tier list is not always an accurate reflection of its overall strength or effectiveness, as factors such as player skill and game balance can also play a significant role.

Agent Properties



Meet Deadlock, an exceptional Sentinel agent hailing from the icy landscapes of Norway. Her mastery lies in navigating the frigid wilderness, employing a lethal combination of cunning traps and unparalleled hunting skills. A recent teaser unveils her confronting a formidable Radiante-infused bear, a testament to her fearlessness and unwavering resolve.

Yet, Deadlock’s prowess extends beyond mere survival in the wild. Armed with cutting-edge technology and an unyielding determination, she turns the tables on adversary agents, utilizing the very same techniques that enable her to conquer the elements. With unmatched intelligence and resourcefulness, she fearlessly takes on any challenge that comes her way, earning her the reputation of a true force to be reckoned with in the world of espionage and warfare.

Welcome to the enigmatic world of Deadlock, where insight, innovation, and indomitable spirit converge to create a formidable Sentinel agent like no other.

Deadlock boasts an unparalleled kit, setting her apart as one of the most distinctive characters in the game to date. With abilities that hold the power to sway the tide of entire rounds, she proves to be a shining star in both collaborative teamplay and individual prowess. Even in these early stages, our assessment leads us to believe that she will emerge as a formidable pick right from the outset, displaying remarkable strength and versatility.


Meet Jett, a virtual air-bender, whose greatest asset lies in her exceptional mobility. As the most agile Agent, she effortlessly ascends improbable heights and descends upon her enemies like a swift breeze. Armed with piercing Kunai blades, she wields the power to alter the very course of the wind, gracefully maneuvering through the battlefield with rapidity. Her mastery of using drafts makes her elusive, allowing her to appear unexpectedly from every corner, keeping her adversaries on their toes. With Jett on the team, the sky’s the limit, and her foes will find themselves in a whirlwind of uncertainty and awe.

Jett excels in both offensive and defensive roles, making her an invaluable asset to the team. On offense, she skillfully creates space, opening up opportunities for her teammates to capitalize on. Meanwhile, on defense, her versatility shines as she proves to be an adept Operator, holding her ground with aggression and precision.

Her Ultimate ability, the Blade Storm, is a game-changer, capable of turning the tide even in eco rounds. When enemies take less-than-optimal fights during anti-eco rounds, a successful Blade Storm kill can secure a powerful enemy rifle for her teammate, granting a significant advantage. Jett’s adaptability and game-winning potential make her an essential choice for any squad, elevating her to a league of her own in the world of tactical prowess.


Reyna, an angelic figure to her allies, but a relentless hunter with a thirst for her enemies’ hearts. Her insatiable hunger for life itself renders her a formidable force in one-on-one battles, leaving her foes blind and defenseless. Drawing strength from her ruthless executions, Reyna’s immortality depends on ensuring her enemies are vanquished, for with each life claimed, her heartbeat persists, sustaining her in the heat of combat. With her deadly accuracy and indomitable will, Reyna stands as a fearsome threat, balancing on the delicate edge between life and death, leaving her adversaries trembling in her wake.

Meet Reyna, the enigmatic “smurf” agent. She’s tailored to embrace a more self-reliant playstyle, making her the ultimate choice for Solo Queue Ranked matches. In less coordinated gameplay scenarios, she truly shines, swiftly capitalizing on her own actions without relying heavily on her teammates’ contacts.

Her agility in swiftly swinging off a teammate’s contact is unmatched, granting her the power to dismiss threats or heal herself with remarkable speed. This self-sufficiency allows Reyna to thrive in the chaos of solo engagements, making her a force to be reckoned with in any high-stakes situation. Whether it’s facing foes alone or turning the tide in her favor, Reyna’s prowess as the solo operative marks her as the perfect agent for those who seek to dominate the ranks on their own terms.


Introducing the latest member of the Initiator family, Skye, who combines the best qualities of her peers in a unique and powerful way. Like Sova, she gains an extra pair of eyes to scout and uncover hidden adversaries, while also possessing the ability to blind and stun enemies akin to Breach, disorienting them with precision.

However, what sets Skye apart and makes her an indispensable asset on the battlefield is her healing prowess. With the ability to mend and support her teammates, she becomes a linchpin of the team’s survival, enhancing their endurance and resilience during intense engagements. Skye’s well-rounded skill set ensures she adapts to any situation, solidifying her status as a valuable asset and an outstanding addition to the Initiator roster.

In recent patches, Skye underwent significant changes that transformed her playstyle into a more team-oriented approach, shedding her selfish tendencies. These alterations have resulted in a substantial boost to her overall strength, making her a formidable force on the battlefield.

However, to unlock the full potential of her kit, effective communication and seamless teamwork have become crucial. Skye’s abilities are designed to synergize with her teammates, and coordinating strategies and tactics is essential to extract the maximum value from her skill set. Emphasizing collaboration and coordination, she thrives in environments where the team unites as one cohesive unit, leveraging her enhanced abilities to their fullest extent. As a result, skilled communication and teamwork are key to harnessing the true power of Skye and achieving victory on the battlefield.


Killjoy, the master of inventions, effortlessly fortifies the battlefield with her ingenious arsenal. Her array of gadgets is not only designed to inflict damage upon her enemies but also serves as a strategic advantage. Even if the sheer damage from her gear fails to halt her foes, her formidable robots debuff swoops in to ensure they meet their timely demise. With a combination of deadly contraptions and cunning robotic prowess, Killjoy remains a formidable force, leaving her adversaries with little chance of escape on the battleground.

As of the current state of VALORANT, Killjoy stands tall as the most dominant Sentinel, and some argue she might even be the most formidable agent overall. Recent adjustments and significant Chamber nerfs have elevated her strength to unprecedented heights, solidifying her position as a must-pick on the majority of maps, with the exception of Breeze and Bind.

Her prowess in controlling the battlefield with her unique toolkit makes her an invaluable asset to any team, ensuring that the opposition faces an uphill battle against her defenses. As she continues to reign as the strongest and most powerful agent in the game, her strategic impact remains unmatched, leaving her foes grappling with the challenge of overcoming her unmatched abilities.


Meet Raze, the master of oppressive mechanics and wielder of an explosive arsenal, who thrives on creating chaos. With her ability to overwhelm zones and a passion for blasting her foes into oblivion, she infuses the battlefield with a symphony of fireworks and vibrant bursts of color.

Raze’s relentless pursuit of destruction ensures that no corner is left untouched, leaving her adversaries scrambling for cover as she unleashes her explosive prowess. Her mere presence ignites the battlefield with a vivid display of mayhem, making every encounter a thrilling and explosive spectacle. Embrace the chaos, for when Raze takes the stage, there’s never a dull moment on the frontline.

Raze stands out among the duelists as the only one capable of single-handedly gathering vital information, carving out space for her team, and boasting impressive defensive capabilities. Her versatility as an all-around agent allows her to execute numerous solo plays, thanks to the strategic use of her blast packs.

Despite undergoing substantial nerfs, Raze’s brilliance remains undiminished, largely due to her immense area-of-effect damage potential and unparalleled mobility. Her explosive abilities ensure that she remains a force to be reckoned with, capable of turning the tide of any battle with devastating impact. In the hands of a skilled player, Raze continues to shine, proving that even in the face of challenges, her potential for game-changing plays remains unrivaled.



Sova, the adept hunter, possesses a remarkable ability to unveil his adversaries amidst the most intricate environments. Employing shockwaves that expose the concealed, he bestows invaluable intel and heightened map awareness, empowering his team with strategic positioning.

At lower ranks, Sova’s utility gains greater efficacy as fewer opponents counter it effectively, allowing for increased value. Conversely, at higher ranks, where coordination is more prevalent, his utility synergizes exceptionally well with commonly played duelists. Moreover, Sova excels as a character for solo clutches and late-round scenarios, enabling him to make significant individual impacts on the team’s success.


Viper, a truly awe-inspiring biological weapon, exerts control over the respiratory realm wherever she treads. With tactical finesse, she establishes boundaries, becoming an unmatched area controller. Those who dare to trespass upon her domain are shown no mercy.,

Viper becomes an essential choice on certain maps, and her potential to dominate a game emerges when her team successfully plants the spike. The reason lies in her superior post-plant utility, which poses a significant challenge to teams that struggle with slower retakes. Furthermore, she possesses the ability to accumulate ultimates, providing her team with nearly guaranteed round victories.


Omen, akin to a phantom of memories, excels in the art of concealment and seamless traversal, bestowing his team with valuable positional advantages. Embracing the shadows, he ensnares enemy vision, cleverly deceiving his foes as he effortlessly fades into the ether.

Omen, the versatile controller, boasts a kit perfectly tailored for making impactful individual plays. Additionally, his ability to occupy various angles that opponents may overlook or fail to clear with utility is a valuable asset, especially in less coordinated environments.


Brimstone is the master strategist, deftly maneuvering pawns on the tactical map. As a commanding force on any battlefield, his prowess in guiding his team to victory is beyond question. With a keen eye on his high-tech arsenal, Brimstone skillfully alters enemy movements through military-grade airstrikes and vision-blocking tools, ultimately claiming dominion over strategic areas.

Brimstone offers a user-friendly experience, making it effortless to support the team with well-placed smokes while maintaining focus on gunplay. Moreover, in post-plant scenarios, he transforms into a formidable force, thanks to his ultimate and molly abilities, proving highly effective in contests where retakes are slower and coordination is lacking. His utility becomes a potent tool for denying defuses and securing victory in such situations.


Phoenix, the embodiment of legend, emerges as a fierce ally, reborn from the ashes to engulf his foes in fiery turmoil. As a master of elements, he wields the raw power and radiant illumination of fire, leaving no corner untouched by his “enlightening” presence. Embracing the gift of second chances, he fearlessly battles on the frontlines, skillfully disengaging from dire situations with unwavering resolve.

Phoenix’s recent buffs have undeniably elevated him as a more formidable agent across all environments. His kit tends to lean towards self-sufficiency, providing numerous opportunities for impactful individual plays.



Astra’s exceptional skill set grants her the ability to mold the battlefield according to her preferences. Combining elements of a controller and an initiator, she is a force to be reckoned with. In the heat of combat, Astra not only thwarts enemy vision with her powers but also extends support to her teammates by immobilizing their foes, further solidifying her influence in the fight.

This agent, much like others, demands a high level of coordination with the team. However, she stands out as one of the most challenging to execute individual plays with. As a testament to her potential, she truly shines in higher ranks, where her abilities become even more effective.


Breach, the groundbreaking cyborg, possesses awe-inspiring crowd control abilities that can fracture enemy ranks. With heightened map awareness, he gains a significant advantage over his adversaries. True to his name, Breach forges a dazzling connection with the walls around him, enabling him to twist the tide of battle and leave his opponents’ heads spinning in disarray.

He stands as a potent agent, yet his effectiveness hinges greatly on coordination. As one ascends through the ranks, he progressively unlocks his true potential, transforming into an even more formidable force on the battlefield.


Chamber, a distinctive sentinel, centers his gameplay on executing mechanical outplays, while simultaneously embracing the art of gunplay for an extra touch of flair. Unlike traditional sentinels, he aligns more closely with the characteristics of a duelist, showcasing a diverse arsenal of weapons and skills at his disposal.

Following his latest nerfs, Chamber faced adversity but has since made a triumphant recovery, ascending a tier in the ranks. In the current meta, he exudes a newfound sense of viability, making him a more compelling choice for players to wield on the battlefield.


Cypher, the vigilant broker, deploys cunning traps that strategically grant or deny vision, disrupting enemy rotations and acquiring crucial data from every nook and cranny. His remarkable proficiency in gathering confidential information grants him and his allies a decisive advantage in battle, making Cypher an indispensable asset and a trusted ally to rely upon.

Thanks to some subtle yet impactful buffs and the decline of Chamber, Cypher’s viability has soared, shedding the title of the game’s weakest agent. Notably, the tripwire enhancements have unlocked a plethora of creative possibilities and novel line-ups, which players continue to explore and unravel, solidifying Cypher’s newfound strength in the game.


Fade, hailing from Turkey, assumes the role of an initiator, specializing in recon much like her competitor Sova. Among her primary abilities, Haunt empowers her to toss an orb that reveals the positions of enemy agents within its line of sight. Furthermore, she possesses the Prowler ability, deploying a creature to seek out and reveal enemy agents. When struck by this eerie nightmare, adversaries are temporarily left nearsighted. Additionally, her Seize ability holds the power to temporarily immobilize enemies, further cementing her prowess on the battlefield.

Fade boasts a potent and user-friendly kit that seamlessly synergizes with teammates, requiring only minimal communication and coordination. Underrated but impactful, Seize holds immense potential, capable of halting a full 5-man enemy push, providing invaluable opportunities for well-timed teammate rotations.


With her nurturing demeanor and an extraordinary connection to life, Sage serves as a soothing breeze, revitalizing and comforting her comrades on the battlefield. Harnessing various orbs, she channels her power into the midst of intense conflicts, shielding her team from unwanted skirmishes and adversity.

Sage, an esteemed duelist, excels at thwarting 5-man rushes with ease. Her unique ability to self-heal without restrictions makes her an invaluable asset, while her wall opens the door to heroic plays that can turn the tide of battle in her team’s favor.



Harbor, the skilled controller, wields the remarkable ability to manipulate water across the map, unleashing a plethora of creative possibilities. As a competitor to Viper, he stands out for his capacity to directly block vision within the map without the need to shift to another screen. Employing water as his tool, Harbor strategically places walls and bubbles of liquid in specific locations to obstruct vision, ensuring the safety of his allies in the process.

Since his debut, Harbor has faced a continuous struggle to find his footing within the meta. While other controllers showcase clear advantages on their respective strong maps, Harbor seems to lack the capability to supplant them on any terrain, rendering him currently non-viable in many situations.


Valorant’s newest agent, the 16th addition to the roster and the 4th Initiator in the game, introduces a fresh array of abilities that injects newfound diversity into the gameplay. Equipped with a flash, the ability to temporarily suppress enemy abilities within its range, a molly, and an ultimate capable of halting all enemy abilities, barring their ultimate, Kayo transcends all boundaries and expectations, charting an exciting course in the world of Valorant.

KAY/O undoubtedly possesses a formidable kit that allows for impactful individual plays, especially with his right-click flash. However, it’s worth noting that his kit received significant nerfs. While his utility shines when used to set up teammates, it might not fully thrive in a solo queue environment, where its potential might be somewhat limited.


Yoru’s exceptional skillset bestows upon him the versatility to embrace numerous playstyles. As the epitome of stealth, he stands as one of the deadliest agents in the game. Lurkers find him to be the perfect choice, given his ability to deceive enemies with fake noises and swiftly vanish from the battlefield, leaving them in awe and uncertainty.

Yoru’s unparalleled skillset offers a myriad of playstyle options, making him a versatile agent on the battlefield. As the epitome of stealth, he is undeniably one of the deadliest agents, capable of executing sneak attacks with finesse. For those who favor lurking and deception, Yoru proves to be the ideal choice, thanks to his ability to generate fake noises and swiftly disappear from the battlefield in the blink of an eye.


Gekko’s arsenal consists of four distinct abilities, each harnessed through one of his creatures. These abilities wield diverse effects, encompassing stunning and blinding enemies, reminiscent of Skye’s creature-based skills. However, Gekko’s uniqueness lies in the necessity to retrieve dormant creatures after an ability’s use, followed by an additional cooldown period before they can be utilized again, setting him apart from other Valorant agents with conventional cooldown times.

Gekko possesses a potent and adaptable kit that enables him to excel both in solo engagements and coordinated team play. Unfortunately, the post-release nerfs significantly impacted his performance, making it challenging for him to have a notable impact in coordinated play.


Neon, the 19th recruit in VALORANT, emerges as a youthful duelist with unmatched speed, racing ahead of the rest of the roster, effortlessly shocking the competition and gliding straight into the heart of the battle. In this fast-paced game, having Neon on your team could prove to be the decisive factor in swiftly settling rounds, leaving opponents in awe, as quick as a bolt of lightning.

Neon, being a duelist, heavily relies on resources from teammates, making coordination crucial for maximizing their potential. Their abilities may not find as much utility on most maps, with Fracture and Pearl being the exceptions where Neon shines brighter. In comparison to other duelists, Neon’s performance is notably stronger when supported by their team rather than thriving in solo play.


Valorant is a thrilling 5v5 tactical shooter, where players assume the role of unique “agents.” Currently, there are eighteen agents, each possessing four distinct abilities, including one ultimate. These abilities vary from traditional utilities like flashbangs and smoke grenades to magical and futuristic elements, such as conjuring walls and sonic arrows. To discover the top agents in the current meta, explore our Valorant Agent Tier List!