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Vampire Survivors: Ramba Guide

The Stats

Lord Bisconte Draculó looked down from a high balcony in his castle. He looked down at his latest acquisition, a large Dairy Plant. This would do well to solidify his growing hold on Italy, their reliance on the cheeses used for local cuisine would allow for growth of his renewed empire. It would be slow. But he had time. A eternity’s worth. The people of Italy would be in the palm of his pale hand in time.
He looked over his shoulder as his man servant entered his room.
“My Lord. There’s a issue in the Dairy Plant.”
The mighty vampire turned to his man servant. “What is this issue?”
The man servant looked at a clipboard in his hand. “Carts in the plant have started to move on their own. They’re even running minions of yours over. And there’s reports of a ghostly woman who’s been seen when the carts are active.” The man servant came over and handed the clipboard to his Master. He read the paper on the board. He saw a picture was included with the paper, making him smile slightly. “Interesting. This ghost is the former general manger of the Dairy Plant, Bianca Ramba. Seems her demise was not enough to keep her from returning to the place she spent so much of her life.”
A bolt of lightning struck at the entrance to the Mad Forest, instantly catching Lord Bisconte’s attention. His supernatural eyes focused where the lightning stuck. He saw a beautiful woman, wearing dark clothing and cape, thigh high boots, and long arm length gloves. And she was staring back at him, smiling. She playfully finger waved at him, then flipped him off.
He sighed in dismay. “Porta… This insolence shall not be forgotten.”
The man servant looked to his Master. “What shall I do about the Dairy Plant?” Lord Bisconte turned to leave his balcony. “Tell the Nobles that if they can’t deal with a simple poltergeist, then they’re not worth staying in my service. I have a more pressing issue to tend to.” With a sweeping turn, his cape flowing behind him, the Vampire Lord left.

another undead, a ghost this time, Bianca is best described as a poltergeist. these type of ghosts possess items to make their presence known. which she does well as she gains a +1 to Amount every twenty levels till she’s reached level 60, when she’s rocking a +3 to Amount. Like Mortaccio and Cavallo, she makes very good use of that. but a little differently then they do, with….

The Weapon

Bianca, being a poltergeist, needs something to use so she can interact with things. the item she chose is Carréllo. it’s basically a cart used in the Dairy Plant. when Bianca uses it, she fires it off in the direction she’s facing horizontally, sparks trailing behind it. it has eight levels and starts off doing decent damage, 10 base, but is a little slow to start up. it’s Cooldown is pretty bad, 5.5 seconds, which is why it’s slow to start up. but once it goes off, it races off till it hits something like a wall, tree, bookcase, etc etc, to then bounce off it. Bianca only ever fires off a Carréllo when it’s Cooldown is done. so it works weird with Amount, as her total Amount count toward the times the cart bounces off something. it has two bounces to start. but by the time Bianca hits level 60, it’s bouncing five times. by 60, it should also be be maxed out. and, like Bone, it just gets stronger (+90 to Base Damage), faster (+100%) , and larger (+40%). unfortunately, like Song Of Mana, it does gain positive Cooldown, .9 seconds. with that, Carréllo is a VERY hard hitting but ssllooww weapon. it’s in the 100 Damage Club when maxed out. and a extra bonus is it don’t have a Evolution. making it a little better for Passive choices.

Why and Why Not (pros and cons)

Why Bianca?
Bianca, like the other Amount characters, is versatile with builds. and throwing a cart into a group of enemies to see them go splat when it hits them is fun, especially with how hard it can hit. Carréllo’s is different enough from other weapons that it encourages one to learn how to work with its’ firing pattern, which helps get you used to working with the other odd firing weapons. and not having a Evolution let’s Bianca complete builds faster

Why not Bianca?
Carréllo’s Cooldown really slows it down greatly. when maxed, you’re looking at a massive 6.4 seconds of Cooldown between each cart. and the bounces it has are used up way faster then that unless Bianca runs with it, trying to stay in the wake it leaves behind it. it’s also about as big as Bianca is on the screen when a run starts. this makes not only getting another weapon to pick up slack for Carréllo, but also getting Candlelabrador as well so you can get the carts bigger so you can take advantage of all the damage it dishes out.

How to Get

killing 3000 Milk Elementals, mostly found on the Dairy Plant, will unlock Bianca. she can then be added for 500 gold before scaling.

Tips and Builds


given Carréllo has a huge Cooldown issue and is better with more Area, Bianca’s actually a very potent Might character. she makes like Popeye and just eats Spinach up. that extra 50% Might take Carréllo from being a cart to a Mac Truck. Cooldown does help out a lot. but Bianca can actually do without it with good weapon picks like Santa Water and Axe, as Bianca doesn’t have a Cooldown issue. just Carréllo. so any weapons you get for your build will work just fine with her bonus Amount she gets as she levels. that don’t mean not get Endless Tome. but if you want, you can do without it

So Much Damage Build

  • Weapons: Axe, Bone, Firewand, Pentagram, Shadow Servant (Requires Tides of The Foscari DLC, use Santa Water if you haven’t purchased the DLC yet)
  • Passives: Attractorb, Candlelabrador, Crown, Spinach, Skull O’ Maniac, Torronna’s Box. if using Santa Water, use Wings instead of Skull O’ Maniac
  • So much damage goes All In on Might. Axe/Bone/Carréllo/Firewand are all potent Might weapons while Pentagram and Santa Water/Shadow Servant ether nuke or melt any enemies along the way. even Elites, Bosses, and the Guardians will go down fairly quickly as four of the weapons will be doing close to or more then 100 damage per hit while Pentagram/Gorgeous Moon screen clear as Ophion brings 1 hit kills into play if you can get it. if you go with La Borra, take a breather and let the other weapons work their magic

Choo Choo Build

  • Weapons: Laurel, Silver Wind (requires Legacy of The Moonspell DLC. use Lightning Ring if you haven’t purchased the DLC yet)
  • Passives: Attractorb, Candlelabrador, Duplicator or Pummarola, Endless Tome, Spinach, Wings
  • Arcanas: Beginning, Silent Old Sanctuary, Tragic Princess as the name suggests, this build relies on Carréllo for its’ damage. the use of Endless Tome, S.O.S., and Tragic Princess are used to get Cooldown as much as possible so Carréllo is as close to or under 1 second for Cooldown while Wings lets Bianca chase after the carts to make a train of them in front of her while Lightning Ring/Silver Wand are firing off so much and Laurel is refreshing faster then Bianca will be taking damage. remember to keep moving while using this build. you WILL notice it if you stop as Carréllo’s Cooldown will jump up decently if you stop even for a short amount of time. you’ll still have a decent Amount going. but it works much better if you keep moving to let the train keep coming through

In Conclusion

Bianca, like Mortaccio, isn’t one to let a little thing like being dead stop her. though taking practice to use well, Carréllo gets pretty nuts with it’s damage and the tricks you can do with it by using Cooldown, Speed (Movement and Projectile), and Area are hilarious and rack up kills well. it’s just plan fun to watch waves of enemies come racing in at Bianca only to get run down as Carréllo bounces off something and comes back over and over till its’ Amount for the cart is used up. as well as Bianca just being a solid character overall with the bonus Amount she gets leveling up. though I can see why people pick other characters over her. Carréllo does take some getting used to. but if you ever wanted to toss someone under a train, Bianca is the one to see to make it happen