What is Romance in Baldur’s Gate 3?

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What is Romance in BG 3?

Romance entails a form of interaction shared between you and your companions. Should you opt to engage in a romance with a companion within the context of Baldur’s Gate 3, the initial step involves cultivating their favorable opinion of you. This sentiment is discernible through instances where they express “approval” or “disapproval” based on the decisions or dialogue choices you make when interacting with NPCs and as the narrative unfolds. Once you’ve successfully garnered your chosen companion’s approval, their demeanor might become subtly flirtatious, offering you the opportunity to further nurture and intensify your connection with them.

What is Romance in BG 3?
Minthara expresses a deep sense of gratitude for the assistance you provided in Druid Grove.

Who Can You Romance in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Romancing any of the companions is an option open to all players, regardless of their character’s gender, as there are no gender restrictions. As previously discussed, the key to initiating a romance lies in elevating your chosen companion’s approval. In addition to aligning with their perspectives and selecting suitable dialogue choices, your chances of kindling a romance can be further enhanced by assisting them with their individual quests and goals.

Outlined below is the comprehensive roster of companions. Larian Studios has officially confirmed that every companion can be engaged in a romantic relationship:

AstarianRogueHigh Elf
HalsinDruidWood Elf
JaheiraDruidHigh Elf
KarlachBarbarianAsmodeus Tiefling
ShadowheartCleric (Trickery)Half High Elf
WyllWarlock (Fiend)Human

Can You Have Multiple Romances at the Same Time?

Certainly, you are indeed able to cultivate multiple relationships with various companions. Nevertheless, this will not be devoid of repercussions with certain companions. A portion of them might not be receptive to polyamory, whereas others could be accepting of an open relationship. If your intention is to engage romantically with multiple companions, it might be advisable to refrain from having them accompany you simultaneously.

Currently, it appears that Halsin, Karlach, and Astarion are rather accepting of open relationships. However, we intend to conduct further research to ascertain the specific preferences of each companion. We suspect that companions who do not hold affections for one another (such as Lae’zel and Shadowheart) might not take kindly to being involved with someone who is involved elsewhere. This holds particular significance considering that your romantic entanglements will also influence how other companions perceive your character.

Can You Have Multiple Romances at the Same Time?
Be vigilant for notifications in the upper-left corner that signal when you have gained or lost the favor of your companions!