Where to Find Amber in Enshrouded

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Finding Amber in Enshrouded challenging? Don't worry! Our guide assists in locating and maximizing this valuable resource. Dive in now!

Struggling to find Amber in Enshrouded? You’re not alone. This rare resource can be elusive, but fear not! We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you locate and make the most of this valuable material.

Where to Find Amber in Enshrouded

How to Find Amber

Amber can be found in the northern regions of Revelwood, specifically within the Shroud. Here are the key locations to search for Amber veins:

  1. Northeast of the Revelwood Ancient Spire
  2. South of the Revelwood Ancient Spire

Once you’ve reached these areas, keep an eye out for Amber protruding from walls and pillars. Despite its rarity, Amber has distinct characteristics:

  • Color: It boasts an orange hue.
  • Texture: Smooth surface with light gouges.

You’ll need a pickaxe to mine Amber, but any type will suffice. Remember, resources respawn each time you load Enshrouded, so don’t hesitate to revisit these locations whenever you start a new session.


How to Use Amber in Enshrouded

Amber serves a vital role in crafting and unlocking various recipes and upgrades, including:

  • Fireball II and Eternal Fireball Staff Charges: Enhance your offensive capabilities with these powerful spells.
  • Flame Altar Strengthening: Boost your Flame Altar’s power to unlock new features and benefits.

To strengthen your Flame Altar to level 4, you’ll require the following materials:

  • 15x Goo
  • 15x Mycellium
  • 10x Spark
  • 15x Indigo Plant
  • 15x Amber
  • 15x Copper
  • 1x Fell Wispwyvern Head

Achieving this level of strength not only expands your Altar’s activation capacity and Shroud Passage Level but also grants character attribute bonuses and extends your time in the Shroud to 8 minutes.

With this guide, you’re well-equipped to locate Amber and harness its potential in Enshrouded. Happy adventuring!