Where to Find Linen in Enshrouded

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Struggling to gather Linen & Flax in Enshrouded? Our guide ensures efficient collection of these essential materials, relieving your worries.

Are you struggling to gather Linen and Flax in Enshrouded? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this simple guide to help you gather these essential materials efficiently.

Where to Find Linen in Enshrouded

How to Find Linen

Unlocking Linen production in Enshrouded is a vital step in progressing through the game. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Unlock the Hunter: Head northeast of the Braelyn Bridge to find the Ancient Vault where the Hunter resides. Begin the “Hunter Becomes the Hunted” questline and progress through her specific quests until you reach “The Hunter’s Hand Spindle.”
  2. Acquire the Hand Spindle: Once you’ve completed the necessary quests, place the Hand Spindle in your base. This equipment is crucial for crafting Linen.
  3. Find Flax: Flax is the key ingredient for making Linen. Venture into the Revelwood area, the second region unlocked northeast of the Springlands, to locate bright blue Flax flowers. These flowers are abundant in the lush greenery of the woods.

How to Craft Linen Using Flax

Now that you have Flax, it’s time to turn it into Linen:

  1. Deposit Flax into the Hand Spindle: Add Flax to the Hand Spindle to initiate the Linen crafting process. Drop multiple bunches of Flax into the spindle to queue up the production of Linen efficiently.
  2. Conversion Rate: For every 2 Flax deposited into the Hand Spindle, you’ll receive one unit of Linen in return.

Speeding Up Flax Production

Accelerate your Linen production process by growing your own Flax:

  1. Create Flax Seedlings: Unlock the Seedbed by awakening the Farmer. Then, use 2x Water and 1x Flax in the recipe to produce 10 Flax seedlings each time. This method allows you to cultivate Flax more quickly, ensuring a steady supply for Linen production.

With this guide, you’ll be able to efficiently gather Flax and craft Linen in Enshrouded, enabling you to progress further in the game with ease. Happy crafting!