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Where to Find the Goblin Camp in Baldur’s Gate 3

Once you’ve picked up some knowledge in the Emerald Grove courtesy of the Druids, you’ll find that the Goblin Camp holds the key to locating First Druid Halsin. This camp lies almost directly southwest of the Emerald Grove, past the Blighted Village – pinpointed in the screenshot below. Navigating the Blighted Village can go down one of two paths: diplomacy or combat. Diplomacy involves persuading the goblins to grant you passage without a fight. Alternatively, a more confrontational approach entails eliminating them all. For a streamlined strategy, focus on specific groups of goblins while keeping the others unaware. Prior to this, ensure any nearby War Drums are neutralized.

After dismantling the War Drums, adopt stealth mode (best suited for a rogue-like character like Astarion, if available). This way, you can quietly eliminate individual goblins or small clusters without alerting their comrades. To maintain cover, it’s wise to separate your assassination specialist from the rest of the group. They can take a concealed position temporarily, remaining close enough to intervene if your assassin’s secrecy is compromised.

In this image, the Goblin Camp’s position is marked with a red circle to the southwest of the Emerald Grove.
To spot nearby War Drums, press and hold the left ALT key. It’s a good move to eliminate these drums before initiating any combat.

How to Enter the Goblin Camp West of the Blighted Village

Once you’ve passed through the Blighted Village, whether you’ve cleared out the goblins and their buddies or managed to talk them down using dialogue choices, you’ll find yourself at the entrance of the Goblin Camp. Head west from the village along the southwestern road. Soon, you’ll spot a bridge you can cross without any hassle. On the other side, goblins are hanging out with a few creature allies. You’ve got three main ways to handle this situation, summed up like this:

  1. Stealthy Approach: Slip into stealth mode and scale the rock to the right of the bridge. From there, you can quietly eliminate the goblins and take out the War Drum.
  2. Sneaky Route: Opt for the path immediately on your left, leading over the bridge. Use your stealth abilities to sneak past the goblins. However, watch out for a group of three goblins on the path beyond. Also, be cautious of a hole in the ground as you move west, and keep an eye out for Blast Mine traps near the hole. Take your time and switch to turn-based mode to navigate the traps. After dealing with the trio of goblins near the wagons, you can proceed north, cross the bridge, and enter the central area of the goblin camp, all while evading the guards at the entrance you skipped earlier.
  3. Direct Confrontation: If you’re up for a challenge and prefer a more direct approach, you can engage the goblins head-on. Keep in mind that choosing this option means you won’t have the chance to thin their numbers or bypass them. These goblins can’t be swayed with bribery, and there are no persuasion or intimidation checks available. This path is guaranteed to lead to a fierce battle. If you’re looking for a tougher fight, go ahead and take on the challenge.

If you go for the first option, be prepared for the possibility of getting detected after taking down a couple of goblins and destroying the War Drum. However, this move will weaken their forces and make the upcoming battle easier.

In the second scenario, you’ll manage to slip past the bigger goblin group. Just remember that you’ll still need to handle a trio of goblins down the path. Jumping over the hole and avoiding the Blast Mine traps is key. Take your time in turn-based mode to ensure you clear the traps. Once you’ve dealt with the goblins by the wagons, you can progress northward, cross the bridge, and enter the main area of the goblin camp, all while dodging the guards you bypassed earlier.

As for the third option, going for a direct confrontation means facing the goblins without the opportunity to thin their ranks or sneak past. There’s no room for bribery, persuasion, or intimidation here. It’s bound to be a full-blown battle, perfect for those seeking a more intense challenge.