Where to Find the Golden Scarab in Elden Ring

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Discover the Golden Scarab's might in Elden Ring! Find it in the Abandoned Cave, Caelid region, for enhanced Rune farming and gameplay. Follow steps to claim yours!

Unlock the power of the Golden Scarab Talisman in Elden Ring by discovering its location in the Abandoned Cave within the Caelid region. This invaluable item is crucial for efficient Rune farming, enhancing your gameplay. Follow these simple steps to obtain the Golden Scarab

Where to Find the Golden Scarab in Elden Ring

Preparation is Key

Ensure you are well-prepared before venturing into the Abandoned Cave, where the Scarlet Rot Status Effect poses a challenge. Equip high-Immunity armor like the Astrologer Set or Traveler’s Set and bring Preserving Boluses to prevent and cure Scarlet Rot build-up.

Steps to Obtain Golden Scarab

  1. Enter the cave and carefully navigate down the cliff. Avoid Scarlet Rot; walk to the nearest shore to stay safe.
  2. Watch out for exploding areas in Scarlet Rot, as touching them leads to certain death.
  3. On the first land without Scarlet Rot, wait for the build-up to clear, then proceed down the cave.
  4. Reach another cliff, jump to the right side, and advance. Confront a mushroom-headed enemy; decide to either eliminate or bypass them.
  5. Pass through a narrow cave with Rats and reach a large chamber. Head to the right in the room with a massive flower at its center.
  6. Encounter two mushroom-headed mages at the top, leading to the boss room.
  7. Defeat the bosses named Cleanrot Knight (Spear) and Cleanrot Knight (Sickle) in the boss room.
  8. Acquire the Golden Scarab item in Elden Ring after successfully defeating the bosses.

By following these steps, you’ll secure the Golden Scarab and strengthen your Elden Ring journey. Happy hunting!