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Now, take a look at our Wizardry Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord Kyler's Wizardry Walkthrough guide and see all the steps up to the final battle.

In this guide, we’re going to talk about the Wizardry Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord and provide you with a walkthrough for Kyler’s Wizardry. If you’re ready, let’s get started!

Wizardry Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord Kyler’s Wizardry Walkthrough


One fateful summer night in 1989, my friend James suggested we play a computer game on his dad’s old black-and-white Macintosh computer. After a few rounds of Chess, I spotted an interesting looking icon in the games folder and pointed it out to James, asking what it was. “Oh. That’s Wizardry,” he said. “It’s not very good. It’s too hard. I don’t think you’d like it.”

Despite his protests, I kept bugging him and eventually he relented and let me play it. What I discovered was a mysterious labyrinth filled with dangerous monsters at every turn, cryptic messages scrawled on the walls left by less fortunate adventurers, traps, hidden doors and dead-ends. I was enamored.

“Hurry! Cast a healing spell!” I screamed as a band of Kobolds nearly killed the Fighter leading our party.

“I don’t know which spell is what!” James screamed. “They are all written in Latin or something!”

Moments later, the entire party was defeated.

“Oh no! My dad is going to kill me. This was his group, and I’m not supposed to play with it. He’ll be so mad!” James gasped.

There was only one thing to do. I had to save James from what was sure to be a WHOLE WEEKEND of lawn mowing and car washing. We had to find a way to bring his Dad’s characters back to life. To accomplish that, we needed to create our own characters, send them into the dungeon to find and return the corpses of his father’s fallen party to the city where they could be resurrected.

This adventure led to slumber party of epic proportions.

My second encounter was the Nintendo version which I played (well after actually finishing the game) until my characters were around level 30. Years later, once I bought my first computer (a 486) I got my hands on the Wizardry Trilogy and I got to see wizardry in one of its true forms.

These days, the majority of us play The Ultimate Wizardry Archives which contain the original IBM versions, and that is what this site is all about. I expect that everyone reading this is familiar with the game, and that you all know the basic rules. So you won’t find a definition of classes and races, all that is in the manual. Instead, we’ll focus on what I think is important for the game. If you have any suggestions or comments email me.

Starting Out

Rolling The Party

Wizardry 1 is where you’ll create the characters that you’ll use in the next two and possibly the 5th scenario, so lets make them count. Now everybody has an idea of what they consider to be the “perfect party”. I do too, and that is what I’m going to suggest, so if you already know what characters you want to play then skip this section.

My favorite party is as follows: Lord, Samurai, Ninja, Bishop, Priest, and Mage.

The game rules state that a Ninja must be evil, and a Lord must be good, and therefore cannot be in the same party. There are a few ways around this that we’ll get to in a little bit, but since you can’t even roll a ninja or a lord (I never have). I start out with: Fighter, Samurai, Thief, Bishop, Priest and Mage.

Here’s a table to help you out.

Starting Points

Human Dwarf Elf Gnome Hobbit
8 10 7 7 5 Strength
8 7 10 7 7 I.Q
5 10 10 10 7 Piety
8 10 6 8 6 Vitality
8 5 9 10 10 Agility
9 6 6 7 12 Luck
Class Requirements

Fighter Samurai Lord Ninja Thief Priest Mage Bishop
11 15 15 17 x x x x Str
x 11 12 17 x x 11 12 I.Q.
x 10 12 17 x 11 x 12 Piety
x 14 15 17 x x x x Vit
x 10 14 17 11 x x x Agil
x x 15 17 x x x x Luck
G,N,E G, N G E N,E G,E G,N,E G,E Align
These tables should help you determine which race you may want to choose to help you obtain the class you desire. Take the base rates in the first table and compare them to the bonus points you are given and try to make the best of it. Bonus points can range anywhere from 5 to 29. I have never seen anything higher then a 25, but I’ve been told by numerous visitors to this site that they do indeed go to 29.

Eventually you’ll reach a point where you’ll be able to change classes, try to avoid this unless you are certain it is something you want to do. After a class change the character’s skills are reset to their Race Minimums, and most of the time they will only gain 1 HP per level.

Once you get to a fairly high level feel free to change your fighter into a Lord. Your Thief will eventually become a Ninja, but by normal means that could take FOREVER, the best way to to obtain the “Thieves Dagger”, invoking the power of this item will switch your Thief into a Ninja with no penalties. It is hard to find, but if you hang out on level 9 and 10 long enough you should come across it.

Here’s a table showing when your characters achieve a level-up.

  • Level Fighter Mage Priest Thief Bishop Samurai Lord Ninja
  • 1 1000 1100 1050 900 1200 1200 1300 1450
  • 2 1724 1896 1810 1551 2105 2105 2280 2543
  • 3 2972 3268 3120 2674 3677 3677 4000 4461
  • 4 5124 5634 5379 4610 6477 6477 7017 7826
  • 5 8834 9713 9274 7948 11363 11363 12310 13729
  • 6 15231 16746 15989 13703 19935 19935 21596 24085
  • 7 26260 28872 27567 23625 34973 34973 37887 42254
  • 8 45275 49779 47529 40732 61356 61356 66468 74129
  • 9 78060 85825 81946 70227 107642 107642 116610 130050
  • 10 134586 147974 141286 121081 188845 188845 204578 228157
  • 11 232044 255127 243596 208760 331307 331307 358908 400275
  • 12 400075 439874 419993 359931 581240 581240 629663 702236
  • 13+ +289709 +318529 +304132 +260639 +428479 +428479 +475008 +529756


Once you’ve formed your party, you’ll want to give them some weapons. Go ahead and buy cheap weapons in the beginning and as you earn more money, build up their arsenal. Eventually your characters will find most of their weapons and armor in the maze. This is why it’s good to have a bishop, he can identify the items you find. Here’s a list of things found both in the maze and for sale, and how much they cost (or would cost).

  • Weapon Name Class 2Hit Damage # of Hits Special Effects
  • Dagger FMTSLN 1 1d4 0
  • Staff All 4 1d5 0
  • Short Sword FTSLN 3 1d6 0
  • Long Sword FSLN 4 1d8 0
  • Anointed Mace FPBSLN 2 2d3 0
  • Anointed Flail FPSLN 3 1d7 0
  • Staff +2 All 2 1d4+2 1
  • Staff of Mogref MB 1 1d6 0 Spell – MOGREF
  • Mace +2 FPBSLN 4 1d8+2 2
  • Short Sword +2 FTSLN 5 1d6+2 3
  • Long Sword +2 FSLN 6 1d10+2 3
  • Dagger +2 FMTSLN 3 1d4+2 2
  • Short Sword -2 FTSLN 1 1d6 1
  • Long Sword +1 FSLN 5 1d8+1 2
  • Dragon Slayer FSLN 1 1d10+1 1 More Damage to Dragons
  • Were Slayer FSLN 5 1d10+1 2 More Damage to Werebeasts
  • Mage Masher FTSLN 5 1d6+1 2 More Damage to Mages
  • Mace Pro Poison FPBSLN 3 1d8 2 Resists Poison
  • Mace +1 FPBSLN 3 2d4+1 2
  • Short Sword +1 FTSLN 4 1d6+1 2
  • Staff/Montino All 1 1d5+1 1 Spell – MONTINO
  • Blade Cusinart’ FSLN 6 1d3+9 4
  • Dagger of Speed MN -1 1d4 7 -3 AC
  • Evil Sword +3 FSLN 7 1d10+3 4 Cursed on Good Align Characters
  • Thieves Dagger TN 5 1d6 4 Invoking: Class to Ninja
  • Shuriken N 7 1d5+10 3 Cursed on Good Characters; Resists Poison, LvlDrain; Invoking: Hp+1
  • Murasama Blade S 8 10d5 3 Invoking: St+1
  • Armor Value Class Ac Special
  • Robes 15 All 1
  • Leather Armor 50 FPTBSLN 2
  • Chain Mail 90 FPSLN 3
  • Breast Plate 200 FPSLN 4
  • Plate Mail 750 FSLN 5
  • Chain Mail +1 1500 FPSLN 4
  • Leather +1 1500 FPTBSLN 3
  • Plate Mail +1 1500 FSLN 6
  • Breast Plate +1 1500 FPSLN 5
  • Leather +2 6000 FPTBSLN 4
  • Chain +2 6000 FPSLN 5
  • Plate Mail +2 6000 FPSLN 7
  • Evil Chain +2 8000 FPSLN 5 Cursed on Good Characters
  • Neut P-Mail +2 8000 FPSLN 7 Cursed on all but Neutral
  • Breast Plate +2 10000 FPSLN 6
  • Breast Plate +3 100000 FPSLN 7
  • Chain Pro Fire 150000 FPSLN 6 Protects against fire-based attacks
  • Evil Plate +3 150000 FPSLN 9 Cursed on Good Characters
  • Lords Garb 1000000 L 10 Prot: Mythical, Dragon; Regeneration (1); Vs: Were, Demon, Undead
  • Shield Value Class Ac 2Hit Special
  • Small Shield 20 FPTBSLN 2 4
  • Large Shield 40 FPSLN 3
  • Shield +1 1500 FPTSLN 4
  • Shield +2 7000 FPTSLN 5
  • Evil Shield +3 25000 FPTSLN 5 Cursed on Good Characters
  • Shield +3 250000 FPTSLN 6
  • Helmet Value Class Ac Special
  • Helm 100 FSLN 1
  • Helm +1 3000 FSLN 2
  • Helm +2 (Evil) 8000 FSLN 3 Cursed on Good Charactersl; Casts – BADIOS
  • Diadem of Malor 25000 All 2 Casts – MALOR
  • Gauntlets Value Class Ac
  • Copper Gloves 6000 FSLN 1
  • Silver Gloves 60000 FSLN 3
  • Misc Item Value Class Special
  • Jeweled Amulet 5000 All Casts – DUMAPIC
  • Ring of Porfic 10000 All Casts – PORFIC
  • Amulet/Manifo 15000 P Casts – MANIFO
  • Rod of Flame 25000 MBS Resists Fire; Casts – MAHALITO
  • Amulet/Makanito 20000 All Casts – MAKANITO
  • Ring of Healing 300000 All Regeneration 1 hp per step
  • Ring Pro Undead 500000 All Protects from Undead Monsters
  • Scroll Value Class
  • Dios Potion 500 All
  • Latumofis Pot. 300 All
  • Scroll/Kanito 500 All
  • Scroll/Badios 500 All
  • Scroll/Halito 500 All
  • Potion of Sopic 1500 All
  • Scroll/Lomilwa 2500 All
  • Scroll/Dilto 2500 All
  • Potion of Dial 5000 All
  • Scroll/Badial 8000 All
  • Cursed Item Value Type Class Effects
  • Long Sword -1 1000 Weapon FSLN 2Hit: -1; Dam: 1d8
  • Short Sword -1 1000 Weapon FTSLN 2Hit: -1; Dam: 1d6
  • Mace -1 1000 Weapon FPBSLN 2Hit: -1; Dam: 2d3; Swings: 1
  • Mace -2 2500 Weapon FPBSLN 2Hit: 0; Dam: 1d8
  • Staff -2 8000 Weapon All 2Hit: -2; Dam: 1d4; Swings: 1
  • Leather -1 1500 Armor FPTBSL Ac: 1
  • Breast Plate -1 1500 Armor FPSLN Ac: 3
  • Chain -1 1500 Armor FPSLN Ac: 2
  • Cursed Robe 8000 Armor All Ac: (2); 2Hit: -2
  • Leather -2 8000 Armor FPTBSLN Ac: 0
  • Chain -2 8000 Armor FPSLN Ac: 1
  • Breast Plate -2 8000 Armor FPSLN Ac: 2
  • Shield -1 1500 Shield FPTSL Ac: (1)
  • Shield -2 8000 Shield FPTSLN Ac: 0
  • Cursed Helmet 50000 Helmet FSLN Ac: (2); 2Hit: -2
  • Ring of Death 500000 Misc All Regeneration (-3)

Special Items Use:

Statuette/Bear – Key
Statuette/Frog – Key
Silver Key – Key
Gold Key – Key
Bronze Key – Key
Blue Ribbon – Access to second elevator, level 4 and below.
Werdna’s Amulet (Alig: Evil; Cursed) – Casts MALOR; Prot: Regeneration(3), Fighter, Mage, Priest, Thief, Midget, Giant, Mythical, Dragon, Animal, Were, Undead, Demon, Insect; Res: Noelements, Fire, Cold, Poison, LvlDrain, Stoning, Magic; Ac: 10; Invoke: Heal Party

Things to Consider

Before we go into the maze, let me explain how to mix alignments in a party. Mixed alignments cannot form a group while they are in the tavern, but they can in the maze. Here’s how to do it: let’s say you have 3 evil character and 3 good. Form a party of the 3 evils and take them into the maze, quit the game right at the steps (leaving them in the maze). Then form a party with your 3 good guys, and take them into the maze. As soon as you get in do a “search”, you’ll find the 3 baddies, invite them into your party. That’s it.

This is kind of time consuming, so now you have to decide which alignment you want you characters to be. That’s up to you, although there are a lot of good items for evil people. If you want your mixed party to turn all good, then when you encounter “Friendly Groups”- leave them alone. If you want to turn a party evil, fight the friendlies.

I can not stress this enough.. MAP MAP MAP. Even though there are maps of all the levels on my site, map anyways. The maps on my site should really only be used if you are lost. Half the fun of the game is mapping out the levels. Plus, by mapping out the levels fully, you are able to keep track of what parts of the level you have explored. Spending a lot of time on the level guarantees a lot of fights, which is good for experience also. All the mazes are based on the concept of a 20×20 grid (numbered 0-19). I have such a grid for download on this site for you to use if you like.. now you have no excuse.

Maze Levels 1 – 4

Level 1:

This is the first level your characters will ever see. The monsters are fairly weak, but still, don’t hang around too long. In your early explorations take frequent trip back up to heal. You’ll learn that patience is a virtue, in the early part of the game I would just walk up and down the halls before me. I wouldn’t go into the main chamber of Level 1, I would just keep going inside the three 3×2 rooms and fighting monsters until I hit 3rd level on all my characters. Once you hit 3rd level go ahead and start exploring. There’s a lot of cool places on this level, there are two keys to pick up here, and there’s also Murphy’s Ghost.

Murphy’s Ghost is great place to make some fast levels, he hardly ever hits your party (you hardly ever hit him too) so the battles can be long. However, he grants a lot of experience point on death. Beat him up over and over until you’re about level 5 or 6, then it’s cool to head down to level 2 via the stairs.

— Level 1 also has an elevator that takes you to different parts of level 2, 3, 4. Plus there is a quick shortcut back to the castle 9 steps south 1 step west of the elevator. Don’t let the dark scare you!–

Level 2:

This level is pretty straight forward, the monsters are a little tougher, but if you’re around level 5 or 6 you should be ok. There are some spots on this level that won’t let you go any further unless you have the two items from Level 1, and then once you get past those checkpoints you’ll have to collect a few statues.

Once you have both the statues you can venture towards the upper-left hand corner and into the dark zone. It is there you can pick up the Gold Key.

— The elevator from Level 1 only lets you access 4 squares of this level. Hardly worth your effort–

Level 3:

Here we go, now you’ll get a taste of kinds of devious tricks you’ll encounter. Most of this level looks the same, and it wraps around to confuse you. On top of that, the floors are full of bogus directions, pits, and spinners.

There’s no items to collect here, hang out long enough to get a taste of the monsters and then beat it.

Level 4:

This level is cut up into two parts. The stair half and the elevator half.

Stair Half: This half is accessible from the stair going down from level 3, I recommend this route first. You’ll get a taste of the monsters. If you keep getting your ass kicked go fight Murphy’s Ghost some more until you can tackle them. Here’s you can use the bear statue* from level 2 to open the path to level 5. This is not necessary but the loop of rooms behind the door is a good place to earn some EXP.

Elevator Half: If you can explore the stair half of this level and survive. Then go ahead and try for this section. You’ll encounter some big fights here, this is portion of the level where Trebor will test your party and tell you the true nature of your quest. If whoop his guards you’ll be given the Blue Ribbon which will let you use the NEW elevator (0n,10e).

Go up the main hallway and enter the door. You’ll trip an alarm, this means your next step will send monsters running after you. If you want a little more EXP head west to the treasure room. If you feel confident head east to the Monster Allocation Center. Once you enter the Center you’ll meet a big encounter. If you luck out.. and they are friendly don’t wimp out. Do it again. You’ll get a lot of EXP and some cool items (don’t equip the Ring, it’s a Deadly Ring and will kill you, but you can sell it for LOTS of gold). The best way to win the battle to have your mage cast a Makanito and IF your priest has it try a Lorto. Once you beat the guards head south to meet Trebor. From now on you can use the new elevator.

Maze Levels 5 – 9

Level 5:

Level 5 is your first step into the “Big Nasty” part of the maze. This level is full of corridors and doorways, there’s a wrap-around towards the northern part of the level. It’s not very hard to map, but here’s the kicker, if you’re not careful where you tread magic won’t work on this level. All the fights must be won with force instead of magic, nor will magic work in the camp (no healing). So try not to trigger that spot!

Level 6:

This level is fairly straight forward, don’t let the two spinners confuse you. There’s really nothing to see here, however at (7n,19e) there’s a spot on the floor. This usually indicates a message or a checkpoint. I’m not Sure what it’s for, if anyone knows let me know. I’ve never been able to trip it. (I’ve even dropped some items to try to trigger it).

Level 7:

This level is pretty neat, it tough to map though. The teleport located at (12n,6e) will throw you back to (6n,13e). Once again there are three odd spots in this level that seem to serve no purpose. I have noticed that in certain portions of this level you once again cannot use magic. I wonder if the spots have a connection to the magic loss. Let me know your thoughts. One tip.. Don’t take the stair down to Level 8. It’s one-way.

Level 8:

This level is in the shape of the initials RJW (Robert J Woodhead). There are two trap areas here. The Dark Area and the Spinner Area.

Dark Area: This entire room is all black, there’s a teleport here to throw you off. The exit is on the southern wall.*

Spinner Area: This is nasty. I’m fairly certain that the stairs from level 7 are one way. I can not find away to get back up to level 7 via stairs. This room is full of spinners and even has a teleport to throw you off.

Level 9:

This level is shaped like the initials ACG (Andrew C Greenberg). The elevator stops here, and there are no stairs to be found. This level is great to find valuable items and to gain experience. Hang out here to fight, then go back to the castle, come back fight some more. You’ll rack up exp, and gold. Once your party is very strong (mage and priest know all spells, fighters have hit points above 100). Then you can hit the chute at (2n,8e). This is the way to Level 10.

Maze Level 10

Level 10:

This is it, the deepest level. If you fell here by accident don’t worry, one step can teleport you to the castle. This level is tedious to map, dumapic spells will fizzle. I originally was unable to map this level, but thanks to a tip from a visitor* I learned that you can Malor up 9 levels and cast your dumapic there. using that technique you can chart your way through. it’s not really necessary though, as soon as you enter this level you are given a clue “Contra Dextra Avenue”. The first time I accidentally entered this level, my friend and I were shocked our hearts were racing and we didn’t DARE make a move. We looked up those words in the dictionary (do it). Basically this clue mean “To get to Werdna take lefts”.

Every time you get to a door a group of guardians is on the other side. Once you defeat them, you can take a left or a right. Right will send you to the start, (one step away from a the teleport to the castle), left will send you on the next section.

I like to hang out here fighting the guardians, collecting weapons and armor. If you just can’t find a Thieves Dagger, it’s ok in Wizardry 2 you can switch using a coin of power. Once you feel you are ready make your way to Werdna work your way through the level to the final door….

The Final Battle

How to beat Werdna.

The easiest (and the “Loser”) way to beat Werdna and his vampires is to cast a Mahaman. Select -Teleport Monsters- and that’s it… He’s dead.

But, don’t give in to the temptation, use a Mahaman if you wish – but try to silence him so he cannot cast. Nail him with some Tiltowait spells and have your fighters rip him apart. Once you kill him you’ll be stuck in his room. The only way out is a Malor. If you’re out of spell points use his amulet. You won’t be to cast it to teleport from the camp or it will fizzle. Wait for a combat and then use the amulet, from there find the teleport to the castle.

That’s it you’ve won the game!!