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WolfQuest The Larkspurpaw Pack Legacy

Generation 1: The Founders


  • Gender: Male
  • Stats: -2 Strength, 0 Stamina, +1 Speed, +1 Health
  • Progress: Successfuly Litter (1 of 3 Pups)
  • Mate: Sidney

A quiet wolf who barely ever howls outside trying to claim turf. Milan is a curious, introverted and silly wolf, he enjoys playing with his family and is very protective of his pups. He enjoys going out to explore whilst hunting and reinforcing territory. His pelt is black, it has a strip of white on his chest aswell as small markings aranged in stripes that are golden-brown. His eyes are darker brown with rings of lighter brown around the pupils.


  • Gender: Female
  • Stats: +1 Strength, -1 Stamina, -1 Speed, +1 Health
  • Progress: Newborn Litter (3 of 3 Pups so Far)
  • Mate: Leonardo

An extroverted wolf, she enjoys playing with her pups and mate often, aswell as causing a pack rally. She is very protective of all her pups and mate, sometimes causing her to attack nearby predators in the vicinity of around 1-2 hexes. Her pelt is bright white, covered in brown splotches along her body. Her head is all brown and has a darker tint on her snout and around her eyes. Her eyes are lighter brown with rings of darker brown around the pupils.

Generation 2: The Start of a Tale


  • Parents: Milan and Sidney
  • Gender: Male
  • Stats: -1 Strength, Stamina +1, Speed +2, Health -2

The oldest sibling of his litter, Wyoming was often found racing around the densite with his siblings, playing around with them. He grew to become a very protective brother, always making sure his siblings were safe before he was himself. Due to this, whilst learning how to hunt Wyoming charged first towards a Spike elk, resulting in the scar right down his face. His pelt takes over his mother, although it’s diffrent in ways such as being darker. His eyes are bright, vivid yellow, most likely inherited from his parents, or ancestors.


  • Parents: Milan and Sidney
  • Gender: Male
  • Stats: -1 Strength, Stamina -2, Speed +2, Health -1

The middle sibling of the litter, Dakota often was closest to Wyoming, being a smart pup, he often found ways to catch bugs hopping around aswell as frogs whenever they were near water. Early on he used his smarts to find easier ways to do things over the most obvious ways. During the hunt where Wyoming charged at the Spike Elk, he aproached from the side, knowing if he could turn it around towards a forest it would have more obstacles in it’s path, and since it was larger it wouldn’t be as agile dodging things as the 3 yearlings were. Despite the plan, it failed and instead they ended up using brute force to take it down.


  • Parents: Milan and Sidney
  • Gender: Female
  • Stats: Strength 0, Stamina 0, Speed +1, Health -1

The youngest and the only sister of the bunch, Salem was often found pondering about something instead of playing around. She was usually daydreaming or imagining how hunts were, making her somewhat overconfident since she strongly believes in her thoughts. She also was born with strong leadership instincts, trying to lead her siblings whenever they were lost or moving dens. Her brothers often didn’t listen to her, wanting to do their own things, which led to Salem being angry at them. Despite this, she still loved her siblings and still does. During their first hunt, when Dakota and Wyoming were busy doing their thing, she was able to sneak ahead of the hunt, stopping the elk in it’s tracks and leading to them being able to take it down swiftly.