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Now, take a look at the World War Z Defense Systems guide to learn everything about all the weapons in the game down to the finest details!

In this guide, we’ve covered the topic of World War Z Defense Systems. After going through this guide, you’ll learn everything about all the defense systems weapons in great detail. Let’s dive into the guide!

World War Z Defense Systems Guide


Defense systems are a vital part of any stronghold in World War Z. These systems are strategically placed to help you during imminent swarms of zombies. They include automated turrets, electrified fences, and other clever devices.

When the zeke hordes approach, these defenses become your allies. They buy you time to regroup and reload, giving you a fighting chance against the approaching threat. In this world of relentless danger, fortifying your defenses and working as a team are your best chances for survival.

  • In the rest of the guide we will talk about defence buildings and my personal views on defence buildings.

The Exterminator Class

In the Co-op Campaign of World War Z, the Exterminator is one of the seven playable classes, specializing in eliminating zekes, the game’s term for zombies.

The Exterminator possesses a unique and powerful perk known as Combat Engineer. This perk allows the Exterminator to have a chance of duplicating defense systems after deploying one. This ability is highly valuable, especially in areas where large zombie swarms are expected. Additional defense systems can significantly tip the scales in your team’s favor during intense battles.

If you have an Exterminator on your team who is at least level 16 and doesn’t use Claymore Mines as equipment, it’s likely they have the Combat Engineer perk. As a teammate, prioritize letting them collect defense kits. If you’re playing as an Exterminator, communicate with your team, letting them know you can create more defense systems and requesting that they mark any defense kits they find for you to collect. This teamwork can be crucial for your group’s survival.

Defense Systems

The Automatic Turret

The Automatic Turret is a remote machine gun defense system in World War Z. When placed, it scans a large area in front of it for zekes. Importantly, the bullets fired by the Autoturret cannot harm survivors, even if survivors stand directly in its line of fire.

However, the Autoturret has limited ammunition. After firing for some time, it will run out of bullets. This is indicated by a yellow flashing light and the gun’s barrel pointing down. To make it operational again, survivors need to manually restock it with bullets.

There’s also an enemy variant of the Autoturret. You can distinguish it by its red tracking laser. These hostile turrets will target both zekes and survivors, shooting whoever is standing closer in front of them. They can either be captured to only shoot zekes or destroyed. The key difference is that hostile turrets don’t need to be restocked when they run out of bullets; they remain active in their hostile state.

  • I think the automatic turret is one of the best defence buildings. In Horde mode, if you are playing in hard mode, you need to use the resources given to you well. Buying an automatic turret uses a lot of resources. I am not a master in Horde mode, but if you are playing in hard mode, I do not recommend buying an automatic turret.

The Barbed Wire

The Barbed Wire is an effective barrier defense system in World War Z. When placed, approaching zekes are compelled to climb over it. There’s a very high chance that zekes will get caught in the sharp steel fencing, eventually leading to their demise.

However, it’s essential to note that the more zekes get caught in the Barbed Wire, the less effective it becomes at trapping additional zekes.

It’s important to keep in mind that some special zombies are unaffected by the Barbed Wire and will always manage to climb over it. When the Barbed Wire is broken or damaged, it will be largely flattened and collapse onto the floor, requiring repairs or replacement.

  • I don’t think Barbed Wire is an adequate defence. If a horde is coming over the barbed wire, you can slow them down for a short time and easily kill them when they get caught in the wire. I do not recommend buying barbed wire in Horde mode, it is a cheap but ineffective defence building, it would be better to buy other defence buildings instead of barbed wire.

The Fence

The Fence is a formidable barrier defense system in World War Z. When installed, it acts as a tall obstacle that prevents zekes from freely passing through, compelling them to climb over it. If a significant number of zekes gather around the Fence, small pyramid-like formations may emerge as they attempt to surmount it.

However, it’s important to note that the more zekes there are pushing against the Fence, the quicker they can break it down. Once the Fence is breached, it and all the zekes that were pressing against it will collapse to the ground, potentially creating a chaotic situation for survivors to deal with.

  • I think fences are an effective way to stop zombies. When zombies try to climb the fence, you can easily kill them. I do not recommend buying a fence in Horde mode, although the price is not very expensive, it would be better to buy other defence buildings.

The High Voltage Grid

The High Voltage Grid is an electrifying barrier defense system in World War Z. Once deployed, it emits a deadly electrical field within its area of effect. When zekes come into contact with this field, they are immediately stunned, rendering them immobile and causing continuous damage until they die.

It’s worth noting that the High Voltage Grid can only be affixed to specific types of fences, whether they are positioned horizontally on the ground or vertically upright. However, after inflicting a certain amount of damage, the High Voltage Grid will stop functioning, indicated by a red light. At this point, survivors may need to repair or replace it to maintain its effectiveness in deterring zekes.

  • I think The High Voltage Grid is the best defence building because it is a powerful building for its price. Every zombie that touches The High Voltage Grid is electrocuted until it dies. Once they start getting electrocuted you can easily kill them and it is also the best defence to stop large waves of zombies. It is a defence building that should definitely be taken in Horde mode.

The Mortar

The Mortar is a powerful explosive launcher defense system featured in World War Z. Once deployed, survivors can manually operate it by inserting a mortar shell into the tube, allowing them to launch explosive projectiles at specific targets.

Upon impact, these shells create a devastating explosion with the potential to eliminate numerous zekes in a single blast. The Mortar serves as a highly effective tool for dealing with large groups of zekes, making it a valuable asset in defending against swarms.

When you fire the mortar, you can see a red area where the mortar shell will explode.

  • I think the mortar is an effective defence building, when the wave of zombies starts to arrive, you can easily defeat the horde by firing it at the place marked in the red area. I do not recommend buying mortars in Horde mode, it would be better if you buy other defence buildings.

The Stationary Machinegun

The Stationary Machinegun is a manned machine gun defense system found in World War Z. Once deployed, survivors can manually operate it to eliminate zekes by unleashing a rapid and powerful barrage of explosive bullets into a specific area in front of them.

Despite its high rate of fire, the machine gun exhibits minimal recoil, allowing survivors to maintain control while firing. This makes it an effective tool for mowing down hordes of zekes and providing crucial defense during intense encounters.

  • I think Stationary Machinegun is an effective defence, sometimes you can find it spawned on the map by itself, and Stationary Machineguns look towards the side where zombies will raid, when the zombie wave starts to come, I do not recommend you to shoot immediately, I wait for them to accumulate a little bit and shoot so that the bullets are not wasted. especially if there is a fence where the wave will come, you can wait for it to accumulate in the fence and shoot. I do not recommend taking Stationary Machinegun in Horde mode, it would be better if you take other defences.